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  1. mdashoot

    cannot run programs on my pc

    Im trying to download and run a couple programs on my pc and I cant, one program is blackberry desktop manager, the disk runs but when I click install it looks like its going to install and then a window pops up that says Windows Installer and then has this junk in it Windows ® Installer. V...
  2. mdashoot

    running a fan off a USB port?

    Is it safe? I was thinking about rigging up a fan to go behind my z-5500 pod to pull heat away from it, I have some 120mm fans but I was thinking about using the fan from my freezer 7 pro as I dont use it any more.
  3. mdashoot

    some audio questions

    so im a little confused as to the right settings and connections to use to get 5.1 sound. Right now im usind digital coax but I can go optical also. The sound card has options for dolby digital pro logic II and dts and then the z-5500's can be set to sterio, sterio II, dolby pro logic II music...
  4. mdashoot

    Odd sound problem!

    first, I have an HT Omega Claro sound card and the logitech Z-5500's. I just connected my z-5500 back up to the pc because now I have room for them, the z-5500's are connected to the sound card using the digital toslink. Before this I was just using a set of 2 channel speakers with the one light...
  5. mdashoot

    display problem!!!!

    I just installed my new xfx 8800gt and everything on my screen is huge, I go to display settings to set the resolution but it wont go up, it is set at 800 by 600 on a 21" widescreen and the color quality is stuck at lowest 4bit and has no option to go higher. I need some serious help here.:banghead:
  6. mdashoot

    [Case Gallery] Antec P182

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Asus P5K-E WiFi Motherboard Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 @ 3.0Ghz Zalman CNPS9700 NT G. Skill 2X1gb DDR2 800 PC2 6400 XFX GeForce 8800GT 512mb 256bit Alpha Dog W/Accelero S1 HT Omega Claro 7.1 surround sound card 500gb Samsung Spinpoint Sata HDD...
  7. mdashoot

    P182 filter door and filter mod

    So i've finished modding the filter doors on my antec to get better air flow, then I went one step further and decided that the filters them selves deeded some improving as they seemed a little restricting the way they were designed, so here you go. BEFORE AFTER
  8. mdashoot

    Fan Speed?

    Im going to use a fan speed controller, this onehttp://www.frozencpu.com/products/992/bus-34/FrozenCPU_Black_PWM_6x_Fan_Controller_525_Bay.html?tl=g34, but I also want to be able to see the rpm,s of the fans. I assume the only way to do this is to connect them to the motherboard? The fans I have...
  9. mdashoot

    should I do this?

    I really like the way this guy modded his case and im thinking it would help with air flow and noise so I want to do it. The only thing I might not do is mod the filter doors like he did unless somebody convinces me that it will make a significant difference. The one thing I do want do do is cut...
  10. mdashoot

    Use the mobo to controll fan speed? Or get a bay device to do it?

    Here is my dilema, I've come to find that building a computer yourself can get addicting. If you look at my specs you will see that most of my hardware is good accept for the graphics, so I've decided to upgrade to an XFX GeForce 8800gt 512mb 256bit. Well I couldnt stop there when I noticed the...
  11. mdashoot

    Zalman Thermal Grease?

    Has anybody used this instead af AS5 or any other TIM's that you normally use? And how did it compare. I read one review here http://www.tweaknews.net/reviews/zalmanthermalgrease/ that compared it to the AS5 and shows to be about even even. The reason I ask is because I got a new Zalman CNPS9700...
  12. mdashoot

    Do you have a Razer Lycosa?

    I wanted to know if anybody has this keyboard and what they think of it so far. I've been hearing things like, the keys look solid black in regular lighting, and the rubber type coating rubs of quickly. Is this true? I love the looks of this keyboard.
  13. mdashoot

    I need some good headphones!

    Im looking for some good headphones, something Hi-Fi studio quality for listening to music and FSX while the wife is sleeping. Here are a couple ive been looking at. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826159421...
  14. mdashoot

    New Hardware Wizzard Keeps Poping Up

    I installed my new Saitek X52 joystick and now every time I start up my PC the wizzard pops up. how can I get this to stop? I dont keep the joystick plugged in all the time so I think it might have something to do with that that.
  15. mdashoot

    Microsoft Flight Simulator X

    I've been thinking of getting this, I just got a Saitek X52 Joystick and want to put it to use. What im wondering is if this is something more advanced than what I want, I mean does it take forever just to learn how to take off? Is it made more for a real pilot, or someone who wants to be? And...
  16. mdashoot


    I backed up a dvd and when I play it the closed captioning is going and I cant turn it off. Is there something I was supposed to uncheck in the program before I hit start?
  17. mdashoot

    Router Firewall?

    I currently access the internet using the WiFi thats integrated into my P5K-E mobo from a Linksys WRT54GS router. I have comodo firewall installed and running on my pc but I guess when im behind a router I dont need it as the router has its own firewall. How do I know the router has a firewall...
  18. mdashoot


    Is it ok to remove this from windows? what will it effect?
  19. mdashoot


    Is it ok to remove this from windows? what will it effect?
  20. mdashoot


    Im thinking about upgrading from my GForce 7600GS vga to something more up to date but I cant decide between three, If you notice all three have black boards because thats what I want. My mobo is a P5KE WiFi/black board, sound card is a HT Omega Claro/black board, so I want it to match. If you...
  21. mdashoot

    HT Omega Claro/HT Omega Claro Plus sound card?

    I have the ht omega claro sound card and was wondering if anybody could tell me if there is a difference from that one to the claro plus because I cant find one. The plus seems to be about $15.00 more and newegg carried it untill recently, for some unknown reason they dont have it now. When I...
  22. mdashoot

    got a big problem!

    ok, I had a dell 3500 that got a virus so I dont use it any more, My mother inlaw has an older dell 2500 that she does use but its slow, only has one rom drive, no burner, and a pos celeron cpu. So what im trying to do is take her HDD and put it in my pc since mine is faster. But it not working...
  23. mdashoot


    I have used the patch for the uxtheme.dll and im currently usin the Luna Element 5 theme. Where can I find mor themes that arent for windows blinds or stylexp that can be used with this patch?
  24. mdashoot

    optimize your Hard-Disk?

    I found this tutorial on another site and wanted to know if its a good Idea to do? and exactly what does it do? I have WindowsXP pro and its a fairly new install. This procedure should work on all Windows OS but we tested her on Windows XP and Windows 98. Now to optimize you Hard-Disk...
  25. mdashoot

    software to backup HDD

    Is there any free software to ghost one HDD to another? What I want to do is, get another 500gb samsung HDD like the one I have and backup everything to it, and periodicaly update it to keep it current. Then if something happens to my current HDD I can just pop the new one in and keep going like...