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    Need suggestion for best way to convert 5.25 bay to more HDD bays

    I bought seven 5TB HDD, finally going to replace all my 2TB internal and all my 4TB external drives. And hopefully plan to RAID6 them. Going to buy one more 5tb drive. Then two drives will be for redundancy leaving me with a full 6x5tb drives, or 30TB, to use. Presently I have almost 20TB used...
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    How can I connect a home web server directly into the main internet hub? [closed]

    I tried googling but due to lack of knowledge of key terms all I come up with is web hosting companies which is the opposite of what I want. I don't want to get home business internet or go through the ISP at all. I want to have servers at my home office and bypass everyone and get directly to...
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    What is your preferred raid configuration?

    Do you prefer raid 5 or 6, or perhaps 0?
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    Need help with connecting external pc to used for raid storage

    Basically I want to set up raid in a separate pc to be used only for the hard drives. But I don't know how I would best connect this raid setup into my computer. Do I use a NIC card to gigabit over multiple channels? Or perhaps a really long sata III cable? I don't want to connect it over the...
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    Possible to run a gaming server on part of a dedicated server?

    I currently run a dedicated web server (in a data center) and was wondering if I could easily set up an online multiplayer gaming server on part of it while using the rest as a web server like it has currently. I have CentOS and cPanel/WHM on there at the moment and do not want to change that...
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    Looking for a reliable hardware-based RAID 5 enclosure under $200

    I don't care about speed. I do care about redundancy. I also care about convenience. I know RAID5 is not a replacement for backups. However, it is better than nothing. When you have 20+ TB of data that is growing every day, having a complete duplicate of all this gets really expensive. I was...
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    How can I install a VPS within a Dedicated server

    I want to use part of a dedicated server that I own to install a VPS. However, when I try to google it all I get are thousands of results about buying a dedicated server or vps, neither of which I want to do. Any advice?
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    Are we at pretty much the max needed for high end graphics cards in 2013/2014?

    I have 2x 7950 I got last year, and even just one of them plays any game (ANY game!) on ultra with maximum settings at 1080p. I can't really see anyone even needing to get a new graphics card, because in addition to overpowered graphics cards (for the high end), graphics themselves have pretty...
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    Should I update to latest CCC?

    I have two Sapphire 7950s and in the past it gave me issues when I updated. My current CCC is the 3/28/2013 update. The current one is the 12/18/2013 update. http://sites.amd.com/us/game/downloads/Pages/radeon_win7-64.aspx Should I update?
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    How to double internet speed on same PC?

    I don't understand why no one seems smart enough to understand this BASIC CONCEPT. Gosh. If two pcs on same network can simultanously get 50mbps for a total of 100mbps then besides putting two pcs in one box which WOULD IN FACT GIVE 100mbps total, all I'm asking about is how to do it on the...
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    How to double internet speed on same PC?

    Ok so I have two PCs next to each other. Both get 50 Mbps download speed at the same time. I look at both and both reach 50 Mbps for a combined total of 100 Mbps at the same time. Now, how do I get 100 Mbps download speed on just one PC using two networking cards? Anyone who says "it's not...
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    Which storage medium is better for gaming - BluRay or flash?

    Do you think by PS5 time disc-based data will be deprecated, and when you buy a game you'll be buying a small flash card (kind of like SD card or something similar, maybe something proprietary)?
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    Looking for link of Sapphire 7950 3GB

    A link with a price only. SPECIFICALLY this one (NOT ANY OTHER ONES): NOTE: NOT AVAILABLE ON NEWEGG. (newegg link to this one, no price available: SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7950 3GB 384-bit GDDR5 PCI Expr...) http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0070APVQ6/?tag=tec06d-20
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    GTX Titan vs 7950 3GB x2 CROSSFIRE?

    Which is better? Price: GTX Titan: $1,000 HD 7950: $465 each (Link)
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    The next gen of gaming consoles - PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U - Which would you choose?

    I don't care whether you're a PS3 fanboy, Xbox fanboy, or Wii fanboy, or no fanboy at all. State your honest opinion, if you had to choose one, which console would you choose this year? (Note: If you only play on PC, then chose which one you would choose IF you were going to buy a console. :))...
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    HD 7990 vs 2x HD 7970 or HD 7950?

    Which has better performance?
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    What graphics cards will be out by PS4 release date on December 31, 2013?

    The new PS4, which will ship preorders on December 31, 2013 (for $399), is expected to have graphics equivalent of the HD 7970 7850. (PS4 preorders are on Amazon, only available direct from Sony: http://t.co/Q1h0uXR0mC) I am curious as to how the PS4's graphics will compare to desktop...
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    Water 2.0 Cooler by Thermaltake - any good?

    Just wondering about the water 2.0 cooler by thermaltake and if it's any good or if you suggest something else.
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    Windows 7 Lover's Club: For Those Who Like Windows 7 As Opposed To Windows 8

    Description: For anyone who likes Windows 7 as opposed to Windows 8 and wants to keep Windows 7 and not upgrade to Windows 8. Also for anyone who does not hate Windows 8 but refuses to upgrade because Windows 7 is perfect. Requirements: Be human. Male or female will suffice...
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    Windows 8 Haters Club. For anyone who hates Windows 8.

    Description: For anyone who hates Windows 8. A single post here is all that's needed to become a member. Also for anyone who does not hate Windows 8 but refuses to upgrade because Windows 7 is perfect. Requirements: Be human. Male or female will suffice. Hate Windows 8. To...
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    What is your idea of the state of technology speeds/capacity in 3 years?

    Three years is a short time in life. But for technology, it is several lifetimes. Just three years ago, 1TB was the top-end of the storage world, DDR2 did not exist, original SATA was the fastest, and graphics were like 10x slower (not a solid figure). Feel free to share your ideas about where...
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    Is SATA IV 12GB/s on the horizon? Or is this merely a dream?

    Just curious about the current state of technology.
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    Annoying refresh when typing post, erases what you typed

    Page refreshes while you are typing a post (not creating a thread), and it says something like "here's the new version" when you're in the middle of typing, and erases everything you wrote. This is really annoying and on long posts will sometimes do this several times, keeps erasing what you...
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    What are all the amazing advanced things you can do in the world with insane graphics

    The following are a given: Gaming Rendering/3D modeling BOINC/Folding Data mining/Bitcoin mining Quantitative research Finding Pi to the asdjfhlaskdfh-illionth number So what else?
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    What socket should you get if you're building a PC today?

    3 months ago, 1155 was the socket to get unless you wanted the new 6 or 8 core intel processor in which case you get the 2011. Has this changed? I already built my PC, so I won't be building another. I was just wondering.