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    Crossfire without CCC?

    Is there a way to enable CrossfireX without Catalyst Control Center(CCC)?
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    Crossfire newbie with questions (yes I searched)

    So I just installed a second 5870. I'd like to say everything went ok, but I had to remove a sound card and use some L head sata cables lol. My blu ray drive is disconnected until I can get another L head cable ANYWAYS. I have crossfireX enabled, but when I try to do things within CCC, like...
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    5870 in Crossfire on a P5W DH Deluxe - I've got questions please.

    I have an older motherboard and I was contemplating two 5870's in crossfire with it. My concerns are whether crossfireX is supported (like is it different than crossfire?) and also, will running two 5870's in pci-e 8x negate the performance increase that one would see in 16x? Also on a...
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    I need to vent. $430 for a 5870 16 months ago, now 6870 is $160!???

    Do you guys think I'm being stupid, or would you agree the price difference between yesteryear's card and today's supposed top notch cards are vast, and therefor very frustrating? I need some fellow nerd input. I spoke with newegg and all they gave me was $15 bucks towards my next video card...
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    Mouse click turns computer on!

    Wireless mouse turns on computer when you click the button. Is this a bug or something I've accidentally turned on in the bios? I have a P5w dh deluxe from Asus, and whenever I pickup my wireless mouse and click on it, the computer will boot up lol Did I wire something wrong? Does this...
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    Upgrade advice (video card, or new system?)

    Right now I'm working with an E6600 at 3.4GHz on an Asus P5W DH Deluxe running 3GB of RAM on Windows XP, with an 8800GT. Should I just upgrade the video card or do I need to start looking at upgrading my guts? Can I get by a few more years with the games coming out? Specifically, I'm...
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    Crysis Warhead blank / black screen bug

    When I load the first level of Crysis Warhead I get a blank screen ( a full black screen ). The monitor isn't turning off, and when I alt tab (when the game is at 1024x768) the game goes to window mode, and behind it I can see my desktop. In other words, only the crysis screen turns black...
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    Long screws for motherboard to hold fans over northbridge?

    Has anyone done what this person has done here > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yq6XDhfbpTg ? Basically, it looks like they've used long screws with some nuts to hold two 80mm fans over their northbridge. This looks like exactly what I want to do, so can anyone give me any info on this? Has...
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    8800gt + 175.19 = corruption...

    Ok, so I've tried twice to install the 175.19 drivers, but each time the new drivers will make my digital monitor turn on and off with weird lines going accross the screen, while the analog monitor is fuzzy with random artifacts. What drivers should I use? Has anyone else had this issue...
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    HD4850 + Thermaltake DuOrb (CL-G0102)

    So I'm gonna go ahead and get a couple hd4850's, but rather than have the surface of the sun as a gpu, I really want to keep them cool. I read that any cooler that fits the hd3870's will also fit the 4850 & 4870, so I landed on the CL-G0102 as a realistic aftermarket cooling option. They're...
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    ASUS P5W DH DELUXE too old for HD4850 crossfire?

    Ok, so back in the day (Like 2 years ago) I bought an asus p5w dh deluxe and an x1950 xt with hopes of running crossfire. It didn’t take long for my sapphire x1950xt to die and I got fed up and decided to get an 8800GTS. A little later I gave the gts to my brother and I've been running an...
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    Evga 8800 Gts Memory Speed Locked! Will Not Change From 792!

    Evga 8800 Gts Memory Speed Locked! Will Not Change From 792! <~ FOUND A FIX Ok, for a while there I thought I was runnin 621/900 but it turns out rivatuner is showing me that my memory is running at 792 no matter what I do. I've reset my drivers, uninstall all overclocking programs and...
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    [FS] 1.5GB DDR2 Ram $100

    Selling four sticks of DDR2. (2x256MB) and (2x512MB) 512 set is DDR2 400 from crucial.com 256 set is DDR2 400 from samsung Email me at FlyingEvan@aol.com or PM me for more info.
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    Voltage control on an X1800GTO

    Currently I'm at 700/700 with my x1800GTO. I'm able to run 1.45v by editing the bios with rabit 2.1... In ATITool there are no options to control memory voltage... Could memory voltage control be added in the next beta release?
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    transitioning away from dell

    I'm so sick to death of dell. I bought a dimension 4700 2 years ago and ever since then it has proven to be a waiste of money... My question is simple: I have an Intel 3GHz HT single core 32bit processor, LGA 775... Can I temporarily use this processor on a new 975x chipset motherboard...
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    X1800GTO Thread

    Unlocked all 16 pipes and able to run 700/700 24/7... Has anyone else successfully unlocked and if so, what brand of card, and whats the max overclock? Also, has anyone figured out a way to control memory voltages?
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    8 pipes or 16?!?

    I downloaded the latest stable version of ATITool, and although the clocks didn't come up, when I went to settings to look at the card info it said I only had 8 pipes enabled! After using the latest beta, it says I have 16 pipes enabled? I'm using an X1800GTO.. So which is it? 8 or 16?
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    X1800 Temperatures...

    Just thought I'd setup a post to compair temperatures... Damn these things run hot! X1800GTO VF1-Plus VGA cooler 1.45V, 700/700, 16p idle load ------------------------------- core 43 63 Vreg...
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    Weird 3dMark Scores...

    I overclocked my X1800GTO to 700/700 after unlocking it to 16 pipes... My scores in 3dmark05 and 06 don't reflect what they should though... I have a DELL Dimension 4700: Intel 3GHz w HTT, 500wPSU, 2GB ram, X1800GTO, SoundBlaster X-Fi... I'm pretty positive that these scores are...
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    X1800GTO Memory Voltage Control

    No matter what I do I can't get memory voltage to work or even be an option on ATITool. I have flashed an XL bios to it, which gave me the options to set voltages, but apon further inspection the voltages never really changed. I used overclocker and that didn't do anything either. I even...
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    Tighter memory timings for X1800 cards

    I have heard a few people mention they get better performance by modifying the memory timings on their X1800 cards. I was wondering how this was done so I made this post to discuss this.... If you have any information to add about memory timings please do so, thanks.
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    Theater 550pro bios

    Stupid atiflash tried to flash the bios in my TV tuner card. The card is a powercolor 550 pro pci-e x1. Does anyone have this bios or know where I can get a backup? With the card in the slot I now get an error at startup saying "Alert! Error Initializing PCI Express Slot 1"
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    X1800 support 1650x1050?

    I can't figure out if I should buy this 20.1 inch widescreen monitor. It would be a perfect fit on my desk BUT I need to figure out if my X1800GTO will support it's native display of 1650x1050. I can't seem to find any info on what my card can support and when I check what resolutions are...
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    X1800gto(16p) 675/700, but no mem volt control!

    Ok, if any of you have read about the x1800gto being able to unlock then you will know that generaly the easiest way is to flash a sapphire x1800xl bios to it and unlock the pipes. When I use an XL Bios though, my core voltage won't change but I can change the mem voltage fine... with my...