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    LGA1156 future proofing

    Depends on the quality of the PSU and the cards to be CrossFired/SLied. A 750W Corsair would get you through.
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    64Gb SSD for OS or 2Tb HDD for storage ?!

    that's actually 500gb - samsung spinpoint f3 500gb (hd502hj) :)
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    WD Green with faster interface - just BS marketing?

    on a related note - how do you explain burst speed? how does that help the performance of a drive?
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    EA Confirms Burnout Crash.

    can't say nothing about burnout 2 - haven't played it - but paradise was a horrible game. nothing like burnout! controlling cars was way off, nothing like previous burnouts.
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    Project: Honeycomb

    is that like some kind of server?
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    EA Confirms Burnout Crash.

    yeah, well, i guess nothing beats burnout 3 takedown/burnout revenge/burnout dominator
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    [Case Gallery] Blood Ice ROG HAF 922

    10/10! not that i like it very much, it's just visible how much work you've put in it.
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    Bulldozer running DDR3 2500 memory

    is there any point in overclocking the memory with sb?
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    NZXT Source 210 Elite

    +1 ^ .. also true for bitfenix shinobi :)
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    SAPPHIRE Launches Ultimate Radeon HD 6670 Silent Graphics Card

    this heatsink looks a bit better than one found on the hd 5670 ultimate
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    Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD7 Top-Tier Socket AM3+ Motherboard Pictured

    they should be using the new sexy sockets, not the old blatant shit
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    PowerColor Officially Intros HD 6850 SCS2 Graphics Card

    i wonder how hot this gets..
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    MSI 990FXA-GD80 Socket AM3+ Motherboard Detailed

    so msi's using some surplus socket plastic :D anyway, gotta love the angled usb 3.0 header..
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    NZXT Hale90 750 W

    +1 on that one ^
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    Club 3D Announces CoolStream Edition GeForce GTX 560 Graphics Cards

    this ought to have two fans
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    AMD Phenom II X4 980 BE 3.70 GHz

    even the i3 21xx is more sensble.. actually it is the most sensible buy of them all :)
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    Seasonic X-460FL 460 W

    can this unit be mounted on the upper spot of a case?
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    Zalman N128 128 GB SSD

    say lovee :roll: lovely is the fact that most of the review consists of real life measurements, not benchmarks.
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    Cooler Master Announces CM Storm Enforcer Gaming Case

    IMO, the front panel of Enforcer looks waaaay better than the one on HAF 912.
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    [Case Gallery] WhiteWater

    Awesome! 10/10
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    Thermaltake Announces Immediate Availability of Highly Anticipated Level 10 GT

    Thermaltake is like Nokia. Does anyone buy their products at all?
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    GeForce GTX 560 called GTX 560 Ti and releases Jan 25th

    Imagine a 6990XTX :D
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    Best Looking Cases?

    Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced
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    Corsair 600T - all internal, dual loop

    Looks awesome! So you've put the rad under the upper mesh, right? Photos from other angles would be appreciated.
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    I need a case.

    If portability is your main concern, Cooler Master Storm Scout is your choice.