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  1. Champ

    Can't use pc

    So, I got a Nintendo switch and kinda neglected my rig. Haven't turned it on in about 2.5 months. Decided to fire it up yesterday and it started but no display to monitor. Wouldn't even wake it. Onboard doesn't work either. Got an A2 code off the board and that is a ide error. Why would that not...
  2. Champ

    Dawn Of War 3

    So is anybody as hyped about this as I am? Seen gameplay for the first time last night. I'm sold. Looks pretty and well developed. I just hope it has sli or cfx support. Looks brutal on the gpu side. Never played the series but always interested in it.
  3. Champ

    Savage resurrection

    So I'm like for a new game to delve into and master, and happen to find this. Anybody played it? Sounds exciting and like a challenge to master.
  4. Champ

    Nano really **** up

    So I was curious George as usual and wanted to try overdrive. Set power limit to max. All good. Set fan speed to max. All good. Set the core or what ever the other setting is to 25%. All good. Got good to me and bumped it up to 50. That's when i realized I ****ed up. Display instantly shutoff...
  5. Champ

    Anybody regret going red?

    So it wasn't until I saw Jayz 2 Cent recent aftermarket 1080 vid, that I realized I made a huge mistake. I need to stop trying to go against the grain and support the underdog. Nvidia is dominating for a reason and I saw it. I regret paying almost 500 for my nano months ago and I'm definitely...
  6. Champ

    Fiji and gpu z

    I'm fooling around with overclocking my nano and I just dled gpuz. I noticed gpuz only reads 1020 for the core no matter how high I set it. I'd there an error with the software? Could be my card but I don't know. The memory shows the proper overclocks thou.
  7. Champ

    Fps not displaying right

    So I have my nano. Game at 1440p, usually max everything and use free sync. I'm using afterburner to clock my card. Has the built-in fps display. This is where the problem arises. Like most free sync monitors, mine bottoms out at 40 fps. The display will say mine's is running at high 30s to low...
  8. Champ

    Things I've noticed since I've redone my rig

    So I got W10 installed and all that good stuff. First thing I've noticed. I'm using 1440p now. Even with high refresh rates and "1 ms" response time, it still doesn't look nearly as good as 4K. Kinda my personal opinion, but a fact in my eyes. Better than 1080p, but not close to 4K. Second, raid...
  9. Champ

    Raid 0 on secondary

    So I've brought new parts and I'm gonna install W10 later. I'm using a ssd as my primary, but have 2 HDDs I want to use in raid 0 for games and general storage. First time doing this. Can anybody post up some quick pointers for this?
  10. Champ

    Freesync and cfx

    Do Freesync and crossfire play together nicely now? I've been outta the loop for a while
  11. Champ

    Best single card setup

    So I'm rethinking my setup. I want the best performance for one ultra card resolution and features wise. I'm debating between the 980 TI and Fury X. I'm looking for the best resolution for each. Debating between g sync and free sync. Nvidia eye candy vs AMDs offering. High hz and all that jazz...
  12. Champ

    Back to 4k gaming

    So after a couple years long break, I want to get my gaming rig back running. I'm gonna upgrade to the fastest ram I can get and I need recommendations on the gpus. I had 2 290s that did well. I want to go green team this time unless amd has something better for the price. My brother tells me...
  13. Champ

    About 120+ Hz gaming

    So when one buys a 120 or 144 hz monitor, does the hardware actually have to be strong enough for the frames to hit a constant 120+? That sounds almost inpossible when they are games that wont hit that a 1080p. Is it anything like the TVs?
  14. Champ

    Galaxy Tab S and internet

    Pardon me for my dumbness coming out, but I just brought a Galaxy Tab s 8.4 and I'm wondering if I can get internet service on it like thru Cricket or Straighttalk? I'd imagine it would have to be brought thru a cellular retailer with special hardware (the cellular radio) for that ability, correct?
  15. Champ

    PC powering self

    So I have a corsair HX850 that I brought from here. Was a new unit from RMA. For the longest, my PC has been powering it self on. I'm usually away for days at a time and it's running when I come home. My mobo has a dehumidify feature that I used to use, but I shut that off. I don't know if...
  16. Champ

    Gaming storage

    So I'm looking to vastly improve my storage capabilities of my rig. I want to use my evo strictly for OS stuff. I don't know how much I should go for. I thought 2 gigs, but that's not much. 4 is idea to me, but this is for gaming and everything else. 6 and 8 sound good to me, but someone here...
  17. Champ

    Looks like cyber criminals got me

    So a few days ago, I ordered something from a vaping site. Vaporrange.com. Well I look at my credit card today and it was maxed out. Already called the card company. I ordered something before from the site with my debit card. I don't understand how whomever got my cc info and decide to use a...
  18. Champ

    PC down and out?

    So as of recently, I've been having a lot of problems out of my pc. Games not working right, video card performance erratic, kb/m working when it wants and the PC randomly turning itself on. I emailed asrock because I thought it was the board. They told me to pull everything out and bare bones...
  19. Champ

    4770k and uber cards

    So I've been thinking I'm gonna get my finances straight and I'm gonna buy to uber cards like 2 of the next titans. Will the 4770k still perform for really really high end cards? I know it's hard to say because we have nothing like that now. Closest I can assume would be sli Titan Zs? I'm OCed...
  20. Champ

    Is this normal for CFx?

    Dumb question and statement really. This is my first time using two cards. I have metro 2033 and Titanfall on the rig now. Installed the components and booted and played. Although I'm at 4k, the performance was really sluggish. With the stories I've heard, I expected better. But then I...
  21. Champ

    Steady steam and origin speeds?

    So I have a 15 mbps Suddenlink line and I using wireless in my apartment. Its usually 1.8 MB/s when using cat, but I've moved my gaming rig into my bedroom and can't do that now. That speed when DLing games fluctuates horribly. I'm using a Netgear N300 wireless usb adapter and I have a Zoom 5352...
  22. Champ

    2 part headphone Q

    First, I'm looking for a good 5.1 or 7.1 headphone with mic. Also, I'm wondering do headphones need dedicated sound cards? I've seen some of the fancy one's in best buy and I believe the usb thing handles the multichannel sound processing? $150 tops my budget.
  23. Champ

    A good 500ish GB SSD?

    I'm looking for a good 500ish GB ssd that isn't named samsung. I feel like you pay for the name. I had one and they are blazing fast, but there must be others that are cheaper and comparable. I saw the PNY in the fs, but I uneasy about the uncertainty of that drive.
  24. Champ

    How much rad?

    So for the time being, I'm gonna run my i7-4770K and crossfire 290s. How much rad do I need to comfortable cool that? All throughout the summer I kept my place at about 73 F. That's the hottest temp I'll be seeing unless my AC breaks. I also wonder how you guys feel about the WC kits that place...
  25. Champ

    Should I stay with 290s?

    So I've really been thinking. I have 2 290s that I haven't yet used and planned to get one more for 4K. Then maxwell dropped and I was gonna sell the 290s for a loss and get 970s. Since I already have these cards and can cheaply buy a third, is it worth it to sell them for 970s? They are...