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    Vista Raid Problem Nvidia

    I have a dual boot setup with several hard drives, and when booting off the vista installation I have a problem reading the Raid 0 array. Instead of showing the array, windows keeps telling me to format each individual drive thats in the array. When I scroll down the device manager to the...
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    Help getting info on my Dell C640

    Hi guys, I have an older Dell C640 laptop 2.0GHZ version. I just wasted an hour of my life that I'll never get back on Dell's website. All I want to find out from dell is the specifications. My goal is to see how much I can upgrade the cpu, memory, hard drive, and if the video is upgradeable or...
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    Asus A8N-E with Opteron?

    Will the opteron X2 processor work on my asus A8N-E? I checked with asus and their specs show the athlon 64FX X2 as compatible, so i guess the opteron X2 185 will work also?
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    Athlon VS Opteron

    What is the performance difference between a Athlon 4400+ X2 with 2MB cache @ 2.2 GHZ and an Opteron 2.2 GHZ 2 MB cache X2? I found one of each except the athlon is $40 less and has a HUGE fan included...
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    Barebones PC Ideas

    I'm thinking about building a few barebones PC's for a few of my friends who like games like BF2 and Farcry etc. What I'd like to know is- what motherboards do you guys prefer as far as price, what video cards, and memory types, and how much would you pay for a "barebones" system? With the...
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    Help for first time Memory OverClocking

    I just bought 2GB of PNY Optima PC3200/400mhz (2X1GB). It's part # D1GBPC32OPT. The package doesn't give the timing specs, so I don't know what the original timings are, and which ones I can mess with. I've only tried pre-set parameters that the MB had in the bios, but never manually changed the...
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    It's time to upgrade!

    right now I have an Asus A8N-E/ 3500+ with only one gig of ram (2X512 OCZ) running dual channel 400mhz. I'd like to go dual processor and more ram. I use it for just about everything including Battlefield 2142 online, and video editing, bills, ebay etc. I have 4 drives with cd, cdrw, dvdrw, dvd...
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    Check this blazing system out

    186 processor with a math co processor. 4MB of ram, 50MB hard drive, and to show off how versatile it can be, I am installing both kinds of storage- 3.5 AND 5 1/4 floppy disks!! Man this thing is going to SMOKE my old PET computer, it'll kick a tandy around like a puppy. :respect: Also, it's...
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    My fan won't shut down during standby

    I don't know what setting I got into but for some reason my fan suddenly started staying on during standby... and a lot of times when I try to reboot I get two Long beeeps and it just shuts off completely. These two things started together, I can't figure it out. I tried checking all the power...
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    Help with optical sound output

    I have an asus A8N-e board and just bought Sony simulated 5.1 headphones. They require the optical digital input from the computer soundcard, and they then do their best to reproduce DTS, pro logic, or PL II. My problem is that the digital output isnt putting out LOL. I ran the asus program...
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    Mouse Freezing every 30 seconds

    I have a strange problem, pissing me off especially when I try to play BF2142. My mouse randomly freezes, sometimes every 5 minutes, sometimes 5 times a minute. Also it freezes for 2 minutes sometimes, and for 2 seconds other times..... WTF!! I plugged in a standard PS2 mouse and that one...
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    X800 Pro Vivo Mod Help needed

    I just installed a "refurbished" X800 pro vivo card. It's 256 MB PCI-E version. I've tried just about every possible thing I could find on this and other forums to unlock the 4 extra pipes. The atiflash program said the card was now a 4A50 version, but after rebooting into windows It says its a...