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    CPUs Bear Brunt of Ubisoft Deploying VMProtect Above Denuvo for AC:O

    Incorrect, the correct title should be "CPUs Bear Brunt of...". Bear is a verb here.
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    NVIDIA Launches GameWorks SDK 3.1

    Oh joy, more proprietary nonsense.
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    What graphics card will you choose?

    Personally I'd pick the Fury. Can't wait to see what the Fury Nano does though! Also, any particular reason the poll adds up to 110%? I'm guessing the 390X is thrown in just for kicks.
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    AMD Announces FirePro S9170 32GB GPU Compute Card

    TLDR: Due to time or complexity constraints, sometimes it makes sense to spend thousands of dollars on cards like this. As with most things, it's usually situation-dependent. If a problem can't fit into a given amount of RAM, and that's all you have to work with, then the only solution is to...
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    AMD Announces FirePro S9170 32GB GPU Compute Card

    3-D FDTD simulations of over-the-horizon radar propagation under different sea/atmospheric conditions using OpenCL. I actually haven't even run any games on them yet :(
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    AMD Announces FirePro S9170 32GB GPU Compute Card

    Holy balls... 32GB would make life so easy right about now. Currently struggling to fit into 16GB spread across two 390Xs.
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    GIGABYTE Releases its Latest GPU Computing Server

    The older Teslas have generic VGA output that's abstracted from the compute GPU. We have a C2075 in my lab with a DVI out. None of the GPUs characterized as a "compute module" have video output though. That's definitely just a gaming card with the outer sheath and heat spreaders removed. I...
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    CYBERPOWERPC Unveils MEGA MINER Coin Mining PC Series

    Can this fad hurry up and finish dying yet? I'm tired of inflated GPU prices.
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    NVIDIA Readies GeForce GTX 750 Ti Based on "Maxwell"

    The key to the 4% was just that it was gained by getting rid of a few if-statements. There are plenty of other operations that can be used in more sophisticated kernels that would gleam higher performance gains with offloading to a CPU. It will be interesting to see how much it actually helps...
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    NVIDIA Readies GeForce GTX 750 Ti Based on "Maxwell"

    In the world of GPGPU, having access to a CPU through a very low-latency channel is a very appealing prospect. First off, this eliminates some of the normally required PCIe transfers, which are slow and costly. That's obviously always a good thing. CPU's are very good at general purpose...
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    NVIDIA Launches the Tesla K40 GPU Accelerator

    My primary research focus includes a ton of computational electrodynamics work (mainly FDTD in OpenCL) and while the raw crunching power of the GPU is only a moderate upgrade the 12GB of RAM almost justifies the price tag. It's VERY easy to fill up 6GB of RAM, so for sims requiring more RAM you...
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    NVIDIA Tesla Powers HIV Research Breakthrough

    This is worse than religious radicalism.
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    So, What's So Fantastic About Quantum Photonic Chips?

    Entanglement is a quantum mechanical effect, but so are the operations of transistors. BJTs and FETs all operate on quantum mechanical principles (electron-hole pairing, and potential barriers, etc). The qubit isn't necessarily *the* quantum equivalent of the bit, it's just a bit represented by...
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    Windows 8 Secure Boot: Handy Malware Backdoor for Nosy Governments?

    W1zz, why is Qubit allowed to post "articles" in the news section? The bias present in these editorials greatly diminishes the quality of TPU, which I (and judging from previous posts, others too) have had much respect for over the last 6 years. This bias should not be present in any news...
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    Blizzard Announces StarCraft 2

    They developed a good product, what's wrong with paying them for their product? Milking WoW? What is the problem? Last I checked customers have their freedom of will to pay for products they choose. If you don't see the product fit for your taste, you have the option of not spending your money...
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    Blizzard Announces StarCraft 2

    http://www.starcraft2.com/movies.xml mmmm... high res... :D
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    Microsoft Starts Banning Modded Xbox 360s on LIVE

    *sigh* just another inconvenience to get to the same inevitable end result as before... Modding the xBox is most of the fun anyway :toast:
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    Halo 2 Vista Gameplay Trailer Available

    The purpose of porting Halo to PC isn't necessarily for better graphics. They do update some textures, but they won't update ALL of them. The point is to bring the *gameplay* of Halo 2 to the PC. You also have to consider that the xbox has 64MB of RAM shared between both CPU and GPU... which...
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    10 most commonly used online passwords

    Crap! All of my secrets have been cracked once again... :nutkick:
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    Microsoft Starts Testing Windows Server Code Name "Longhorn"

    I first explored the networking field with Server 2003 EE several years ago, and it was a really smooth OS. I hope the new OS isn't as bad at server apps as Vista is for just about everything :nutkick: Either way, I'll be sticking with Solaris or some Linux distro ;)
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    Valve hacked

    1. Why does he feel he must devote so much energy towards hating Valve? As Einstein put it so well (the moral of which applies here): "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite...
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    Radeon HD 2900 XT has 102.4 GB/s bandwidth

    I remember being amazed at the GeForce 2 Ultra's 7.36GB/sec... :p
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    Violent video games blamed for Virginia Tech slaughter

    More blame on video games? Pure bullshit. While the medication malfunction may have been a cause, or at least partial cause, I would dare bet my life it was a result of some psychological anomaly vastly unrelated to video game violence. Dr. Phil, as a clinical psychologist, should know the...