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  1. Chetkigaming

    Getting a GTX 750Ti.. any good AMD equivalent?

    get 750 ti, silent and nvidia.
  2. Chetkigaming

    Who is going to buy this $1200 audiophile Sony Walkman?

    Yes ofc, but from now on z4 with s-master HX can be equal to zx dap.
  3. Chetkigaming

    Who is going to buy this $1200 audiophile Sony Walkman?

    I am. But, Sony Xperia z4 would be with S-Master HX, so i`ll need to think. 1200$ still a high price for this thing, curious how it sound compared to a z4.
  4. Chetkigaming

    TPU gamer likes GTA after all

    * Yes - let us know which one! StarCraft 2.
  5. Chetkigaming

    Irony of the day Intel vs Amd price ranges

    Intel top choice.
  6. Chetkigaming

    Can I replace my HDD for SSD in Asus G750JX laptop

    Honestly, its not a fault ssd, because other programs works just fine, i have Windows 7 ultimate 64 on it.... and yes latest microprogram on chip, the reason i write this was that i think Samsungs SSD controller are not universal, and for high level gaming better would be SandForce because this...
  7. Chetkigaming

    Can I replace my HDD for SSD in Asus G750JX laptop

    When i installed cs 1.6 on my ssd 840 evo i noticed crosshair delay.... it was a big disappointment. I think, because of huge marketing company by kingston ssd`s among pro gamers, sandforce controller may be real deal for gaming.... better than samsung`s one.
  8. Chetkigaming

    CPU For The Sims 3 & 4 - AMD or Intel?

    intel for sims X and gaming.
  9. Chetkigaming

    exposing nVidia's latest ploy

    Nvidia man`s choice.
  10. Chetkigaming

    Warlords of draenor Queue

    WoD is absolutely awesome.
  11. Chetkigaming

    What do you install on your new computers?

    Chrome, Skype, HWmonitor, CPU-Z, CCleaner, Winamp, Steam and Blizz games, OBS, Avira Internet Security, Media player classic, uTorrent, MSOffice, (dx9, vcredist_x64)...
  12. Chetkigaming

    Headset for gaming need advices

    I play in cs 1.6 on quite high level, one of the amx admins on the server, and using this one for precision gaming: Sony MH410c before i used PX 100 Sennheiser, but these one`s are better for me, screenshot of equalizer:
  13. Chetkigaming

    i7 5820K 6 Core 12 thread $289.99

    WoW, Great Deal!
  14. Chetkigaming

    Anime Nation

    Yesterday i ended my "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion" 2-nd watching. Such an amazing Story....
  15. Chetkigaming

    How to definitely identify GPU model?

    If you buy it from china seller, it may be a fake.
  16. Chetkigaming

    Choosing a laptop top for work and a bit of play. Help, please.

    Ye, i am with this guy. really, 17" isn`t your biggest problem, macbook or some is. 15" 3k http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00O65HVY8/?tag=tec06d-20 15" fhd http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00O4ORONE/?tag=tec06d-20 Sorry for this word but i can`t not to say :))) "Unfuckupable" variant.
  17. Chetkigaming

    Help me choose my new ISP!

    All this deals are no good, i`d better choose another place to live, in sake of playing games.
  18. Chetkigaming

    wich gtx 970 should i buy

    I`d like MSI gaming, nice 0 db fun cooling, good overclocking and stability, no reported issues in general.
  19. Chetkigaming

    Build for someone to play Wow

  20. Chetkigaming

    99 Problems, crossfire is all of them.

    Madness, asus amd mobo`s are garbage.
  21. Chetkigaming

    Tips for Gaming Rig UPGRADE

    I voting for Benq xl2420G monitor, 144 hz, 1 ms gtg, g-sync, reduced blur.
  22. Chetkigaming

    Tips for Gaming Rig UPGRADE

    As far as i know new haswell-E motherboards are not so stable, big failure rate and questionable ddr4 performance for gaming, i can suggest only msi gtx 980 + azz SSD.
  23. Chetkigaming

    ASUS R9 290X OC2 Dead in 30 Minutes.

    Удачи в решении.