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    Roccat Announces Sova Gaming Keyboard

    This isn't such a bad thing if reasonably priced. I currently use a K400 with a wireless mouse and an old wooden keyboard tray. Does the job but it isn't pretty.
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    Logitech Announces the K830 Illuminated Keyboard

    Mix of the K400 and K800. Though I wish they would've included the mouse click in the top left hand corner much like the K400. Also a shame Logitech has all this time into unified receiver, Bluetooth is the way to be moving forward at this point.
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    Harmony's $150 Smart Keyboard remote comes to living rooms this month

    More than just the keyboard. Comes with the Smart Hub to allow any Android/iOS device to access and control any device set up. I have the original version of the Smart Hub called the Link and it's pretty much the most finnicky piece of hardware I own. I also own three different K400's(less...
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    I-O Data Readies New, 20-Inch Monitor With Blue Light Reduction Function

    Could also use flux to accomplish what might as well be the same thing.
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    New Apple Mac Pro Available Starting Tomorrow

    I haven't been too keen on Apple products over the years but kudos after I saw the breakdown. http://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/Mac+Pro+Late+2013+Teardown/20778
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    gpu power for 1440p

    Actually had this issue a year or so ago when I moved up to a 1440p. I ended up with a single 2GB GTX 680 as there were literally no differences between the 2GB and 4GB card performance wise. I do have to drop AA on current titles. Modded Skyrim does beautifully at 1440p with a single...
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    Why you should upgrade your hard drive to a newer one

    Agreed, was looking at the same black until I saw those new blues come out in July.
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    Why you should upgrade your hard drive to a newer one

    Actually this would be the truth, it's because you have the newest blue it uses a single platter 1tb. It's one of the best bang for the buck drives I believe. This is exactly what he's talking about. Although the black does have dual processors, but is an older generation than that of your...
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    [WTB][US] Video Card midrangish

    I appreciate it but I'm looking for a stronger single card.
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    [WTB][US] Video Card midrangish

    Saw your thread, as stated I'm looking for single card solutions. Thanks though.
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    [WTB][US] Video Card midrangish

    Looking for mid to high range. $150 is about the best I'll go unless it's a great deal. Looking for single card solutions. Something around 7850/660 territory. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
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    Best codec pack for windows 8 on ms surface pro?

    Give it a try and tell us :-) easy enough to uninstall an application if you don't like it.
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    Best codec pack for windows 8 on ms surface pro?

    I actually skipped codec packs on my latest windows installation and installed XBMC it plays everything I've thrown at it sans codec packs of any kind. Something to look into if you want an all in one. Seems they've added swipe controls for Windows based tablets into the nightlies. Worth giving...
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    GTX 660 in BF3 -- coolest artifacting you've ever seen (broken drivers or bad card?)

    Wouldn't say it's the norm, just on occasion. What do the clocks do in furmark or games other than BF3?
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    GTX 660 in BF3 -- coolest artifacting you've ever seen (broken drivers or bad card?)

    My 680 is doing that in Blood Dragon. No other issues in any other game so far.
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    Rosewill RK-9100 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    Blues have tactile and audible click. More similar to browns than reds. More pressure than both reds and browns. They are delightful to type on.
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    2560x1440 IPS 27" LED Monitor on the Cheap!

    Well, as far as hotter goes, there's more screen surface area requiring more power to light the monitor. The power brick is likely the same crappy one they've been sending with all of them. They work, but aren't the best. Mine gets warm on my Shimian.
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    Faulty brand new CPU? :(

    Try a single stick of memory as well?
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    Does anyone have good experiences (also after like a year) with Gigabyte mice?

    I've had a GM-M8000 for a little over 2 years now. My experience with it is up and down. It's comfortable and I like the way it feels, dpi adjustment being just a momentary switch. Good weight to it, moves well on a mat. On the other hand it's been replaced once and has been having...
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    GUNNAR Optiks Secures Patents for Computer Eyewear Technology

    I use Flux, I don't really think these glasses "reduce strain" as much as they reduce the amount of light that actually makes it to your eyes. Most people have their monitors too bright and that's what ends up causing eye strain over long periods of time.
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    Logitech Delivers Mechanical Keyboard Gamers Deserve

    Hence why I said Logitech needs to be top on quality here foe the price tag. The K90 often sells for under $100 most the time, its not full mechanical and stuck keys on occasion but still for that big of a price difference, would be hard to go with the G710+. You don't see many high end Logitech...
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    Logitech Delivers Mechanical Keyboard Gamers Deserve

    Plenty of back lit boards on the market these days. In whatever lighting/key configuration you like. Mechanical Keyboard Finder someone pointed this site out to me before, link leads to the back lit boards that they sell. There are others not sold by that site, Rosewill even has back lit...
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    Logitech Delivers Mechanical Keyboard Gamers Deserve

    It better be top quality for the price tag. Plenty of good quality boards on the market now for cheaper than that.
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    Best Bang for Buck - Gigabyte 2xWindforce 7950 Crossfired (Tests on 1080 and 1440)

    I'm actually really interested in others results, I'm rocking a 560 Ti right now and it isn't quite up to the task of eye candy at 2560x1440. I am thinking overall the 660 Ti will be the best bang for buck card for this resolution. Mixing the ability of eye candy and max resolution for what...
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    Best Bang for Buck - Gigabyte 2xWindforce 7950 Crossfired (Tests on 1080 and 1440)

    Not sure what you're trying to say here. But I think what you're saying is the boost clocks the GTX6x0 series does? You can increase that just like you can increase the base core on a 79x0 card. Comparing two 7950's clocked at 1100 to a stock, albeit slightly overclocked version of the GTX680...