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  1. aCid888*

    OCZ to leave DRAM market.

    Source. Lets hope RMA's aren't affected for a while.
  2. aCid888*

    [WTB] [UK Only]i3/i5 + P55 + DDR3

    I'm looking for a nice board, some good DDR3 and either an i3 or i5 if the price is right. This thread will be given until Sunday; if nothing comes from it by then I shall be ordering from some random e-tailer. ;) Perfect HEAT under aCid888*. Thanks. :toast:
  3. aCid888*

    [WTB] [UK/US] Socket 775 Quad.

    It's all in the title; shoot me a PM with what you have and we can talk. :) Perfect HEAT under aCid888*. Thanks for looking. :toast: Edit: I am buying from a UK location but don't mind shipping items over the pond.....just to clear things up. :laugh:
  4. aCid888*

    [WTB] [UK] DDR2 - 2x1GB - 800MHz+

    Title says it all. Link to my HEAT (Perfect): aCid888* Shoot me a PM if you have what I'm looking for. :toast:
  5. aCid888*

    [WTB] [UK Only] AGP card - £15 or under.

    Looking for an AGP (no PCI-e) card for £15 or under posted in the UK. There is no rush for a card so you English TPU! guys have plenty of time to get your offers sent. :toast: :laugh: Link to my HEAT (Perfect): aCid888* Thanks for looking. :)
  6. aCid888*

    [WTB] [World Wide] Lian Li XB01 (XBOX360 Case)

    Looking to buy a Lian Li XB01 for a friend but cant find one, help me out TPU! :toast: Link to the product on Amazon: HERE Link to my HEAT (Perfect): aCid888* Shoot me a PM if you have what I'm looking for. :toast:
  7. aCid888*

    [WTB] [UK] Low-end PCI-e GFX + Soundcard

    UK only. I'm looking for a low-end PCI-e graphics card, ideally under £30 posted. Also, a nice sound card....something under £20 and that says Sound Blaster maybe? All transactions done via bank transfer to avoid Pay Pal's messy fees. :nutkick: Perfect HEAT under aCid888*...
  8. aCid888*

    3DMark 11 "Deep Sea" Tech Demo.

    Here it is guys: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z50J7JHms_I&feature=autofb Take a look. :toast:
  9. aCid888*

    [FS/FT] aCid888*'s Official FS/WTB Thread

    :toast: Welcome to my FS/WTB Thread. :toast: Things I Want To Sell: Things I Want To Buy: Rules: Sales are final unless item turns up DOA, I also accept offers as no price is set in stone so PM to make a deal. Shipping: I am located in Canada and will be...
  10. aCid888*

    [WTB] Gigabyte UD3P

    I need this board for a project, I have a P5Q Pro I could trade or some cash via PayPal if desired. Shipping to Canada is NOT expensive, contrary to popular belief or misconception. A picture of the board: HEAT is perfect under aCid888* Thanks for looking. :toast:
  11. aCid888*

    [WTB] 2x2GB DDR2

    Looking for some good sticks at a nice price....I'm sure someone has sticks laying around seeing as everyone is going i7/DDR3 these days. :) Shipping to Montreal (Canada) and HEAT is under aCid888* Thanks. :toast:
  12. aCid888*

    [FF] I'd like to...

    ..say thanks to whoever deleted my thread while I was taking pictures of some items. No warning either?? Shocking that some get away with it and others dont. :mad:
  13. aCid888*

    Help - No image at POST (2 PC's)

    First, sorry for the vague topic description, but, I have no idea what to call this issue. To save from a long story; my two rigs in SysSpecs have been in their respective boxes for almost 4 months....I unboxed them the other day and had a really strange issue, both wouldn't display video...
  14. aCid888*

    [WTB] aCid888*'s Offical WTB Thread

    CLOSED, thanks for looking. :)
  15. aCid888*

    D9GCT, any good?

    I came across some Micron sticks in a Packard Bell I was fixing for a client and upon further inspection they are D9GCT IC's so I asked him if I could exchange them for some faster Samsung modules and he didn't have an issue with that. So, now I find myself in possession of some sticks I have...
  16. aCid888*

    [WTB] Koolance / EK 4870 Full Cover Block

    As the title says, I'm in need of one or the other. :) PM me with what you have. Thanks.
  17. aCid888*

    This Is For All The People Who...

    ...Say Overclocking Is Useless Or Don't See The Point. I've put together a few pictures and this short "review" to try and show you what overclocking is all about if your new to it or don't full understand what it is/means to "OC' something. :toast: I'll try and keep it simple but I...
  18. aCid888*

    HTPC Advice Needed :)

    I was thinking of putting together a HTPC so I can watch Movies and play the odd game (CoD4 mainly) and general tasks like browsing and so on. I have a budget of $600 Canadian and I'm only looking at DirectCanada for my parts to avoid Quebec provincial tax and the air shipping from there is...
  19. aCid888*

    New Build Advice From The Pro's @ TPU!

    So as the topic suggests, I will need another system when I go back to Canada soon (as me and the other half cant share 1!). The system will be used for gaming only as we are both avid gamers :) I will be in Montreal and have a budget of around $1100, the local stores are pretty expensive so...
  20. aCid888*

    9800GTX Max OC?

    Hello, I bought a eVGA 9800GTX yesterday for $199.99 (shockingly) from Futurshop in Canada as a step up from my 8800GT that had bad mem and needs to be RMAed (XFX are slow) and was wondering what the max OC with STOCK COOLING anyone had managed to get out of this thing, as the stock cooler seems...