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  1. tress972

    Help Pc don't want to start at all !

    Hello, I unplug my video card 30 min ago (to plug an adaptator for the second fan : Palit Sonic dual edition), I put it back, connect the 2 pci-e 6-pin on the card, connect the molex on the adaptator, & try to turn on my computer... & there... nothing happened... nothing at all... Before...
  2. tress972

    Wrong flash hd 4870 palit

    Hello, I have a Palit HD4870 sonic dual édition 512 & I flash the the turbo mode with a diamond bios (I know not a good idea since the begining... but I try to modifiy the original by my self and it was not as good as I'll want) & it don't work, so now I can't put the turbo mode anymore, it's...