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  1. LogitechFan

    Twitter Reportedly Looking Into Banning Cryptocurrency-Related Ads as Well

    next stop - ban them all together at a government level.
  2. LogitechFan

    CTS Labs Posts Some Clarifications on AMD "Zen" Vulnerabilities

    All the butt-hurt amd girls raging above, so pathetic. Yes sure, you should criticize the messenger... Also, how many people are running windows in admin mode even without knowing it? Yeah, a shitload of them! SO if all it takes is to run an exe file and then it will be sitting low level and...
  3. LogitechFan

    Corsair Obsidian 1000D Leaked to Amazon

    In the age when all you need is one GPU and when SLI/CF is no longer a thing, this monstrocety is looking even more reduclouse and ugly than most of the garbage the Shitsair is spitting out recently (or shall I say rebranding and shitting out?)
  4. LogitechFan

    Philips Announces New Version of Brilliance 492P8 Curved Super-wide LCD Monitor

    Not with 5120x1440. Samsung has their 49 inch gamign monitor with 144hz, but the resolution is basically 4K by 1080 or two 27" glued together. It's a great monitor with FreeSync2, but the verical resolution is just two shallow.
  5. LogitechFan

    EVGA Removes Guest RMA Option - Register Your Card for RMA

    And any shill, or any anti-environment, greed-driven, miming apologists and other scammers (because they are the same) should be bashed even harder...
  6. LogitechFan

    CORSAIR Obsidian 500D

    Absolute garbage. 1st if you're not going to sli - ATX is a waste of space. All you need is ITX. Then there are Chinese brands like Jonsbo. They make cases that are way better than this (VR1/2 etc, as an example). Corsair is a rubbish brand that is no longer a sign or reliability of quality...
  7. LogitechFan

    EVGA Introduces Their Latest G1+ Power Supplies

    Low end fsp garbage. you can keep it evga.
  8. LogitechFan

    Colorful Dominates PUBG-capable Graphics Card Market

    so a chinese knock-off brand dominates a-half-baked-POS-game played mainly by chinese... what a shocker
  9. LogitechFan

    AMD Reveals CPU, Graphics 2018-2020 Roadmap at CES

    couz my OCD goes "WTF!?" and I don't like when my OCD goes "WTF!?"... Hope that helps to explain.
  10. LogitechFan

    AMD Reveals CPU, Graphics 2018-2020 Roadmap at CES

    RIP my plans for an all-AMD itx in 2018. Well, it's either an awkward combo of X470+2800x+GF2080 or less awkward 8700k+Z370+GF2080 (later upgraded to Z390+9700k). Fuck you AMD, you have screwed up the whole plan once more.
  11. LogitechFan

    Samsung Unveils First Thunderbolt 3 QLED Curved Monitor

    So it's the old CF791 with TB, minus FreeSync?! WTF samsung, I was expecting a proper follow up model, with FS2 at least and 120Hz... you're breaking my heart!
  12. LogitechFan

    AMD Struggles to Be Excluded from Unwarranted Intel VT Flaw Kernel Patches

    Test it at 4K (c) AMD Karma is biatch
  13. LogitechFan

    Google Chrome's Integrated AdBlocker to Go Live on February 15th

    they can keep it. uBlock origin does everything I need it to do, and it will keep doing it.
  14. LogitechFan

    Microsoft Azure Becomes First Global Cloud Provider to Deploy AMD EPYC

    Let me guess, AMD is selling them at no cost to MS, and.... they also make Xbox chips for half the price while they are at it. It sucks to be an underdog that everyone pushes around and spits upon.
  15. LogitechFan

    Toshiba Memory Corporation Unveils 2TB XG5-P NVMe SSD

    Would you risk buying from a company that is about to be acquired by hell knows who? Bring on Samsung 980 already, it's long overdue since September!
  16. LogitechFan

    EA Bleeds $3.1 Billion in Stock Value Over Battlefront II Fiasco

    So how this is gambling and crates in TF2 (for which you need a paid key to open) is not?! I hope if EA suffers, Valve's ass gets hammered too, for years and years and years of illegal gambling.
  17. LogitechFan

    8th and 9th Gen Intel Core Processor Model Names Revealed

    and the 9700K is not on the list because it's 8/16 and they don't want you to wait for it...
  18. LogitechFan

    EVGA DG-7 Series Gaming Case Available on Pre-order

    Like they did with their cards, PSU, AIOs, mobos.... the list goes on. A con-company.
  19. LogitechFan

    New Studies Reveal MOBA Gamers Having Higher IQs Than FPS Gamers

    WTF!? What's next, you're gonna imply that MOBA gamers are mainly of asian background, ergo they are smarter?!
  20. LogitechFan

    CORSAIR Launches HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset

    Non RGB? WTF is this, 2016?! Also the "aluminum construction" - gime a break, corsy, it's cheap plastic all around and you know it PS: "CORSAIR, a world leader in enthusiast memory" - cmmon! have some decency! you're peddling a cheap-ass hynix garbage in dom plats and trying to mislead people...
  21. LogitechFan

    ROCCAT Celebrates Ten Year Kone Anniversary with Special Kone AIMO Mouse

    10 years of irrelevance. Good for them... good for them
  22. LogitechFan

    CRYORIG Enters Case Market With the Taku Monitor Stand ITX Case

    1 year late, too expensive, and besides - who wants this when everyone was excited about Ola?! Also Jonsbo VR1 still does it better (the best itx there is)