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    Cooler Master Masterliquid Maker 92

    still doubt that cuz 5820K at 4.5 is WAY HOTTER than the 3770K at 4.5 because I have both of them:toast:
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    Cooler Master Masterliquid Maker 92

    I dont really think thats the same story:shadedshu: 4.5G 5820k would blow up if it was cooled by this little cooler.. WELL, having a 5820K 4.5G at 80 is really something serious, mine would throttled at 4.3 at 1.28v with a 12 cm raditor I like the idea of it, but the performance is really...
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    AMD "Summit Ridge" ZEN CPU at 2.80 GHz Beats 3.40 GHz Core i5-4670K

    as i can tell the different between a 60hz screen and a 100hz screen by simply moving the mouse...60 is the basic for gaming:rolleyes:
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    Do you have a large "Spare Parts" area in your house?

    From all those Pentium III processor to the newest X99, from EDO memory stick to now DDR4...and 5 inch HHD to 512GB SSD, From Geforce2 to TITAN X...From where I was kinda rich to now I'm poor as F**K:rolleyes:..I keep every part I own, never sell one of them, watching those old system now , i...
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    PSU -12V too low and -5v too high,any problem?

    use meters to meansure that...I bet its just a faulty sensor...8v? your PC was gone before you can post this thread:roll:
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    OFFICIAL GTA V (Discussion)

    HELL NO!! that RED one tends to understeering as f*ck.. I crash at every corner lol...but it got a nice engine sound with weak horsepower:D
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    NVIDIA TITAN X Pascal Available from Today

    Damn right...the set all these reference card to reach 80..as I own GTX680,780ti, titan X, they all did the same shit..if you set fan speed to 70%, it will stay way below 80.
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    NVIDIA TITAN X Pascal Available from Today

    No reseller allowed...then $1199? NVIDIA is pushing too far! So to speak as a Nvidia fan using a Maxwell Titan X
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    MSI Announces the X99A Tomahawk Motherboard

    probably X99A-II would beat that...but i like that color design
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    Trading 6800k for 5820k?

    I want to try some overclocking stuff...But my new 6800k really can't do that. It did exact the same as Tom's Hardware did: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/intel-core-i7-broadwell-e-6950x-6900k-6850k-6800k,4587-7.html 4.5Ghz at like 1.5v + massive heat, core temp hits 90+ Celsius. 4.0GHZ at...
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    Core i3 6100 temp reach to 66°C While

    my DELL optiplex runs at like 80 under full load cuz of their quiet fan setup...DON'T really care, they offer 3 years warranty:D so 60 is not really a thing... Back in the day those quad core Q series and first gen of i series is way hotter.
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    Corsair GS 700 PSU failure

    Hm...my AX1200i just failed on me. And take it to RMA cost me like a month... I just bought a RM750 for use. And too lazy to switch it back... They send me a new one, still unboxed till now, sitting at the corner of my room. I'm using a RM750 with no problem... is there any bad stuff would...
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    Why are my GPU temps bad?

    As I use all those reference cards....from 680..780ti to Titan...they are all 80 cel underload...everything below that i call them cool....
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    Storing GPU for long time, tips ?

    REMEMBER KEEP IT DRY, and stay away from little bugs
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    Gigabyte Mobo not booting from usb

    Do the Bios recognize you USB disk? as far as I learn some newer model USB disk with USB 3.0 cant be boot as a bootble device...but the usb2.0 can
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    X99 random ram slot drop

    Try pressing the MemOK ! button,maybe that will help...same happened in a ASUS X79, hittingMemOK button and things turned good
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    G.Skill TridentZ 3866 MHz 2x 4GB DDR4

    hm....$160 for a 2x4 kit...:shadedshu:
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    I want to downsize my chassis, please help me.

    RV-02 with 3 HDD...a 750w PSU..a big cooler=I CANT LIFT IT...
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    Making a Matte finish case Glossy?

    as you cant touch the matte finish... Cuz collect finger prints....:shadedshu:
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    Where is all the 1080p IPS G-Sync screens?

    The price are ridiculous high...:( and not pretty much choices though...that's why I still living with my U2312...
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    Where is all the 1080p IPS G-Sync screens?

    all I want is 1080p IPS 144Mhz....
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    OLD X58 system upgrade CPU and get two GTX 1070 for sli?

    If I was you, I'll save those $$ and wait till I get a 4K screen, then upgrade all the things...i bet the 4Ghz i7 920 is beating every i5 the sh*t out of them even for now...and 2 GTX970s is doing fine in 1080p...
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    need help choosing DDR4 memory with non-K i7 CPU

    Well the Gigabyte X99 Ultra Gaming is for a ultra budget build....LMAO:D
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    Corsair H110iGT insane idle temperatures

    NOT A GOOD IDEA I did buy a used Corsair H80i that has the same problem as op does...once I took it apart, it wont run again...cuz there is a tiny wiring to the motor of the pump<there is an PCB that control the motor on top, remove that PCB then to the propeller>..and that wiring is so short...
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    Intel 6850K or 6700K for Gaming.

    VOTE FOR 6800K:rockout: