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  1. ThE_MaD_ShOt

    Ryzen ready?:)

    Yup my main rig needs to have its main duties switched around.
  2. ThE_MaD_ShOt

    Crunchers Helping Crunchers

    And MaDsHoT is right behind him. Need a break badly. To my friends here if you don't see me on I am ok just well hmmm tired of some stuff. Need a break.
  3. ThE_MaD_ShOt

    MSI 970A SLI Krait Edition USB 3.1 vs Gigabyte 990XA-UD3 Socket AM3+ 990xa-ud3 Rev 3.0

    Well I have a 990FXA ud3 and it has been a great board. Have never had any issues with it what so ever. That Xa board is a cheaper version of it. IF you not overclocking then either would work.
  4. ThE_MaD_ShOt

    What are you playing?

    Minecraft, I am building a new city for my sons to play in but doing it in survival and normal mode while they watch and see how it's done. They are really loving it. But one has asked why I just don't do it in creative to be able to do it faster. My answer was I enjoy it more when having to...
  5. ThE_MaD_ShOt

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    I called Norton this morning all is well. He is just swamped at work and having a family life something had to give. So he has to take a break for a little while but he will be back. If anyone wants his number to call him just send me a PM. I do understand where he's coming from I was in the...
  6. ThE_MaD_ShOt

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    Yea I have his cell and work cell numbers
  7. ThE_MaD_ShOt

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    I'll try calling him tomorrow and see whats up
  8. ThE_MaD_ShOt

    WCG-TPU Cruncher's Hardware/Tech Support Discussion Thread

    Attach the fan to the heatsink if possible.
  9. ThE_MaD_ShOt

    What got you started with PC's? Tell your story.

    I will make this short and sweet. Unreal tournament.
  10. ThE_MaD_ShOt

    AMD "Zen" and Intel "Kaby Lake" will Only Support Windows 10 and *nix

    What's wrong with pressing windows key+x and clicking control panel? Easy enough for me
  11. ThE_MaD_ShOt


    I know on the older software the stars were solely post driven..
  12. ThE_MaD_ShOt

    1500$ budget i5 6600k AMD RX 480 Please advise

    OR you can buy like a 256 gb ssd for your os and a few programs and a 2tb or larger hdd for your games. That's how I have my rigs setup and it does great.
  13. ThE_MaD_ShOt

    Guide: Virus Removal 101

    Just want to thank you @Solaris17 for this really great write up you are embarking on. :toast:
  14. ThE_MaD_ShOt

    TPU's WCG/BOINC Team

    I haven't paused boinc either when gaming and have never noticed any issues.
  15. ThE_MaD_ShOt

    Overclocking with a GA78LMT-USB3 rev6.0

    I am just going to say that I have had 2 of those boards that ran Fx 8350's at 4.2 under full load 24/7 365 for over a year crunching with no issues. I did have a fan on the vrms. Maybe I just got lucky.
  16. ThE_MaD_ShOt

    [SOLD] Getting rid of my stuff

    Congrats sol. And good luck with the sale buddy.
  17. ThE_MaD_ShOt

    What's the most replayable game you ever played?

    I am with a couple others as I still Play UT2k4 and UT III
  18. ThE_MaD_ShOt

    NVIDIA TITAN X Pascal Available from Today

    So @erocker since your buying this card now, I have first dibs when you sell it in 6 months for $400. o_O:toast:
  19. ThE_MaD_ShOt

    Sonic 2017

    That console has been out for awhile as I have had one e of those Littles things for a couple years now.
  20. ThE_MaD_ShOt

    Anyone ever got Battlefield 4 to play ball with any hardware?

    I have never had any issues with it. I play it pretty heavy at times also.
  21. ThE_MaD_ShOt

    Sapphire voiding warranty on heatsink removal

    It's an Amd card. It runs so hot that it burns the dust off on contact.