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    ZOTAC Announces its ZBOX M-series and P-series Mini PCs

    That case looks familiar...
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    Samsung Unifies Fastest Growing PC Line under Newly Expanded ATIV Brand

    No comment on resolutions, but at least we know the price! Where the Hell can I find a 1920x1080, dual hard drive bay, 15"+ screen that has a great aesthetic look to it for cheap? No where, make it happen guys. 1080p has been around for years, just give it to me already!
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    ASUS ROG RAIDR Pictured Some More, Coming This May

    Would be great in a mATX build that has removable hard drive cages and a motherboard with a mSATA spot. No more hard drives! Could make cases so much smaller(in length at least)!
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    MSI Announces Gaming Series Motherboards Market Availability

    I do agree that they should do an X79 platform, but I personally do not like ASUS so this motherboard color scheme opens me up for a red and black theme. Also ASUS isn't known for black and red, they also do blue, which MSI is also known for.
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    NZXT Teams Up With Steelseries and XSplit

    Not worth it. XSplit is crap, just use OBS(which is free and no paid subscription model like XSplit) and the only decent things to buy at Steelseries are the headsets(which aren't worth the price IMO) and mousepads.
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    Corsair Teases Obsidian 900D High-End Chassis

    Not unless the seller provides free shipping! Newegg and Amazon already has storefronts for the 900D. Corsair Obsidian Series 900D CC-9011022-WW Black A... http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B1R8JT0/?tag=tec06d-20
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    Corsair Teases Obsidian 900D High-End Chassis

    Sorry btarunr but these photos and the video have been out since CES. OT: Great case, can't wait to drop $350 when the case comes out late April/early May!
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    AMD "Never Settle" Bundle Returns with New AAA Titles

    And I just bought a second MSI 7870 from Newegg...
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    STEC Announces Innovative 2 TB Solid-State Drives, New Version of Caching Software

    I'd much rather buy that Crucial 960GB SSD for $600 in the coming months. Hell, buy two of them and RAID 0 them!
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    SilverStone Mammoth MMO1 EATX Case Detailed, Too

    Actually, the front white thing is an air filter. Linus did a video on it during CES and pulls it out of the front panel. http://youtu.be/losMDQq5hyM?t=4m