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    3770k Temps / Voltage

    My system: Asus Maximus V Formulai7 CPU: 3370k Samsung Pro 128 ssd Memory: Trident 16gb (8x2) ddr3 2400 Water Cooling: XSPC Kit D5 Vario, RX360 Rad, 1/2" tubing, XSPC fan 2000rpm. 1000w psu EVGA GTX 780 SC And now I use AI Suite II to overclock (level-up) the CPU @ 4.6, ROG CPUZ...
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    Automotive Paint - Help.!

    I have a HAF 932 Advance (blue led) is black inside and outside, I have a Dupont Chromabase (urethane) paint & clear. But I don't have idea how to prepare to paint. Sanding? What grit? Adhesion promoter? Primer? I need to sand to the bare metal? Thanks for any help. . .
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    Mod - Riveting

    What is the rivet size for a HAF 932. I know 1/8" , but how long the rivet?
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    3770K & Radiator.

    I'm thinking in a XSPC W/C KIT. Ok, how much radiator I need for a CPU only loop.??? (4.5hz max OC). For a economical/ effective kit from XSPC. My pc inventory parts: I7 3770k Asus-Maximus V EVGA SC GTX 780 16gb trident 2400hz 128gb Samsung 840 PRO HAF 932 OCZ 1000W PS (full...
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    Haf 932

    Help! I need size of the rivets of the CM HAF 932. Mnpc have but are expensive vs amazon. Thanks!! Peace.
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    Coolant, Aditive

    I need recomendation for: Coolants Aditives Dyes And where to buy . . . Thanks!!!
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    Newbie on water cooling. Help!

    I'm searching for a water cooling kit and I find this: XSPC Raystorm*AX360*Universal CPU Water Cooling Kit*w/ D5 Variant Pump. Any opinion or experience with this kit?? Is a good option? Is a Good water pump? Rad? Cpu block? I need feedback or opinions about this kit. Thanks!!! . .
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    Fans & Rads

    I'm new in watercooling arena, when you use a push/pull fans config. where and how you connect the 4 or 6 fans?? Any adapter or special device? . .
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    I take time to read the labels, the "Thermaltake UV Sensitive High Performance Coolant" has the same ingredients as "Prestone 50/50 premix" Ingredients: Water Propylene Glycol Ethylene diamine tetra acetate And have the anti-corrosion properties too. With the difference of ~ pigments...
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    Cpu cooling (?)

    System: i7 3770k+Asus Maximus V for.+16gb 2400hgz+EVGA gtx 780+OCZ 1000w Gold cer.+ HAF 932 For cooling system: XSPC Raystorm 750 RX240 Extreme is better for me than Corsair H100i.???- What options I have?? Thanks in advance for any help, Peace!
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    overclock Asus Maximus V Formula

    overclock Asus Maximus V Formula + i7 3770k + memory 2400ghz. + Cosair H100i What overclock speed I can achive with this setup?? What are my posibilities??