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    GeForce GTX 780 Pictured Some More

    He was referencing the G92 chip. It was essentially rebranded a few times. The 8800GTX 9800GTX and GTS 250 were pretty much the same card. I flashed a GTS 250 bios on my 9800GTX+ card so I could use it in SLI with my other GTS 250
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    Intel Core "Haswell" Processors Begin Shipping to OEMs

    Yeah, think I will skip Haswell and see what Broadwell brings or wait for Skylake. I never like to buy the first generation because of the wonderful issues discussed already. Besides, My i7-970 is more than enough right now.
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    Sony PlayStation 4 "Orbis" Kits Shipping to Developers, Powered by AMD A10 APU

    It would not surprise me if they run a mix GPU in this machine. APU for less demanding games. Discrete GPU or APU+GPU for highend graphics. Would certainly help to reduce the heat generated when idle. There are times I thought my sisters PS3 was going to melt down.
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    JEDEC Announces Publication of DDR4 Standard

    Tracing will increase. We may only see the additional slots on highend platforms in the first genration of mobo's using DDR4 but it will happen.
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    Final Fantasy VII PC Revamp Confirmed

    I would love to replay this game. One of the best FF since 3.
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    ADATA Adds DDR3-2133X 8 GB and 16 GB Dual Channel Kits to XPG Xtreme Series

    So when is DDR4 coming out again?
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    AMD to Drop Support for Pre-HD 5000 GPUs with Catalyst 12.7

    This comes as no surprise. Seems AMD is taking a page out of Intel's play book. They want to sell more cards and want to force people to change every few platforms.
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    Samsung Urges Intel to Launch DDR4 Systems Ahead of Schedule

    Other than lower voltage and a bit higher bandwidth DDR4 will bringing to the table a new controller. The days of dual, triple and quadchannel will be over. Each channel on the memory controller will connect directly to a module.
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    Thunderbolt To Become Standard for PC in 2013, Optical at That

    From what I understand Apple helped Intel develop it.
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    Durango Out in 2013, Lacks Optical Drive: Report

    As you have pointed out I don't see MS moving away from IBM unless AMD or Intel has some phenomenal offer. Intel and MS are probably not on the best of terms with MS betting against x86 with ARM support in Windows 8. Something they initially denied to Intel in the beginning of development.
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    Durango Out in 2013, Lacks Optical Drive: Report

    Yep, The optical drive has had a good run but it's only a matter of time before it joins tape, Zip and Floppy in the Digital halls of Valhalla.
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    TrendNet Displays 802.11ac 1300 Mbps Wireless Routers

    You’re referring to the sound spectrum which uses air or objects as a medium. Radio frequency is based on electromagnetic spectrum. Soundwaves vibrate or pass around objects. But don't technically pass through them like RF does.
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    TrendNet Displays 802.11ac 1300 Mbps Wireless Routers

    Not to mention that 5ghz is limited with a lower maximum power output compared to 2.4ghz because the wavelengths are closer (higher the frequency the more damaging to organic tissue the wavelengths are). And most channels are limited to a maximum of 50mw. Which hurts the signal even more.
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    TrendNet Displays 802.11ac 1300 Mbps Wireless Routers

    Not exactlly true. Actually, the higher the frequency the more it penetrative it is. Issue with 5 GHz is range. The higher the frequency the shorter the wavelengths are. Which of course means less range. With 2.4ghz you could get about 100 feet reliably. With 5ghz the range is cut...
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    HD 7970 Overclocked to 1.26 GHz: 28 nm Tech Really Stretches Its Legs

    I'm not a fan boy either way. I always buy the card with the best performance for dollar. This card looks nice. Good performance increase over the previous generation. I only hope for pricing reasons that Nvidia and team Green has an answer for this. AMD may be stinking it up in the...
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    Intel to Retire its LGA1366 and LGA1156 Processors in 2012

    I like the 1366 platform. My i7-970 has plenty of horsepower for what I use it for. I think I'm going to skip SB/IB.
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    NVIDIA GeForce Kepler Roadmap Compiled

    I like Nvidia's strategy this time. Work out the bugs with the lower to mid grade cards before releasing the highend. This makes total sense. If they would have done this with Fermi it would have avoided what some consider a disaster.
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    Intel X58 to Retire in 2012

    I agree. The X79 chipset is a step backwards for features from the X58. The fact there is not native USB 3.0 is mind numbing to say the least. The only thing the platform as going for it is the Sandy Bridge architecture which is faster and the AVX instruction set (it will be sometime before...
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    Aspire One Powered by AMD C-60 Hits Shelves

    True, But ARM processors are more efficent than x86.
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    POV: GeForce GTX 550 Ti with 4 GB memory? GeForce GTX 550 Ti with 4 GB memory!

    Will they have an AGP model also? haha
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    Club 3D Announces SenseVision Product Line

    One of the pictures states it is full HD 1080P. I would not bank that it would be the greatest but it will work.
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    Rambus and Freescale Sign Patent License Agreement

    This story should read. "Rambus, one of the premier patent troll rip off companies has signed an agreement to bend over and rape Freescale Semiconductor without lube and for all that they are and all they will be. As a result Freescale customers will pay triple as a result of this patent...
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    Lucid Virtu to Be Licensed on Select Genuine Intel Desktop Boards with H67 and Z68

    This is no surprise since Intel is a big invester in Lucid.
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    AMD Introduces Phenom II X6 1100T BE, X2 565 BE, Athlon II X3 455

    Just wish they would come out with a new architecture that would complete with Intel instead of dropping a different Phenom and Athlon chip every couple of months. Sure..It's nice to have a 6 core chip but not if it gets spanked by an old intel socket 775 Q9550.
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    TechPowerUp Giving Away 3DMark 11 Keys

    One of only two sites I visit and I love the reviews on TPU!