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  1. AnarchoPrimitiv

    Sabrent Preparing 64 TB PCIe 4.0 RocketQ Battleship SSD

    I have a Highpoint 3.0x16 4xm.2 RAID card SSD7103 with four HP EX950 2TB NVMe SSDs as the top storage tier in my home server/NAS, never had a problem with the card, they make good products
  2. AnarchoPrimitiv

    PowerColor Radeon RX 6700 XT HellHound Spectral White Launched

    I'd love this for my white build... Maybe I'll be able to get one in a year or two
  3. AnarchoPrimitiv

    AMD Reports First Quarter 2021 Financial Results

    Regardless of Intel's actions or lack there of, what AMD has managed to do while not only competing, but besting Intel who has an R&D budget 685% greater (2020 figures) is amazing, and perhaps one of the most impressive feats in the entirity of the x86 industry. Let's not forget that AMD is not...
  4. AnarchoPrimitiv

    Apple Updates M1 Mac Mini with 10 GbE Upgrade Option

    10GBase-T is better for most users, especially those who have a home 10gig network like myself. You cannot run DACs through your walls, dealing with fiber is a hassle compared to CAT6a, CAT6a is cheap, and you don't need to buy expensive transceivers, plus you can use all your 1gig devices...
  5. AnarchoPrimitiv

    TerraMaster Introduces Redesigned F8-422 8-Bay NAS with 10GbE Networking

    I came here to argue with anyone who thinks SFP+ is a better 10GbE port, haha j/k
  6. AnarchoPrimitiv

    Raijintek Intros Antila D5 EVO RBW-15 Pump+Reservoir

    I generally like Raijintek, especially they're specialty watercooling cases like the Enyo, which I've always wanted to build an overkill watercooling build in if I had money to throw away, and I'm even thinking about switching my PC-O11 Dynamic to their Paean open frame ATX case, but this...
  7. AnarchoPrimitiv

    GPU Memory Latency Tested on AMD's RDNA 2 and NVIDIA's Ampere Architecture

    Does it perform better across the board in every game? What GPUs are you comparing out of curiosity?
  8. AnarchoPrimitiv

    Rumor: AMD Ryzen 7000 (Raphael) to Introduce Integrated GPU in Full Processor Lineup

    Yeah, I would love a powerhouse APU, something with say at least 8GB of HBM2, 8-12 CPU cores, and at least the power of 40 RDNA2 CUs....I wouldn't care if it required a socket the size of threadripper either....the most epic m-ITX builds could be made with an APU like that. But apparently...
  9. AnarchoPrimitiv

    Intel Xe-HPG DG2 GPU Engineering Sample Pictured

    It's funny, maybe two years ago I remember moore's law is dead said "I don't want to be a leaks channel", but slowly over time that's what it has morphed into... Still enjoy his analysis more than most though Well, in 2020 Intel's R&D budgetary expenditure was $13.56 Billion, Nvidia's was $3.92...
  10. AnarchoPrimitiv

    AMD and Xilinx Stockholders Overwhelmingly Approve AMD's Acquisition of Xilinx

    Do you think this could come in the form of integrating FPGAs into SoCs and CPUs?
  11. AnarchoPrimitiv

    Intel Announces 10 nm Third Gen Xeon Scalable Processors "Ice Lake"

    Actually, high frequencies have made there way back into the server market due to expensive per core licensing for software
  12. AnarchoPrimitiv

    The Latest BIOS of GIGABYTE B560 Motherboards Boosts i9 11900K CPU to All-cores 5.1 GHz

    Actually, no it won't, because Alder Lake it going up against Zen4 which will be on 5nm and leaks from highly reputable sources that have been consistently correct, such as Mooreslawisdead. have already reported that the early engineering samples that have markedly lower clocks than finished...
  13. AnarchoPrimitiv

    Building a Keyboard: Epomaker GK68XS, Akko Keycaps, Gateron Switches

    Wish they had showed some of the underneath lighting, isn't that the whole point of a translucent case? That layout is absolutely perfect for me, I love a small layout so long as it still has the arrow keys for my spreadsheets, anying 65% to TKL is my sweetspot
  14. AnarchoPrimitiv

    Razer Commits to a Greener, More Sustainable Future for All to Game In

    The greenest thing to do would be to perhaps produce less.... Do we really need a new model of everything every year? Or twice a year in Intel's case? Producing less and consuming less is something that can be done right now, doesn't require any logistical issues and would have by far the most...
  15. AnarchoPrimitiv

    Intel 12th Generation Alder Lake Platform Reportedly Brings 20% Single-Threaded Performance Uplift

    Why will that be a one up? Zdn4 will have both PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 and leaks have already put the core to core performance uplift of Zen4 vs Zen3 at 29%, so I'm not sure alder lake will be able to best AMD
  16. AnarchoPrimitiv

    EK Launches Active Backplate For Zotac Trinity RTX 3080/3090

    Inside the EK boardroom: "Is there any way we can sell people two waterblocks when they only need one?"
  17. AnarchoPrimitiv

    AMD's Next-Generation Van Gogh APU Shows Up with Quad-Channel DDR5 Memory Support

    If I remember correctly, AMD is also making APUs with Zen3 and RDNA2, though they're called by a different codename. Regardless, Zen2 cores will be more than fine to max out the graphical capabilities of the RDNA2 CUs in these APUs, so I don't know what everyone is whining about... People...
  18. AnarchoPrimitiv

    Marsback M1 Keyboard

    Bummed that the software doesn't allow finer control of the lighting....I want to be able to not only control the speed and brightness of the gradient animation, but I want to be able to define how many "steps"/colors it goes through and what colors those are....it's hard to find a keyboard...
  19. AnarchoPrimitiv

    Intel to Collaborate with Microsoft on DARPA Program

    Ahhh DARPA....paving the way for a technological, totalitarian military /police surveillance state
  20. AnarchoPrimitiv

    XIGMATEK Intros the Aquarius Plus Queen Case

    Visually speaking, I like that feature, that all glass corner is something that improved on the PC-O11 Dynamic in my opinion... I own a PC-O11 D and I think I'd rather have the white version of this one
  21. AnarchoPrimitiv

    GPU Shipments Soar Once More in Q4: Jon Peddie Research

    You're the only one that would read this report that way. They shouldn't include iGPUs in these reports... Did anyone see if they specified whether they include [AMD] APUs in this data out of curiosity?
  22. AnarchoPrimitiv

    Marsback M1, A Fully Customizable RGB Mechanical Keyboard, Hits Kickstarter

    This sort of already exists and has existed for a while from Womier, though a few companies slap their brand on it and they're quite affordable. I bought them from Aliexpress, but you can probably buy them for a 100% price increase on Amazon from someone who thinks they're clever reselling...
  23. AnarchoPrimitiv

    Intel Alder Lake Processor Tested, Big Cores Ramp Up to 3 GHz

    The real question is whether it'll be able to compete with Zen4 which early leaks claim OVER a 25%+ IPC gain (on early engineering samples there are 29% performance increases with the same amount of cores and clocks), increased efficiency due to 5nm process and 5ghz+ frequencies, again, due to...
  24. AnarchoPrimitiv

    Blizzard Entertainment to Resurrect Diablo II in 2021 for PC and Consoles

    Diablo II is the best game ever, and I can't get the original to run in full screen mode no matter what I try (I have to run it windowed), so I'm happy they're doing this, plus it should create a growth in the online community currently playing it which is always nice. My summoning necro can...