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  1. gdallsk

    3DMark Timespy is out!

    Post your benchies!
  2. gdallsk

    R9 290 Dilemma

    I'm getting a card tomorrow, but since there are soooo many options on the market I wanted to ask which one would be the best one in your opinion. The website I'm getting it on is going to be overclockers.co.uk, and tbh the small price difference between these different cards makes the choice...
  3. gdallsk

    [WTB][EU] Roccat Kave for spare parts

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a preferably broken Roccat Kave headset for spare parts. I do not want to buy a new one, it would be too expensive for my needs, just wanna fix my old one, cause I kinda grew loving it too much. Looking for offers from UK, preferably, but may accept them from another...
  4. gdallsk

    Need help in making my overclock more stable

    Hello guys, As I promised before that I will be more active on these forums, so here I am :). I need help in stabilizing my Q6600 overclock, as it is painful to see that awful voltage of 1.58 in the bios being as 1.53 and not even being enough to hold 3.5 GHZ stable. So yeah guys, if you need...
  5. gdallsk

    flashing bios question

    Hi guys, so um ive just flashed a bios for my old and trusty HD 5870, the flash was a success the default clock are the same that I wanted to see, but for some reason the current clock are the same that were before. What might be the problem? Here's the GPU-Z screenshot: