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  1. anu0512

    Everest 5.30 is not working

    Everest 5.30 is not working in win7 64 bit.whenever i m try use any fuction that time it stop and again start like stop and play position ?
  2. anu0512

    [WTB] want dell studio laptop

    hi i want a dell laptop in uk 1-core 2 duo CPU 2- Ati 3 or 4 series gpu 3- 3 to 4 GB RAM 4-250 GB HD
  3. anu0512

    SteelSeries Ikari Optical Vs Razer Death Adder

    guys which one is better and why ? plz post ur comments if u prefer any benchmark so plz put it here :)
  4. anu0512

    [WTB] Ati 4850 Or 3870

    Ati 4850 Hi i am looking for ATI 4850 GPU who ship to india
  5. anu0512

    Guide to Customize PSP UI

    I would give this ago myself but i wouldn't want to brick my PSP.