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  1. LifeOnMars

    Turkey Leftovers - Various Game Keys Giveaway

    Merry Xmas guys and gals, I hope you all had a good one and are safe in this crazy world. Over the past few years I have accumulated a few duplicate game keys that I wish to share with you good folks. I have no idea if they have come with an expiry period so apologies if you request one and...
  2. LifeOnMars

    Help needed - cheapest GFX card for good performance @ 1024x768? :)

    Because of financial crap I'm going to be slumming it for the next few months on a crappy system. I'm selling my 1080p monitor and I have already sold my HD 7850. I'm therefore currently reduced to an old 1024x768 monitor :laugh: and my system is - Phenom II X4 @ 3.5Ghz 4GB DDR2 800 400W...
  3. LifeOnMars

    BFBC2 - weird fps drop when changing weapons

    I thought I would try out bad company 2 on my new HD 7850. I'm currently running quite a bottlenecked system (Phenom II x4 @3.2Ghz, 4GB DDR2) BF3 runs really well on Ultra with 4xMSAA@1080p with no weird issues at all (surprisingly smooth) Bad company 2 runs really well also apart from...
  4. LifeOnMars

    Best software for logging every bit of IO activity on specific drives?

    I'd like to see precisely what is being read and written on my hard drives over a certain time period and wanted to know if there is any software I can have running in the background which can log everything to be looked at later? So what do you recommend guys?
  5. LifeOnMars

    How would you setup the page file on this system?

    Phenom II x4 B50 @3.2Ghz M4A785D-M PRO HD 7850 2GB 4 GB DDR2 Win 7 Home Premium x64 3x HDD All 7,200rpm WD 640 GB Black 64MB - The Fastest WD 500 GB Caviar Blue 16MB - 2nd Fastest Seagate 400GB 16MB - (OLD and so so slow :laugh:) It's a crappy temporary system...
  6. LifeOnMars

    HD 7850 2Gb with 4gb System Ram?

    My mate currently runs this system - phenom x4@3.2 4 gb ddr2 hd 5770 1gb 1600x900 he has just got a 1080p monitor and wants to get an hd 7850 2gb but is unsure how it will run with his current 4gb ram. I've had no experience with this so im turning to you guys for a bit of advice on his...
  7. LifeOnMars

    Erratic CPU Usage With Some Source Games - Need Help :)

    Believe it or not I have never played through the Half-Life series of games before, I have tried them but never sat down and properly played through the series. I recently updated my rig from a Phenom II/HD 5770 to an i5 2500K/GTX 560Ti 1 GB. Importantly, the same RAM/PSU and HDD's have been...
  8. LifeOnMars

    [FS] (UK ONLY) Various Items

    RULES Bank Transfer Only Im Not Looking For Any Trades Thank You UK Only Prices Include Postage Within The UK MY HEATWARE _______________________________________________________________________
  9. LifeOnMars

    Crysis 1 - Hitches/pauses vs Warhead -Smooth as silk

    As the titles states I'm getting pauses/hitching in certain areas and random times with Crysis 1 but I can play Crysis Warhead smooth as silk. FYI, game setttings - Both at 1680x1050 Crysis DX10 64bit All Very High 16AF (via NV CP) 4xAA in game VSYNC OFF Crysis Warhead DX10...
  10. LifeOnMars

    Does your HDD cause any stuttering in games?

    The majority of my games run fine but I do have tiny half second stutters in a few different titles. Namely - BATTLEFIELD 3 - Single Player Campaign - Savepoints STALKER - SOC = At various points (AI engine as I understand it) MOST UNREAL ENGINE GAMES - Alice-Madness Returns...
  11. LifeOnMars

    Advice on 720p TVs ?

    Only looking to get a smallish 32"-40" TV for our sitting room which will be primarily used for TV/Films but also occasional gaming. I'm really out of the loop and a bit confused as most seem to state "50hz refresh". How does that affect fluidity of PC games with vsync on? My PC will be...
  12. LifeOnMars

    GTA IV - "Can't sign in because you have exceeded the usage...." HELP needed :)

    GTA IV Steam Version So I recently reinstalled which I do quite regular, went to install GTA IV on Steam this morning and at the GFWL signing in stage it's telling me - "Can't sign in because you have exceeded the usage allowed by your product key" I take it's an activation limit thing...
  13. LifeOnMars

    [FS] [UK Only] Asus Xonar DG, 2 x 2GB Kingston Hyper X and some PC games

    Hi, I'm looking for quick sales hence the great prices. (Phenom II B55 BE Unlocked Quad added 08/12/11) RULES Bank Transfer Only Im not looking for any trades UK Only Prices Include postage for the UK No offers please, these are great prices!! MY HEATWARE...
  14. LifeOnMars

    [FS] [Uk] Aliens vs Predator 2010, Oblivion GOTY & Tomb Raider Underworld £5 Posted

    Hi, I'm looking for a quick sale here hence the great price. Oblivion GOTY and Tomb Raider Underworld are both the fully boxed disc versions. Aliens vs Predator is a digital download coupon I recieved with a graphics card. RULES Bank Transfer Only Im not looking for any trades UK...
  15. LifeOnMars

    [FS] [UK Only] 2 x 2Gb Kingston Hyper X RAM 1600MHz 9-9-9-27

    Hi, I'm looking for a quick sale here hence the great price. It's decent RAM and timings/speed can be played with if you want to push it although it performs perfectly fine at stock settings. RULES Bank Transfer Only Im not looking for any trades UK Only Prices Include postage for...
  16. LifeOnMars

    FIFA 12 Clubhouse

    Members Club Chairman - LifeOnMars Position - CAM (Oh god I look a bit like Wayne "Shrek" Rooney :) ) Useful links For Getting Started FIFA 12 Forum PC Discussion EA Sports Football - This keeps track of your online stats and allows you to view your uploaded media such...
  17. LifeOnMars

    [FS] [UK] Corsair Force 3 SSD // XFX Single Slot HD 5770

    Hello Ladies & Gents, Both items have now been sold. RULES Bank Transfer Only I'm not looking for any trades UK Only Prices Include postage for the UK No offers please, these are great prices!! MY HEATWARE Corsair Force 3 60GB SSD £70 SOLD- KIEX Atto...
  18. LifeOnMars

    Help!! Frameskipping in Kane & Lynch 1 & Hitman: Blood Money

    Bought these two as part of the Steam bundle today. Hitman 1 & 2, Kane & Lynch 2 all play fine with no issues. Kane & Lynch 1 and Hitman:Blood Money however display really bad stuttering/frameskipping regardless of the in game settings/resolution/vsync on or off/d3doverrider. :banghead...
  19. LifeOnMars

    [WTB] [UK Only] HD 5750 1GB or HD 5770 1GB....Cheaper the better :)

    Fancy trying out a little crossfire config in my system so ideally I'm looking for an HD 5770 1GB, however, an HD 5750 1GB would be fine. UK Only Condition has to be reasonably good and I don't want any majorly loud cards. Existing warranty would be an added bonus. Let me know...
  20. LifeOnMars

    Borderlands GOTY - couple of graphics problems, help needed please :)

    Just bought Borderlands GOTY off Steam. Game is running on max settings with MLAA and is very smooth but I seem to have a couple of graphical abnormalities happening and wondered if anyone could help find a solution. First off, this occurs when I use the machine gun at the start (not with...
  21. LifeOnMars

    WD 640GB Black - Performance Issues.....Is it dying?

    I first purchased the drive back in November 2010 and I have had problems with stuttering in a select few games since that time. Unreal engine games, most open world games and generally the games that actually have to access the HDD a reasonable amount whilst in the game. Games that load the...
  22. LifeOnMars

    Shift Window - A tool to play games windowed at your native res, without borders.

    Note - This only works if you're playing at the full resolution of your monitor. I started looking for a tool like this when I had problems a while ago playing Mafia 2 fullscreen. It basically jumped and jerked.....stuttering all over the place (Even though I had an i5 2500k and HD 5870 at...
  23. LifeOnMars

    Would a CX 500 power 2x HD 5770 in Crossfire?

    Take a look at my system specs and let me know what you think with the possibility of having 2 x HD 5770 in crossfire on the CX 500. It has 2xPCI-E 8 pin cables and I'm unsure whether it could take the load. Cheers guys.
  24. LifeOnMars

    [FS] [UK] Sandybridge 2500k bundle// Gigabyte HD 5870// Antec TruePower 650W Modular PSU

    Hello Ladies & Gents, I'm downgrading due to losing my job recently and being officially skint I'm looking to keep some form of rig but also free up a bit of cash. I've been meaning to put these parts up here for a week or so now but I've been ill so haven't had the energy or the...
  25. LifeOnMars

    Help needed with Unreal Engine games stuttering on my rig

    It seems that on my rig I have a stuttering issue with some Unreal engine based games. Some of them just seem to stream really badly whereas others are flawless, it's really hit and miss. Most notably and recently the problem games have been "Bulletstorm & Alice: Madness Returns". Here's a...