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  1. techbuzz

    Maximus IV GENE-Z powers on then off

    Sometimes removing the CMOS battery and reinstalling it will reset the firmware back to factory state.
  2. techbuzz

    Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H will not shutdown

    http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4153#ov I've been trying to assist my father-in-law with an issue that has plagued the above motherboard since day one and I have exhausted everything I know to try. The issue began with Windows 7. When my father-in-law would put his...
  3. techbuzz

    RAM recommendations for systemboard

    What are your memory recommendations for the following systemboard: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130693 I want to install at least 16gb of total RAM. I would like to utilize this machine for gaming.
  4. techbuzz

    Why won't my monitor display anymore?

    Seems like it's definitely an issue with your motherboard. Follow Law-II's suggestions, but I'm pretty sure it will just confirm a motherboard issue.
  5. techbuzz

    MBR keeps corrupting after restart

    Yes! The system reserved partition was marked as active for some crazy reason. I'm pretty sure that's not correct. Anyway, I changed it and now the issue seems to be resolved.
  6. techbuzz

    recovering data from a failed hdd

    I have had success with r-studio. Even with drives that aren't being detected by the BIOS. http://www.data-recovery-software.net/ Another trick is connecting the drive to a linux or mac computer. A lot of times connecting the failing drive to a different operating system allows any weirdness...
  7. techbuzz

    MBR keeps corrupting after restart

    I have a machine that when restarted or allowed to go into hibernation, I receive a missing/corrupted master boot record message and Windows doesn't boot. I am able to successfully repair the MBR each time using Windows recovery console, but I'm unable to determine what keeps making it happen...
  8. techbuzz

    Custom Windows user account

    I need to create a user account (Windows 7) and have it limited to one website. I also don't want the user to have access to anything else like the start menu and desktop. I want the user to login then be taken directly to a specific website automatically. How would I go about doing this? I've...
  9. techbuzz

    Unable to see N band networks

    Why am I missing "802.11n Channel Width for band 5.0? I have an "N" capable wifi card. I am unable to see 5GHz networks. So frustrating!!!
  10. techbuzz

    Google Reader too cluttered

    Is it just me or does anyone else think Google Reader is really hard to navigate. It also feels really cluttered. I'm thinking about trying out Thunderbird to keep track of my RSS feeds. What does everyone else use?
  11. techbuzz

    Can I get a quick price check?

    I would check ebay or a similar marketplace and see what people are getting for your items. Why do you want to know if your not selling?
  12. techbuzz

    Laptop Upgrade (SSD)

    Well done sir. I wouldn't worry too much about the back of the SSD. No one is going to see it anyway. How fast does Windows boot up now when compared to how fast boot up with the spinning drive?
  13. techbuzz

    PowerPoint file crashes PowerPoint upon opening

    What should I be looking for in the Event Viewer and the Reliability Index?
  14. techbuzz

    PowerPoint file crashes PowerPoint upon opening

    I created a new account and the problem persisted.
  15. techbuzz

    PowerPoint file crashes PowerPoint upon opening

    I just tried saving the file as a PPT and I'm still getting the same results. Is it possible that the files are corrupted and they can be opened on some computers? I haven't heard of something like this happening before.
  16. techbuzz

    PowerPoint file crashes PowerPoint upon opening

    I have a very perplexing situation on my hands. :banghead: I have 2 PowerPoint files that crash PowerPoint when attempting to open them. The problem is that this is only happening on some computers. All the machines I have attempted to open the files on are running Windows 7 and have Office...
  17. techbuzz

    Abit 1C7 Northbridge Fan Failure

    The northbridge fan on my Abit 1C7 has completely failed and is no longer spinning. I found a replacement fan on eBay, but it won't arrive for a week or so. Should I not use my computer until I get the new fan installed? Thanks.
  18. techbuzz

    Help with setting server settings in Outlook 2010

    I am unable to setup my email account in Outlook 2010. I have an email address @alumni.vcu.edu and I cannot find the correct server settings anywhere. This particular address uses gmail servers, but the standard POP3 gmail server settings aren't working. The automatic setup option is also unable...
  19. techbuzz

    HELP!! Odd Browser problem after Virus

    I have never heard of using "OSRI" for Operating System Reinstall. So, it seems like you figured everything out then???
  20. techbuzz

    HELP!! Odd Browser problem after Virus

    Reset your browser to factory settings. What browser are you using?
  21. techbuzz

    DVD Driver now only reads CDs?

    Try to uninstall the optical drive in the Device Manager. Navigate to your optical drive in the device manager - right click - uninstall. Once the optical drive is gone, right click on your computer name at the top and select, "Scan for hardware changes." This should reinstall your optical...
  22. techbuzz

    Sync files to all computers?

    I want to be able to sync my files to all my computers. Does anyone know of any good applications that I can purchase in order to get this done? Maybe something similar to MobileMe, but better and for PC?
  23. techbuzz

    Where to get a Win Vista OEM disk

    I used to use the "Vista Anytime Upgrade DVD." It would let me put in most OEM COA keys and it would automatically install the appropriate version of Vista. You might be able to find a download if you searched for "Vista Anytime Upgrade DVD." Good Luck!
  24. techbuzz

    3g2 help

    What audio codec is your video using? My phone produces 3gs video files and I have no problems when playing the videos back with VLC. Audio and picture are good.
  25. techbuzz

    3g2 help

    I would just stick with VLC Player.