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    X800 Pro / X800 XT - which is the right bios for me

    I own a Peak Radeon X800pro vivo too. I would not use the pro 16p bios. I took the Connect3D XT (500/500) bios and edited it with Rabit to drop the clocks to pro speeds. The extra 16 pipes seem to be used better or something with the drivers recognising a XT rather than a pro, or perhaps the...
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    Sapphire X800XT bios - is one better than another?

    Yea, I really want to know too. Anyone tried the one with the newer bios date?
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    Which X800XT bios should I choose?

    I have been running my X800pro vivo with the Connect3D X800XT 500/500 bios for a while. Now there are some Sapphire X800XT 500/500 choices too, one of which has the same bios date as the Connect3D one and one of which is a later bios date. Which of these three XT bioses is the best choice...
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    ATI X800XT non PE BIOS

    Flash the connect3D 500/500 bios with the flasher utility from the BBAti X800pro 16p modded bios download. Use the correct parameter to force a flash (can't remember the param, it comes up when you type the flasher util name with the /? command line I think). Trust me and do this. Remember to...
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    X800 Pro 16 bios vs X800 XT bios

    Switch to the Connect 500/500 XT bios. It does more than it seems. Plus you get better fan speeds. I've not looked back. I can't get enough of 6Xtemporal AA.