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  1. marcthpro

    Philips Rolls Out the 288P6LJEB 28-inch UHD Monitor

    Exactly People never get it 1MS GTG - doesn't take the factor of Input lag that is having allot to do with TN VS IPS and Refresh rate - a monitor at 60HZ and 4MS GTG would likely give 18.7MS Input lag - a 144HZ & 1MS GTG - something like 6.7MS Or 8MS Regardless im sure something like a 18-20MS...
  2. marcthpro

    Prolimatech Megahalems Rev. B Red and Blue Launched

    I have a Havik 140 Stock Fan and my 2500K @ 4.5Ghz 1.356V never exceed 55C inside a HAF 932 Stock fan cooled Id imagine temp if i changed all fan of my case and my heatsink for higher rpm fan but i have a friend who have a Outdated cooler's he get 63C 1.267V 4.5Ghz i5 2500K@ he want to change...
  3. marcthpro

    Scythe Announces SlipStream 140XT Fan Series

    you think i didn't know ? i was being Sarcastic ;) it writen . CFM instead of DbA :P The SM1425XT12H
  4. marcthpro

    Scythe Announces SlipStream 140XT Fan Series

    I donno wut with the SM1425XTH12H BUT 36.4CFM noise output CFM is much better then dBA :D Look Promising ! ;)
  5. marcthpro

    Razer Announces Updated DeathAdder Gaming Mouse

    Razer Deathadder so they want to make a new verison of it ? but charge +30$ Then Currently Sold Previous model in lot of shop ? the Black Edition's with the higher DPI but there something essential they should have done while doing so add 2 tiny button for DPI Switch Like On Mamba or...
  6. marcthpro

    ASUS Debuts the VivoBook X202 Touch Notebook

    599.99$USD for a i3 Ivy with HD4000 and 500GB HDD 4GB DDR3 . when asus got a laptop for like 459.99$ i5 3210M with GMA 4000 and 4GB DDR3 15.6 inch to think they charge for the touch-screen price like if they said oh since it touch-screen it must cost 200$ extra and shrink it size by 4 inch...
  7. marcthpro

    First Titles Get Steam's Greenlight

    No Edge of SPACE ? damn it .. well maybe next year lol
  8. marcthpro

    TIM is Behind Ivy Bridge Temperatures After All

    Well this mean buyer will have to change the Thermal paste i hope some guide soon tell the buyer how to do it safely :P 4.6Ghz at 1.2V for +20$ then Sandy look Tempting for new buyer
  9. marcthpro

    BioWare Announces Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut

    Tough he left bioware lol the writer but yeah that a nice idea a steak in a dungeon and WRITE FASTER WRITE LOL
  10. marcthpro

    Next-Gen Xbox Features Blu-ray, Will Not Play Used Games

    No used game ?! What about Rental game ? What if you can't rent a game for 7 Day for 6$ and tell if you like it or not ? just buy and hope you ain't getting a Failure like Duke nukem forever or Game that as no replay value What made console Great is when ur done playing a game you owned for a...
  11. marcthpro

    Are The Days Of DRM Numbered?

    I agree with you on that matter tough when i was very young i used to Pirate all my game it was free and every friend did it : now most of my friend but there game so do i tough lot still do it : I buy them specially if there online Feature that worth it so you get a Valid Cd-key = online...
  12. marcthpro

    Are The Days Of DRM Numbered?

    I buy all my games that worth really it : expect elder Scroll Oblivion for PC because i already own the Xbox 360 Retail Version Since it release with 2/4 of it DLC. didn't want to pay the big price again rather buy something else like Fallout 3 + DLC which i didn't own but lately they try to...
  13. marcthpro

    Are The Days Of DRM Numbered?

    still didnt' stop them to make thousand of sales on pc market it perhap even sold more then on console via steam but that uncertain they still have plenty of money Fallout new vegas Use Steamwork but yet can be Cracked Easily / Fallout 3 & GotY Which ad GFWL which everyone hate could be crack...
  14. marcthpro

    AMD Radeon Gets Battlefield 3 Ready, Too

    i don't know if it give any performances to my ATI HD4870x2 : I feel now i should have bough GTX 460 SLI back there at least Driver are supported and they are from the same year tired of those 35-40FPS with a massive drop below 20FPS when im getting shoot at sometime And I think the Server...
  15. marcthpro

    Thermaltake Announces New Toughpower Silver Series 80 Plus Silver Compliant PSUs

    and that supposed to impress us ? there @40C ? needless to remember how The Thermaltake Troughpower TR2 (HEC PLATFORM) 750W Is a Failure Priced as high as 70-100$ ? it don't pass @50C Test Without problem and doesn't even provide Rated energy ? while usually like 7-9 others competitors ...
  16. marcthpro

    AMD Catalyst 11.1a Hotfix Update Driver Leaked

    so you're saying basically any ati driver released from 3-4 month of now don't do performances boost at all for ATI 4xxx / 5xxx ? that be weird cause i'm sure i gained few fps from ATI CCC 10.10 from 10.8 for Starcraft 2 and i use a ATI HD4870x2 lol even tough driver are long gone to upgrade...
  17. marcthpro

    Prolimatech Readies Super Mega CPU Cooler

    The cooler can hold 120 mm and 140 mm fans on either sides, and supports all latest CPU sockets, including LGA1366, LGA1156, and LGA775. Prolimatech did not give out a price.
  18. marcthpro

    Patriot Shows off So Called Fastest System on The Planet

    Lol it only usefull for Game Devloper if it would worth 30k the pc to a Game studio who as 1 Billion $ it would be sure sound fun : aside of that who gonna buy that ?
  19. marcthpro

    ASUS Plans Optional SATA 6 Gbps Addon Cards

    sad that sata III = will never be on HDD but only SSD sad that sata III = will never be on HDD but only SSD : i think HDD can still get a few improvement but HRD will defeat HDD but HRD aren't know at all when they release but they said it would be cheaper cost then SSD By Twice and have from...