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  1. Ronnyv1

    Blizzard in Process of Remastering Diablo 2, Warcraft 3

    Age of Empires Definitive edition is still my most anticipated remaster, wouldnt mind wc3 at all though.
  2. Ronnyv1

    Giveaway: 1 any game up to 50$(on/from gog.com)

    NOT entering the giveaway, your birthday is the same day as my moms' happy bday in advance man! Also thank you for the giveaway!
  3. Ronnyv1

    Windows 10 Creators Update Still Activates with "old" Windows 7/8 License Keys

    Im grateful its still working, as someone living in a 3rd world country windows is expensive so using my old laptop key is excellent.
  4. Ronnyv1

    3 Days, 5 Games: Giveaway ENDED- Winner selected

    entering for the finale favorite genre: racing thanks for the giveaway rt!
  5. Ronnyv1

    You pick the game giveaway!! Part III

    Street Fighter V I've always loved watching the tour de france and as someone that had done cycling for 8yrs I'd love to see a game where i can ride anywhere in the world through vr in detailed environments, hell even through real time populations and time. Wish windows store was included...
  6. Ronnyv1

    [FF] Older Game Keys Giveaway

    is mirrors edge still available? i see it still listed :3
  7. Ronnyv1

    TechPowerUp Wishes You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Merry Christmas all!
  8. Ronnyv1

    Should I be worried about lightning? [Giveaway]

    Thank you :3 and much thanks @night.fox
  9. Ronnyv1

    Should I be worried about lightning? [Giveaway]

    i wouldn't mind playing through farcry 3 if no one else has asked for it .
  10. Ronnyv1

    Giveaway 'THE WITCHER SERIES' (1+2+3 +all dlc+adventure)

    I am in. Being from a 3rd world country I'm saving for an oculus later this year and its got me excited and happy as fk!
  11. Ronnyv1

    [WINNERS!] rtwjunkie's Big Blowout Giveaway

    Not entering, thanks for the giveaway though!
  12. Ronnyv1

    Star Wars Battlefront Giveaway

    grats @Easo
  13. Ronnyv1

    Star Wars Battlefront Giveaway

    gl everyone
  14. Ronnyv1

    Star Wars Battlefront Giveaway

    im in, if its not too late!
  15. Ronnyv1

    TechPowerUp News: Jim Keller Joins Tesla, and Desktops with Fiji X2

    can we get official subtitles.. this guy is kinda hard to listen to.
  16. Ronnyv1

    Tomb Raider Giveaway

    im in Thanks for the giveaway
  17. Ronnyv1

    Far Cry 4 won't load?

    had the same problem on a friend's comp, the dualcore fix worked a charm
  18. Ronnyv1

    NZXT Source 340

    Was considering this case a week back but the lack of a 240 or 280 support on the top killed it for me sadly
  19. Ronnyv1

    Antec Goes 2-Compartment with the P50

    So an air 240...
  20. Ronnyv1

    Ultra Wide Monitors: What's the big idea?

    Interested in this also, recently got my 970 and my 1080p monitor seems a bit small for its gloriousness
  21. Ronnyv1

    Gaming on consoles: surprisingly good

    No opinion on the xbone or ps4 but I've owned a snes/gcn and even while doing so preferred different genres for different systems so I suspect for me this hasn't changed much but the experiences were always the same until i went to play halo 4 at a friends' ugh..
  22. Ronnyv1

    Post your Overclock Results

    i5 4670k @ 4.5ghz 1.275v i need to try lowering the voltage but its rock stable so far
  23. Ronnyv1

    what graphics cards are u guys using

    Gave my EVGA 660 SC over to my brother while i save for my 980, using a dinky little Sapphire HD7750 LP