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    PowerColor Announces the PCS+ HD7870 Myst. Edition Graphics Card

    Thats right people, this is the very second 7890 card after the joker card, not only it has 1536 shaders but at that clock speed of 975 as a boost, that thing could easily match 7950's performance,hell it might even reach 670 's performance too.
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    Leading AMD AIB Partners Avoiding "Tahiti LE"?

    A double edged sword i guess well if 7870 would be out of production , then yes , 7890 would made some sense, but since 7870 is SUCH a SELLER card ! no wonder partners refuse... Personally i think they will sell it for 270$ targeting 660ti, when in theory , if overklocked to 1ghz it will be as...
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    More HD 7770 Leaks: Pictures, Plus 3DMark Benchmarks

    So what is this card then ..? a 6850 or a 6870 ? i wonder if it will end up somwhere in between .. a 6860 perhaps?
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    AMD Working On Radeon HD 6930 Graphics Card

    well now, this must be the first 6000 radeon card that simply has no purpouse, its only a bit faster than 6870 , and will not be able tu pull ahead of 560ti original version, the way i see it, this is amd s exact version of 560ti, so im sure 6930 will match its speed easily, but will not jump...
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    HIS Launches Radeon HD 6790 IceQ X Turbo 1 GB Graphics Card

    well considering that 4890 is just a little faster than 5830 and the 6790 is just a little faster than 5830, then 6790 stays between 5830 and 4890, and knowing that 4890 is basicly a strong overcklock version of your 4870 1GB Just Overcklock nicely that 4870 and you're pretty much there with...
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    AMD Radeon HD 6790 1024 MB

    so what is this card then.? a 4870 and 5770 or a 4890 - 5830 .? well the way i see it i would call it 6830, it makes sense right.?
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    GeForce GTX 480 Gets Listed

    Now thats just silly.. even the 470 gtx will be more than enough in any game at any given resolution, and they are putting 700$ on a card like 480gtx , on the other hand, if the 470 destroys the 5870, then its a nice buy even at 500$ , and if 480 ends up faster by 20% than 5970 then its a...
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    AMD Radeon HD 5970 Specs Surface

    Damn, A monster not a card ! for its power and its fantastic length. This thing will kick the crap out of even the strongest fermi single chip card ,that still has a very long way to get in the market
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    Intel Core i7 930 Slated for Q1 2010

    For examp... my Q6600 G0 is a 3.4 ghz and works like a charm !!! dont see the point in getting from a quad core to another quadcore,even if its a 45nm against my 65nm technology, now the real Jump is what i intend to go from Q6600 a quad core cpu to core i9 with a 6 core cpu on 32 nm !!! now...
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    Microsoft Simplifies the PC With Windows 7

    ok so it does have DX11 inside. , but is there also a virtual Win XP or it comes alone as a program for win7 .????
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    AMD Cypress Graphics Accelerator Pictured

    if this thing is faster ,even a little,,, than 4870 X2, then 5870 is my new target, just hope the price will start frm 299$.
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    Intel Slips In Core 2 Quad Q9505

    Mussels - i dont think so The Q6600 is here to stay for some time... My Q6600 with the GO stepping works at 3.4ghz without any problem and it has 8mb of cache not 6mb.. So i thinnk there isnt any diffrence beetween my Q6600 at 3.4ghz with 8mb cache, and this Q9505 with only 2.8 ghz and 6mb...
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    MSI Announces N275GTX Lightning 1792 MB Graphics Accelerator

    faster than gtx 285-sounds great ! might get one
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    GeForce GTS 250 Inches Closer Launch

    8800gts 512 My 8800GTS 512 when it came out in december 2007 is still doing a FANTASTIC job since its an overcklock version... so now its Almost march 2009 and what has happened all this time ..? oh yes there was 9800GTX 9800GTX+ and now they put the same ingridients in a card...
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    NVIDIA to Roll Out ''New'' GeForce GTS 250 at CeBIT

    Now isnt that Funny..... My 8800GTS 512 OC now has 3 twin brothers 9800GTX 9800GTX + GTS 250
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    New GeForce GTX 260 Could Lead to Overstock of Older GTX 260

    Hey Guys can someone help me out here. I am using the Quad6600 on 3.2 GHZ If i am to switch from my 9800GTX to this new GTX260 with more shaders, just how much firepower will gain on 1680-1050 with all the eye candy settings ON. 30%?? or maybe 50%?? And by the way i am agree with some of you...
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    Intel Announces 6-core Enterprise CPU, Sheds Light on Nehalem

    PCpraiser100 You are so wrong right now Pal... the quads are much way much faster than any of your silly dual cores I use an old Q6700 65nm 8mb cache at a stable 4.2 GHZ and it will beat the crap out of the new 8400Dual core and even a 8500. You just dont get it do ya ? well let me put it...
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    NVIDIA OpenGL 3.0 and GLSL 1.30 Supporting Driver Released

    what is this new OpenGL3.0 stuff.?? what does this do ?? is it for gaming ?? and howcome it comes with new display driver 177.89 since recently the 177.83 came out with Physx inside, and now so fast the put already a new nvidia driver.. do i need it ? what wll this new Openg3.0 help me...
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    NVIDIA Releases 177.83 Forceware, Offers Powerpacks

    Can anyone tell me how to do this install/uninstall thing ? so I uninstal my Nvidia Driver first ? then restart right? then I uninstal the phsyx .. then install a new Nvidia Driver restart and install the new physx drivers.? Is it right or safe to do so ??
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    Inno3D Innovates GeForce 9800GT with Pre-fitted Arctic Cooling and ZeroTherm Coolers

    no offense but i'd say you spit on both GTX260 abd the 9800GX2 and wait a bit for a more logical version of 55nm of the GTX260,280.. they said its going to be in production soon.. didnt they ?
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    Inno3D Innovates GeForce 9800GT with Pre-fitted Arctic Cooling and ZeroTherm Coolers

    all these stupid transformation nvidia is making and i dont understand half of what i am looking here... it looks to me that 9800gt identical to 8800GT 9800gtx identical to 8800GTS 512 (G92) 9600gso identical to 8800GS the way i see it only 9600GT has no twin 8000 card. But anyway why...
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    Intel to Release New Chips this Monday the 11th

    you know what ...thanx a lot but i think i'll stay with my G0 Q6600 3.6 Ghz 8mb C for a while... Cause this baby still rocks! in my view.. and i dont see that much diffrence from a Q6600 G0 to these new 45nm 9300,9400-even 9550 is not that far away from my Monster. SO I guess i'll wait for...
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    Ubisoft's Far Cry 2 System Requirements Published

    Well it looks nice ! Much Nicer than Crysis came out last year with its Devastating Requiremnets.. they say it will take full advantage of Quad Cpus... But will it ? and if so just hof much more diffrense there wiil be between a Quad and a Dual cpu in this game ?
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    NVIDIA PhysX Beta Driver for GT200/G92/G96 Cards Leaked

    Listen guys... there is a 8800GTS 512 G92 OC Edition From MSI i heard a rumor they say that not all vsersions of 8800GTS G92 will enable Physx? should it enable This one from MSI with OC edition? But anyway if i am to try this PhysX Beta Driver with 177.79 and Physx8.07.18 on a 8800GTS 512...
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    ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 Spotted