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  1. J-Man

    9400GT for 75$

    The good is obviously you'll get better performance then your current card and the bad... well not really one.
  2. J-Man

    I have decided on a second 4870 x2.

    ^^ I'll be getting benchs on Youtube when I get it. I'll need another waterblock, more tubing and more water.
  3. J-Man

    I have decided on a second 4870 x2.

    Since Steam games are mainly heavy on the CPU more then the GPU, probably no better.
  4. J-Man

    Best 1920x1200 monitor?

    He does now.
  5. J-Man

    Best 1920x1200 monitor?

    I'd look into a better GPU first.
  6. J-Man

    I got Killzone 2 2day!

    It'll get old quick.
  7. J-Man

    Help! Installing crossfireX!

    Not necessary really.
  8. J-Man

    I have decided on a second 4870 x2.

    Loads of people have a 24" and 2 4870 x2. Won't my quad cope with 2 4870 x2 and Q9550?
  9. J-Man

    Help! Installing crossfireX!

    I dunno why people bother with all these cleaners to remove unnecessary files of the GPU in safe mode... etc. I just uninstall then bang in a second card then re install drivers or whatever. I never bother with all these cleaners crap. Too much hassle.
  10. J-Man

    I have decided on a second 4870 x2.

    One problem though... I got to water cool that too. I'm not sure if my quad radiator will be ok with dual 4870 x2's and Q9550 at 4GHz. Does it also depend on what fans are on the radiator too? I am thinking about buying 4 blue LED fans by AC Ryan that push 77cfm. My current fans push 63cfm.
  11. J-Man

    Is this too hot for stock?

    Don't use Everest, use RealTemp. I bet it will report your temperatures lower. In Everest, my cores are 50c idle which is definitely incorrect 'cause in RealTemp and CoreTemp, I'm 38-40C idle.
  12. J-Man

    TPU's Core i7 Overclocking and Feedback

    Does the Core i7's have a max multiplier? like the max for my CPU is 8.5.
  13. J-Man

    My First Build

    I don't see the need in a monitor bigger then a 24". I have a 24" and I don't think I'd get a bigger one since a 24" is big enough since you sit close to a monitor. A 22" or 24" would be fine.
  14. J-Man

    4850x2 + 4850?

    :laugh: i got my 800mhz sticks to 950mhz with 0.2 voltage bump.
  15. J-Man

    No need for more than 4GB ram.

    i agree. it's like core i7 owners... most or almost everyone get 6gb and that's fine for core i7 owners.
  16. J-Man

    Lost Planet - $4.99 on Steam

    the game sucked so ill pass. if the new shellshock went down to £3.49 then id buy :D
  17. J-Man

    4870 > GTX285 : do or don't?

    Can't you clock your CPU more? 3.4?
  18. J-Man

    Watercooling advice

    Thermochill PA 120.2 or 120.3
  19. J-Man

    First Windows Install on New Build - A Blue Day

    I think he has to manually install the update to enable 2GB RAM or more. I had to manually install then put the last 2GB stick in.
  20. J-Man

    I just got a Razer DeathAdder.

    One problem I dislike with Razer mice... take a guess.
  21. J-Man

    Puzzled on what board to get for Core i7 920 and 6GB OCZ Gold 1600MHz RAM.

    ^^ yeah. I've decided on the EVGA x58. Chicken Patty said it's a great overclocker and he's happy with it. It has nice features in the BIOS he said too.
  22. J-Man

    Zotac X58

    Plain looking is the trouble. Lol.
  23. J-Man

    TPU's Core i7 Overclocking and Feedback

    Can you shut up? I'm asking Patty a question. Your name isn't mentioned in my message. :respect: Thanks, Patty :). I'm gonna go for the EVGA then, cheers again.
  24. J-Man

    First Windows Install on New Build - A Blue Day

    irql not less or equal?
  25. J-Man

    TPU's Core i7 Overclocking and Feedback

    Chicken, the EVGA look nice? Clock nicely? If so, I may get the EVGA board along with 920 and 6GB 1866MHz RAM.