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  1. 20mmrain

    [FS] 2 x GTX 980Ti

    Sold! - Thanks for the interest. My Heatware 44+ 0-
  2. 20mmrain

    [FS] 2 x GTX 980 ti

    Sold! My heatware
  3. 20mmrain

    [FS] *Sold*

    For sale: 2ND hand GTX 980 (reference w/added NVidia reference backplate) *Price* Sold - Thanks for looking and the help guys.
  4. 20mmrain

    Will Intel release a Skylake i3 or Pentium With Overclocking abilities?

    I was wondering has anyone heard of Intel releasing a Skylake i3 or Pentium with the ability to Overclock? I know Intel released the Haswell 20th anniversary edition of the Pentium and that CPU had the ability to overclock. Will Intel be doing the same with Skylake? I've looked around the...
  5. 20mmrain

    Comfortably PC gaming from the couch suggestions.

    Well guys I would like to hear some good suggestions for comfortably PC gaming from the couch. I have searched this forum and others and I can't believe that in 2014 there is still not a good way of doing this. So please whether your suggestion is an Xbox controller, flat portable table top...
  6. 20mmrain

    Bitfenix Prodigy

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Intel i7 4770k - EVGA GTX 780ti SC - Asus Maximus VI Impact (ITX) - Corsair Dominator Platinum 2666Mhz 8Gb - Bitfenix Prodigy Black w/ Red Custom Bezel - Samsung EVO 120 GB SSD - Samsung EVO 500 GB SSD - Corsair AX760 - Red Individually...
  7. 20mmrain

    [FS] Big Sale, i7 3930K, R9 280x, and More

    Alright guys just built a new system. Time to off my old parts. My Rules: Shipping Lower 48 States only Accepts only Paypal and Buyer must be verified All Sales Final (However if warranty applies I will help with whatever I can.) Buyer Must have Heatware account and all Positive reviews.(Please...
  8. 20mmrain

    Determine the value of current parts and comment on news ones.

    I am considering Building a new system. It will be my first ITX gaming rig. But before I do this I would have to sell off a few of my current parts. Can you please help me determine the value of some of my parts before selling them. I am trying to figure out fair market value. i7 3930K ($350...
  9. 20mmrain

    i7 3930K 4.5Ghz Voltage Questions?

    Hey Guys got some questions on my new setup.... First off Specs... i7 3930K Asus X79 Pro G.skill 1866 Mhz 16Ghz XFX 1020 Watt Pro EVGA GTX Titan 2x Intel 80GB SSD RAID 0 2x Western Digital 500GB I am overclocked @ x45 Multi Vcore Offset - 0.015 = Max Load Vcore 1.35 DRAM Voltage = 1.50 VCSSA...
  10. 20mmrain

    [FS] Need Money - Everything Must Go!

    3 x GTX 680s and More - Everything Must Go! everything sold for right now thanks for the offers
  11. 20mmrain

    Computer Part Appraisal

    Just like the title says.... I need a Computer Part appraisal. I have not been able to find many newer For Sale posts searching on Google. So I want to make sure I am thinking the correct thoughts *This is not a for sale thread* i7 3770K + Intel Insurance: 2 x EVGA GTX 680 (Vanilla) with EK...
  12. 20mmrain

    AMD HD8000 series delayed until Q4 2013?

    Take this with a grain of salt..... but Videocardz.com Speculates that the HD8000 series may not release until Q4 2013 possibly Q1 2014. Again take it with a grain of salt but here is the article for a read and discussion. HD8000 series possibly delayed until Q4 2013 I personally don't...
  13. 20mmrain

    Appraisal on some video cards?

    First off this is not a For Sale thread (Per TPU rules) I will not be making any deals here in my post. (Sorry in advance to any admins if this causes a problem) I am looking for an appraisal on some video cards I have. I am a trust worthy seller and have sold here before but I have been out of...
  14. 20mmrain

    Gaming on two monitors GTX 260 How to?

    So my friend owns a GTX 260 by XFX. He also owns two 24 inch monitors of the exact same make and model. My question is for you guys is..... how do you set up his configuration for gaming on two monitors. We have accomplished extending his desktop but we can not get it to translate to his...
  15. 20mmrain

    [Case Gallery] Testing out the UV before the New Case

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: i7 3770k G.Skill Sniper 8GB @ 1866Mhz Gigabyte Z77 G.1 Sniper 3 3 Way GTX 680 SLI XFX Pro Modular 1050 Watt PSU Intel X25-M 80GB SSD 2 x Western Digital Black Caviar 500GB Raid 0 LG Lite Scribe CD/DVD NZXT Switch 810 Case XSPC Raystorm CPU...
  16. 20mmrain

    Advice on my new Aesthetics's buy.....

    So Below you will find a picture of my system currently..... Current Setup: The Blue and white is left over from my old build. As you can see my new motherboard and Build is green. So I have decided to update the lighting and other aesthetics to improve the look with my new hardware. I...
  17. 20mmrain

    Phase Change Questions?

    So I have been doing a lot of thinking (and minor research) of possibly building a PC with a Phase Changer. This PC would not only be used to preform High overclocking. But also some prolonged PC use (Not 24/7 use but up to 4 -6 hours at a time). But there are a phew concerns I have before...
  18. 20mmrain

    3 way SLI water cooling question?

    Alright I just picked up a 3rd GTX 680. I want to throw it in my water cooling loop. My questions are.... Right now I am using 1x360mm rad and 1x 240mm rad. Will this be enough surface area? If not would an extra 140mm rad mounted on the back be enough extra? Second question.... Right now my...
  19. 20mmrain

    TPU's GTX 600 Owners Club!

    **TPU's GTX 600 Series Owners Club** *Note Decided to open to all GTX 600 Series Cards. The Idea came from getting tired of looking through a bunch of different threads here to find out information about the "GTX 600" Series. I have also seen the suggestion given a few times times by other...
  20. 20mmrain

    GTX 690 Up for sale at New Egg .... Huge Price!!!

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130781 For 1199.00 They can keep it. But for those who want it....hurry I am sure it will go quick
  21. 20mmrain

    Nvidia GTX680 Wallpaper "Just an Observation"

    So this thread will for sure not become a sticky.... But I was looking at the Wallpaper Nvidia made for their new GTX 680's and I noticed something a little out of the ordinary. Upon further examination the card shown is powered by 1 + 8 Pin 1 + 6 Pin power connection. The GTX 680 as we all...
  22. 20mmrain

    Power supply extension hooked up directly to power supply???

    Just a question to see if it would be possible. I know that Full modular power supplies have custom connections connecting direct to the power supply so hooking up an extension right the store direct to the power supply would be impossible. But if you were to switch the custom connection from...