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  1. silapakorn

    Acer Expands Monitor Lineup with 6 New Predator and Nitro Models

    Last year almost every manufacturer was pushing 16:9 curved monitors but now they realized it's a mistake. Curved belong to ultrawide only.
  2. silapakorn

    Corsair 4000D Airflow

    Glad to see there are still cases for people who prefer mesh front for maximum airflow over solid front panel. My P600s has both options available, and removing the front panel helps reduce temp by around 10 degree Celcius.
  3. silapakorn

    Redragon K530 Draconic Keyboard

    Who's 60% keyboard marketed for really? Person with a really small desk? When I asked a friend they said it's for gamers, but I could only see the lacking of Function keys and numpad could limit the control in many games. Even if these keyboards are sold at incredibly cheap price (which they...
  4. silapakorn

    LG Rolls Out the 32UN650-W 4K UHD Monitor

    This one doesn't pique my interest, but I'm just glad the curve panel fad is over.
  5. silapakorn

    Creative Sound Blaster X3

    'Good PC software driver' I'll have to put a pin on that, seeing how Creative pretty much abandons driver update for SB ZXR, their old flagship soundcard that has issues with Windows10 for years.
  6. silapakorn

    Sound Blaster Z / Zx / ZxR Modded Driver for Windows 10

    Thanks for the help but oddly the problem disappeared the next day without me doing anything. I guess it's because my card is rather old and it might be acting up occasionally. Although I still have no way of dealing with it for good, I have prepared a workaround. Since my speakers have optical...
  7. silapakorn

    Sound Blaster Z / Zx / ZxR Modded Driver for Windows 10

    Scratch that, I turned off my PC and turned it on again few hours later, now the speakers produced hissing sound right from the start (even before entering windows), which is the problem that I have with the card before. When I clicked at SB Z series control panel icon in the tray this window...
  8. silapakorn

    Sound Blaster Z / Zx / ZxR Modded Driver for Windows 10

    You meant the daughter card? No I install just one card. I finally got the driver to install by following the trick mentioned on this thread. https://www.overclock.net/forum/18-sound-cards-computer-audio/1337761-official-creative-sound-blaster-z-zx-zxr-series-club-220.html The soundcard is...
  9. silapakorn

    Sound Blaster Z / Zx / ZxR Modded Driver for Windows 10

    It said "Setup is unable to detect a supported product on your system.", but windows still sees the soundcard in Device Manager. I'm using ZxR by the way.
  10. silapakorn

    Intel Core i7-10700K

    In a few years the gaming performance gap between 10600k and 10700k could grow wider, as more games will fully use 8 cores after the release of new consoles. The gaming tests that we are doing right now are all based on current generation games, most of which are optimized to run on 6-7 years...
  11. silapakorn

    SCUF Prestige Controller (Xbox/PC)

    The D-pad on my 3 years old gen 2 xbox one controller started acting up after the first year. Buttons sometimes need multiple presses for them to register, not the mention the buttons are stiff to start with, comparing to Dual Shock 4's d-pad. This is a nightmare for games that require holding...
  12. silapakorn

    SCUF Prestige Controller (Xbox/PC)

    From this image I can see that they made zero modification to the d-pad, which is the area that xbox one controller needs to improve the most. No thanks Corsair.
  13. silapakorn

    Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed Five Months to September 2020

    Mainly for early access. If you are streamers or youtubers it's a real world benefit. You get a head start in making contents that will attract viewers who are on the fence about buying the game. Secondly is to show support to the developer that you like. I know it sounds cheesy but for people...
  14. silapakorn

    Kojima Productions: Death Stranding is Coming to PC

    I appreciate them telling us early that their game will be on multiple platforms instead of keeping quiet for a year like Rockstar did with RDR2, probably hoping to squeeze sales from console markets as much as possible first.
  15. silapakorn

    Red Dead Redemption 2 to be Epic Games Store Exclusive for a Month

    Wondering how much Epic paid Rockstar for this exclusive deal.
  16. silapakorn

    Gearbox Reveals Minimum, Recommended Specs for Borderlands 3

    I won't be fooled by these humble specs. Borderlands games have always been known for performance issues. My 1080ti drops to 20fps when cranking up Physx to medium or high in BL Pre-Sequel, which is disappointing since many modern FPS games that look way better than BLPS don't have such issue...
  17. silapakorn

    Need for Speed Heat Arrives on November 8th, Burning All Limits

    Speak for yourself. I enjoy story and characters in NFS2015 very much, it's a perfect complement to original Underground where all characters are faceless. NFS is one of very few good arcade racers nowadays when other franchises aim for realistic simulation. I used to like DiRT 1-3 because they...
  18. silapakorn

    PC Beats PS4 as Ubisoft's Most Lucrative Platform

    Every studio that signed exclusive deal with Sony to avoid piracy on PC: Wait, that's illegal.
  19. silapakorn

    Cooler Master Introduces the Silencio S400 & S600 Cases

    It's nice to see some companies still have the love for 5.25" bay.
  20. silapakorn

    MonsterLabo Shows Off "The First" at Computex

    Dat watermarks.
  21. silapakorn

    AMD Ryzen 9 3000 is a 16-core Socket AM4 Beast

    Maybe this time I'll go back to red team after over a decade of being on blue team.
  22. silapakorn

    Tesla Dumps NVIDIA, Designs and Deploys its Own Self-driving AI Chip

    And to think Nvidia named its GPU after them. :laugh:
  23. silapakorn

    AOC Readying New AGON 353-series - 4K HDR 1000 Gaming @ 200 Hz

    They should also make a 32" and non-curved variation. Not everyone's into ultrawide.
  24. silapakorn

    AOC and Porsche Partner in Bringing Two Porsche Design Monitors to Market

    I'm just glad that the era of curved monitor is finally over.
  25. silapakorn

    EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti KINGPIN Out Now

    If someone could pay that much for graphic cards they probably already have custom loop water cooling system in their rig.