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    Motherboard Problem

    Its a 17 Inch Monitor. The Brand is Gateway... I actually tested the Monitor in my other Computer and it works great :).
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    Motherboard Problem

    Here are the Specs Motherboard Model D945GTP Pentium 4 Processor (3.2 GHz) 2 GB RAM a TV Tuner card Modem 1 HD DVD-RW Let me know if you need anything else. *Another thing is, it used to be a fully featured computer. What I did is moved all the parts to a new Case. Before moving into the...
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    Motherboard Problem

    Ok I recently built my own PC and have a problem. The problem is that when I turn it on, the Fan and the green light in the motherboard are working. But it doesn't display anything in the monitor. So I therefore can't get into the BIOS or anything like that. I tested the motherboard and it is...
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    How to build a computer

    Its a very nice article. I did everything as you've said and motherboard and hardwares are compatible with each other. But the only problem I am having is that nothing is appearing in the screen? The Fan is spinning and I can see the green light in the motherboard but nothing is appearing in...