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  1. mtosev

    [US] Acer Iconia Tab A200 200USD

    Acer Iconia Tab A200-10g08u Tablet PC - Titanium G... great price for a great tablet
  2. mtosev

    Windows 8 has reached the RTM milestone

    Today, I am excited to announce that Windows 8 has been released to manufacturing (RTM)! This means we’ve completed the product development and testing of the product and have started handing off the final code to our OEM partners. They can now begin preparing new Windows 8 PCs and devices...
  3. mtosev

    Any GTX 690 reviews yet?

    Today is the 3rd of May and still no reviews. I just googled gtx 690 review and I came up short. So where are the gtx 690 reviews????
  4. mtosev

    Asus RT-N10 for 25EUR

    I just saw an ASUS RT-N10 router on a slovenian webshop for 25EUR and i'm pretty sure it's a good price for this type of router.So what do you say YES or NO for 25E
  5. mtosev

    Get Fallout for free on GOG

    http://www.gog.com/gamecard/fallout Have fun you guys:):D:p 48h only:D
  6. mtosev

    Will Kindle Fire be launched outside of the USA?

    So is amazon planning to launch the kindle fire outside of the usa?
  7. mtosev

    When should I upgrade my computer?

    > check out my specs I'm thinking about getting a new computer when windows 8 comes out or a bit later (a few months after win8). So what do you think about the timing? I will have 2000EUR to spend on it, also I will buy a new 24" 16:10 IPS LCD to boot. So what do you think about my timing...
  8. mtosev

    SSD is S.M.A.R.T. data relevant?

    This is my first SSD. Had it for one year and I'm interested if the SMART data is relevant? Anyways how long is the lifetime of a SSD? Every Smart value is at 100%.
  9. mtosev

    Free game at GOG.com

    So if anyone wants Broken Sword for free you can get it here :D http://www.gog.com/en/news/milestone_achieved_free_broken_sword_for_everyone
  10. mtosev

    Amazon Kindle Fire < new tablet

    I'm really excited about this new tablet. For 199USD/~150EUR it looks awesome. I want this tablet hehe:rockout: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0051VVOB2/?tag=tec06d-20 Specifications Developer Amazon.com Generation 1st Release date November 15, 2011 Introductory price $199 USD Operating...
  11. mtosev

    8gb ssd 29usd/22eur

    http://www.dealextreme.com/p/kingfast-kf1801mcs-1-8-sata-ii-mlc-ssd-solid-state-drive-8gb-82567 :D
  12. mtosev

    Need for Speed The Run coming this November

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Need_for_Speed:_The_Run YT
  13. mtosev

    LGA1366 vs LGA1156 CPU bench comparison

    So I was bored and was checking some benchs So what are the reasons that clock to clock I7 870 is faster then an i7 940? http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/46?vs=107 I was expecting that LGA1366 will be faster considering it has tripple channel memory, a higher bandwith that than...
  14. mtosev

    ASUS Rampage III Black Edition... droooool

    The Ultimate X58 Gaming Board, Bundled with an Audio/LAN card, ThunderBolt. Intel® LGA1366 socket for Intel® Core™i7 Processor Extreme Edition / Core™i7 Processor Intel® X58/ ICH10R ROG ThunderBolt LAN/Audio Combo Bluetooth 3.0+HS Support Extreme Engine Digi+ - Powerful...
  15. mtosev

    How often do you change your graphic card?

    So, I change my gfx in about 1,5years. currently running a hd 5970:D
  16. mtosev

    2 free Half Life games for ati users

  17. mtosev

    Something other than Fraps to record video in game?

    so I'm looking for an alternative to fraps which doesn't eat up my frames and is completely FREE
  18. mtosev

    Weird ram latencies

    Let's start: in the BIOS the latencies are set to 6-6-6-16. AIDA64 reports 7-6-6-16 CPU-Z reports 8-6-6-16 after booting into windows the latencies are correct. both cup-z and aida64 report 6-6-6-16.but after some time this happens: without me doing or changing anything
  19. mtosev

    catalyst 10.10 driver issue

    so i installed the newest 10.10 drivers and now i get this error i reinstalled the drivers and the result is the same. :confused::confused:
  20. mtosev

    Can't get my WB200UX6G8 @ DDR3 2000mhz 8-8-8-24

    So i can't get my WB200UX6G8 working @ 2000mhz 8-8-8-24 on my mobo. Asus P6X58D Premium (with latest bios) Super Talent WB200UX6G8 enermax liberty eco ii 720watt hd 5970 If I select the XMP-2000 profile in the bios my pc doesn't boot up anymore. tried setting them manually but i get...
  21. mtosev

    No OCing LGA1155

    http://www.bit-tech.net/news/hardware/2010/07/22/intel-to-limit-sandy-bridge-overclocking/ Information provided by Intel in its own presentations about its upcoming mainstream LGA1155 Sandy Bridge CPUs appears to confirm the company has designed the CPUs to deliberately limit overclocking...
  22. mtosev

    MSE error while updating

    so I get this error when I try to update MSE: OS: Vista 32bit Sp1 any ideas?
  23. mtosev

    Will a 230watt psu be enough for an athlon 64 s754?

    so i'm have some parts at home: Athlon 64 3000+ asrock s754 nf3 mobo Ide HDD riva TNT2 1gb ddr .... my opinion is that a 230watt psu is enough for this. what do you say?
  24. mtosev

    Best free n00b website creator

    so i'm a noob at creating/designing websites and don't know with which app to start. so which unbloated app do you recommend? Thx
  25. mtosev

    Fermi availability pushed back to April 12th

    http://www.fudzilla.com/content/view/18208/1/ lol nvidia, lol