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  1. FireFox


    It happened twice, just when playing COD Cold War. any idea what could be the issue? I haven't tried to solve the issue yet, i did a few researches on google and most of the answers are related to HDMI conflict. found this: I may be wrong but the problem may be solved. I think it was a...
  2. FireFox

    Watercooling Question.

    Short question. Is it ok/safe to clean/flush Radiators with Vinegar?
  3. FireFox

    Does this makes any sense?

    Hello everyone. I am planning to build a Custom loop and for it i will use 2 x 360 Rads front ( Corsair Obsidian 1000D ) so my plan is this: Tubing Config: out Rad 2----->in Pump+Res----->out Pump+Res----->in GPU block----->out GPU block----->in Rad 1----->out Rad 1----->in CPU block----->out...
  4. FireFox

    MASSIVE Nvidia RTX Stock Coming - GPU Shortages Ending

    It couldn't be worse
  5. FireFox

    BSOD - Driver are outdated?

    Hello everyone. I am pretty curious about a driver date/version, seems like way outdated, that is why i would like to know if anyone with a 970 Evo plus could confirm my doubts. Thanks.
  6. FireFox

    COD Cold War crashing

    Hello Everyone. is anyone having this issue?
  7. FireFox

    GPU Heating the Side panel

    Hi everyone. Last night for some reason i touched the side panel ( Tempered Glass ) of my Computer's case and i noticed that right in the area where the GPU ( Evga 1080 FTW ) is it was warm, till a few days ago i was using a 1080ti FTW3 which i assume it was heating the side panel too but i...
  8. FireFox

    Corsair Commander Pro.

    Hello everyone. To make this short, last week i ordered a Corsair Obsidian 1000D which come with an integrated Corsair Commander Pro to which i can plug 6 fans, the case is pretty big and i can installed up to 13 fans i was thinking to use 6 fan splitters with the Commander Pro so i can plug 12...
  9. FireFox

    Aio for 10700K

    To make it short, could someone recommend me a good Aio to cool the 10700K? Thanks in advance.
  10. FireFox

    Lian Li pc-o11wgx - side fans conf.

    Hi all. So i ordered a Lian Li pc-o11wgx for a new Build which has the fan configuration - top, bottom side and rear, i am kinda lost because this is the first time i own a case with side fans conf, first of all i know this case has been designed for Watercooling but for now i am not building...
  11. FireFox

    The same old Fan setup Question

    Sup Guys like every human being sometimes i have doubts too.:) My Fan setup = Negative pressure My doubts/question are: 1- The fans in the bottom chamber could they affect in any way the Negative pressure? 2 - What could happen if i set the front intake Fans at 1900RPM and the top/rear...
  12. FireFox

    1080 Ti FTW3 Voltage question.

    Sup Guys. Not going into much details just a quick question, How safe is to run a 1080 Ti with 1.20V? Thanks in advance.
  13. FireFox

    Temperatures reading Sensor vs Software

    Sup people. I have a curiosity my Motherboard ( Rog Maximus XI Extreme has a small display ( kinda of sensor ) which can be set to show CPU temps/Voltage/Clock speed/fan speed and other things, i have noticed that the temp shown on Realtemp/ Afterburner or any other software doesn't match with...
  14. FireFox

    Browsers using max bandwidth when downloading

    Hi TPU fellows I don't remember exactly since when but for sure over a year there is an issue with my internet/Windows or whatever it is which i have always ignored maybe because i was too lazy to open a Thread or maybe because it doesn't/didn't really bothers me, anyway here is the thing, when...
  15. FireFox

    Reservoir question.

    Hi everyone Merry Christmas I have a question For a long time i have been using this type of Reservoir: after installed i filled it up to the top In my last build i decided to use a Cilynder Reservoir: my question is: is it ok to run the new Resorvoir 50% full like shown in the pic...
  16. FireFox

    How to clean Brushed Aluminum Case

    Sup Guys. I have a Case which it's very sensitive to fingerprints i am even afraid to touch it because everytime i do it my fingerprints are everywhere. Any idea/suggestion/advice how to clean it? Thanks
  17. FireFox

    How much it's worth a 1080ti FTW

    Have a quick question. How much it's worth a 1080ti FTW3 bought on 20.06.2017 and and it still has guarantee till 20.06.2020. Note: i would appreciate if the prices posted are in Euro. Thanks
  18. FireFox

    Would you Buy RGB Fans?

    Hi people. As the title says, would you buy RGB Fans for your PC? I am Rebuilding my PC RGB fans are nice but for me it's like if i had a second Christmas tree at home, i am undecided whether to buy it or not. I will be very grateful for any advice/suggestion
  19. FireFox

    Asus Owners Club

    Sup TPU Fellows If you are an owner of any Asus Hardware this is the right place to post it. Let's begin the fun Asus Rog Maximus X Hero and Asus Rog Maximus X Extreme Asus Prime Z270-P Asus ROG Swift PG278Q
  20. FireFox

    Acrylic or PETG Tubing?

    Hi people. I am Rebuilding my PC and this time for the Watercooling Loop i want to use Hard Tubing instead soft, i saw that there is Acrylic and PETG Tubing, could someone tell me which one would be better and what is the difference between those? Are these the tools I need? Thanks is...
  21. FireFox

    G.Skill Ripjaws V 3600MHz or Trident Z 3866MHz?

    Sup everyone. Quick question, which one would be the best choice between these Ram? G.Skill Ripjaws V 3600MHz Trident Z 3866MHz Thanks in Advance
  22. FireFox

    Samsung 850 Evo going Crazy?

    Sup Guys. As the title says my Samsung 850 Evo is going crazy. First of all, yesterday i bought a Samsung 970 Evo Sequential Read up to 3,400 and Sequential Write up to 1,500 it reads a little higher than that, i guess because it is new. 970 Evo The second is the 960 Evo which i bought...
  23. FireFox

    What is this?

    Today i was bored and so i decided to disassemble my Graphic card, after i opened it what i found was shocking, before someone ask me if the card was overheating the answer is no, the card has always worked without issues.
  24. FireFox

    OCCT not working

    Sup People. I have been using OCCT for a while but a few months ago i tried to run it but it didn't work, i tried different Versions but all of them failed giving me always the same error: I have thought that maybe it could be something wrong with the Overclock so i set the Machine at...