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  1. FireFox

    1080ti stucked 139mhz and 405mhz

    I see you are missing some post Here
  2. FireFox

    1080ti stucked 139mhz and 405mhz

  3. FireFox

    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

    Kinda funny. Your ping decreased and my download speed increased :laugh: today Cold War started downloading an update and i noticed more speed:confused: check my previous post.
  4. FireFox

    Is it possible to repair the motherboard?

    Willkommen im Forum. Dies ist ein englisches Forum, trotzdem wir können dir helfen aber du solltest deine fragen auf englisch übersetzen
  5. FireFox

    Your PC ATM

    Before. After Still need to shorten the tube from the GPU to Rad and seal off properly the empty fittings in the Distro plate.
  6. FireFox

    leaving powerstrip on all the time, is it safe?

    I have 3 which have been on for the past 4 years, never turned it off.
  7. FireFox

    Your PC ATM

    So you're saying that the AIO is performing as good as the Watercooling Loop?
  8. FireFox

    Your PC ATM

    What i meant is that i liked better when the system was Watercooled ;) Sorry me no understand good English :laugh:
  9. FireFox

    Your PC ATM

    I prefer performance.
  10. FireFox

    Precision X1 Bricked my 3070

    Nope, it tells you when there is an update available, then it is up to you if click on it to update or not
  11. FireFox

    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    Bykski B-TFC-CS-X Digital Flow Meter OLED Display - Black Filling Bottle 500Ml
  12. FireFox

    How to make Windows 10 look like Windows Vista (sorta)

    Tbh i never used/tested Vista, i don't even know how it looks like.
  13. FireFox

    Watercooling Question.

    Thanks @MentalAcetylide and @thesmokingman for the info. I definitely missed the POM part.
  14. FireFox

    Building a modern system.

    Then use Google ( Bar-search ) type reviews about the products/hardware you want to have info, also don't underestimate TPU's users, many of them have good knowledge about Building PCs.
  15. FireFox

    Building a modern system.

    Then you can ask to a Mod to close the thread. Shame, lot of good advices but you don't want to listen :oops:
  16. FireFox

    Watercooling Question.

    I want to buy something like this:https://www.bykski.com/page133?product_id=4735&brd=1 Reading in the manufacturer's Website it says that it's made of paraformaldehyde, sorry for my ignorance but what's that material, and could it be mixed with Copper?
  17. FireFox

    The REAL Reason McDonalds Ice Cream Machines Are Always Broken

    You missed KFC :laugh: At the age of 20 i worked at McDonalds for a year and never saw a machine broken.
  18. FireFox

    3080s on ebay

    It's not the same but it depends, i bought my 3080 from a private seller, the GPU was brand new ( not opened ) and i got it with the original Invoice/receipt, that said i have full warranty in case something happens. Of course because i am not that fool i bought it from ( Ebay kleinanzeigen )...
  19. FireFox

    My new i7-11700K

    Then i have been wrong my whole life thinking that a good bin would be a CPU that clocks high with less voltage as possible. :cry:
  20. FireFox

    My new i7-11700K

    Is it worth the 1.40V?
  21. FireFox

    Watercooling Question.

    Me either, i dont know why this time i was so paranoid about. Indeed, now it is time to stop worrying. I shouldn't worry even about that because in case my pump fails/die the system will shutdown itself when temp goes above 75c
  22. FireFox

    Watercooling Question.

    I have it running at 2700Rpm, some people runs it at full speed because they are inaudible, maybe i am mistaken but my theory about running a pump at full speed is that the water will move too fast that wont have enough time to remove the heat and be cooled, and if running the pump at low rpm...
  23. FireFox

    Nvidia recommends Windows users to remove the latest patches

    So far no issues for me. I always give some time before i decide to install a windows update, first i need to make sure it didn't mess up someone else PC :D
  24. FireFox

    Watercooling Question.

    What speed is your pump running at?