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  1. Ketxxx

    How To: Curb excessive VRM temps under full GPU load on Sapphire Vapor-X 7950s

    Given the atrocious VRM cooling on the Sapphire Vapor-X cards I figured I would put together a how-to on how you can bring the VRMs under control. The process requires patience and a moderate amount of skill but not anything terribly difficult. A understanding of thermodynamics would also be...
  2. Ketxxx

    Why the hell is the news section dominated by different manufacturers GTX760s?

    As title says really.. I mean for christ sake on a page with 25 topics 12 of them are all GTX760 "news" articles. :banghead: I'm looking at the main culprit right now, btarunr :shadedshu At least consolidate that into ONE appropriately named thread to make space for news articles of real...
  3. Ketxxx

    HD5830 1GB: Decided to finally mess around with a old toy (results inside)

    As title says, after having this GPU kicking about for.. uhh.. almost 3 years and it just sitting in a box I decided to sit down and see just how far it could OC. The Journey.. Firstly, I grabbed a much newer vBIOS for the card than it had on it, original was 12.20.01, vBIOS I went with is...
  4. Ketxxx

    Skyrim mods - Recommend your favourites!

    As title says guys, theres no denying once you have applied some mods to Skyrim it becomes a gorgeous game to look at and fun to play (unlike vanilla). So if you have a favourite / essential Skyrim mod (who doesn't) then tell everybody about it here! Providing a download link would be nice too...
  5. Ketxxx

    Post your Unigine Valley standardised benchmark results

    This is a more streamlined version of the other Unigine Valley thread, by which I mean settings far more commonly used and therefor much easier for comparisons. Heres the only settings you'll need to use; - All CCC settings left at default - Valley settings: API: DX11 Quality: Ultra S3D...
  6. Ketxxx

    [UK] Well cheap GTX 260 216 cores

    £115 inc. VAT from SCAN! Comes with Terminator Salvation too.
  7. Ketxxx

    Do I dare re-open pandoras box?

    Should I start playing Oblivion again? All tricked out with a mass of cool mods.. your thoughts people for and against letting myself be addicted to Oblivion again!
  8. Ketxxx

    Got the urge to play house of the dead 3 on pc

    But, I need to know something first.. can I use my lightgun I got for my PSX/PS2 with my flatscreen? (yep I have a USB>PS adapter) I'm guessing the answer is "no", but as there isn't exactly any info out there.. just wondering if anyone tried it already.
  9. Ketxxx

    Catalyst 9.6 & Windows 7 discussion

    A simple idea to help W7 adopters muddle through. How are people with the latest 9.6 drivers finding them with W7? I'm DLing them now in hopes of my mysterious BSODs whenever I enable CF being fixed.
  10. Ketxxx

    Dead Space.. with cursor keys!

    Alright, so a lot of people probably already know about the horrendous controls in the PC version of Dead Space.. their simply abysmal, and leave it to EA to be fucking cunts and not release a simple little patch that lets the user map any keybinding they want to a specific action. So here is my...
  11. Ketxxx

    [WTB] [UK] Decent intel C2D or C2Q

    Simple story, I'm fed up with my E7200.. it has not given me what I wanted. Now looking for a decent C2D or C2Q, something that can do 500+FSB for a C2D or something that can do 450+FSB for a C2Q. 65nm is fine on the C2Q but it must be able to clock 3.6GHz without crazy volts, for C2D 45nm is a...
  12. Ketxxx

    Mass Effect crashing on W7

    Title says it all really.. Mass Effect crashes on Windows 7. Heres what I've done so far; Installed the game manually (not using the auto installer, individually extracting the archives) Copied the disk to HDD Patched the game to 1.01 Tried all compatibility modes from XP SP2 to Vista SP2 Set...
  13. Ketxxx

    Maxtor DM10 firmware

    Ok.. after much googling and very little luck perhaps someone still has the tools kicking about. I want to update the firmware on my Maxtor DM10 drive as the formware on it is old.. and crap. Pretty sure various HDD features are screwed in the firmware on my drive as well, so given how "famous"...
  14. Ketxxx

    Lets talk about: Sound.

    With the recent invasion of chav-like people in the forums killing braincells all over the place with their "innits" and "mas", this is my attempt at rejuvinating intelligent thought to some degree. I also decided to make this thread as discussions on speakers, soundcards, equalizer settings...
  15. Ketxxx

    The "old folks" club - no relation to the old farts club!

    The name is similar.. but thats where the similarities end! With so many members theres naturally lots of newcomers, so this club is for the "old folks" of TPU where we can get nostalgic over age old threads here at TPU and hardware "long forgotten", as well as just generally being somewhere for...
  16. Ketxxx

    Windows7 build 7068 onward support thread

    We don't have one.. so now we do. Title is pretty self explanatory anyone having Windows7 woes can post their problems here and hopefully combined we can solve them, Naturally, its VERY important to state what build of W7 your using! Likewise anyone who has handy tips and tricks to share can do...
  17. Ketxxx

    Windows 7 5.1 sound issues

    This is proper weird, maybe someone can enlighten me. I decided to try W7 now itsdeveloped a tad, problem is I can't get sound working right. Sound plays out of the Left/Right speakers, but not from any of the other speakers. I've made sure the speakers aren't muted, selected 5.1, tried the MS...
  18. Ketxxx

    STALKER SoC Realism mod v1.5

    Yes its that time again people. I have done extensive research on how Global Illumination, clipping, and photons interact with eachother in STALKER to deliver THE ULTIMATE visual experience. This is much improved over any other GI implementations in previous Realism mods. Comparisons: Realism...
  19. Ketxxx

    X-Fi functionality on any Realtek HDA Codec

    This thread has come about due to the old one being fucked up by trolls. So a notice to all trolls, you WILL BE KILLED ON-SITE! Right, to business. This new thread in this very post will contain all current information, observations, facts, and user experiences about this modded driver I have...
  20. Ketxxx

    No more spending! for now... :S

    Alright, I'm done spending for now. I gone a bit nuts lately.. but we all know what its like when we just HAVE to itch that spending urge :D I just went and bought another Asus Xonar DX for £61.43, and the rather gorgeous 4Gb Transcend aXeRam for £61.66 as well. Not much just these few bits...
  21. Ketxxx

    LG 22" Flatron W2242S review

    As theres bugger all info on this monitor about the net I figured I would jot down some details for folks. Image Quality: Out of the box its pretty poor. However playing around with the settings will net you a reasonable return, it still won't be fantastic, but it will be a little better...
  22. Ketxxx

    BenQ or LG TFT?

    Probably ordering one of these today, just wondering if anyone owns or can find some good info on these 2 TFTs: BenQ G2220HDA 21.5" 1920x1080 300cd/m2 40000:1 (dynamic) 5ms 16:9 LG W2242S 22" TFT Monitor 1680x1050 8000:1 300cd/m2 5ms I'm leaning toward the BenQ right now.
  23. Ketxxx

    Logitech LX8 laser wireless mouse

    Does anyone know of any decent reviews for this mouse? I can't find anywhere what DPI it is and how accurate it is. It seems very similar to the G5.. but some full specs for it would be good. Even the Logitech site doesn't tell me what DPI and Hz it operates at :wtf:
  24. Ketxxx

    Gah... I can't decide.

    Stock XFX cooler slightly modded or VF900? For some reason I have the urge to move back to the stock cooler.. now I have a good heatsink on the VRMs something tells me it would equate to great cooling really.. still sucks about the thermal pads for the memory, but you can't have it all I guess...
  25. Ketxxx

    Athlon X2s memory speed dump.

    There ya go dude, took a while to do with me messing around with other things.