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  1. sbinh

    Official TPU 2013 Chimp Challenge Thread

    9PM i would say.
  2. sbinh

    [FS][US] Hardware For Sale

    dibs on 212+ hsf. PM is coming.
  3. sbinh

    [WTB] Xeon X5650

  4. sbinh

    [WTB] Xeon X5650

  5. sbinh

    [WTB] Xeon X5650

    Ah .. I see. ..
  6. sbinh

    [WTB] Xeon X5650

    Do you still have link ?
  7. sbinh

    [WTB] Xeon X5650

    Really? I saw one the other day, but 1 buyer bumped the price from $245 to $400+ ... :D ...
  8. sbinh

    [WTB] Xeon X5650

    WTT: Xeon X5650 / L5640 Looking for a x5650 / L5640 extra spicy for my 2p build. Will trade either: 1- My x5650 for your L5640 + cash or 2- My L5640 + cash for your X5650. Please let me know .... Heat: http://heatware.com/eval.php?id=63628
  9. sbinh

    [FS][US] Corsair Dominator Dual Channel Memory 4gb @1600

    dibs ... PM is coming its way ....
  10. sbinh

    [FS][US] Evga x58 i7 920 Gaming Rig

    darn .. nice price.
  11. sbinh

    [FS][US] 2x i7 960's

    dibs one
  12. sbinh

    [FS][US] BNIB i7 960

    should I call DIBS ????
  13. sbinh

    [FS][US] PC parts

    Nice price for the cpu - mobo combo ...
  14. sbinh

    [FS][US] Apple Ipod Touch 2nd Generation - 32Gb

    damn .. i missed it .. :D
  15. sbinh

    [FS] Paulie's i7 920/Giga UD7 sell off

    what is the temp on i7 ??? I am looking at i7 920@3.8 or above......
  16. sbinh

    [FS/FT] FS i7 rig part out :)

    It is .. 1- Do you know what it called FALSE advertisement? ----- 2- I ain't run it at stock ---> this ain't give me what D0 can. If I don't bring this up ... it might happen to others. That's all... and I would call it end here.
  17. sbinh

    [FS/FT] FS i7 rig part out :)

    Totally understand that. However, this issue involved one of the MOD. Asked seller to contact MOD (and I contacted that mod myself too - and he said he would NOT be responsible for this) but have NOT heard from seller since the 19. It seems I have to suck it up cuz I cannot file DISPUTE...
  18. sbinh

    [FS/FT] FS i7 rig part out :)

    any update?
  19. sbinh

    [FS/FT] FS i7 rig part out :)

    Hey Kane, The CPU is C0 stepping .. Not D0 as advertised. ... it is SLBCH ..... PS: You already editted your FIRST post .. why ?? what for ?? Here is the orgininal post .. so lucky I copied and pasted on 1 forums ....
  20. sbinh

    [FS/FT] FS i7 rig part out :)

    What is the status? Please keep me up-to-date .. my patience is running low. Thanks.
  21. sbinh

    [FS][US] i7 920's, X58 MB's and a GTX 470:)

    darn .. wish I have extra $$$ ...
  22. sbinh

    [FS][US] i7 920 D0 $185 shipped

    Bump for ya......