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    New R9 390 No Screen

    A while back I had a HD7950 fail. When it failed I tested in another motherboard with another power supply. Additionally my old 4870 worked fine in my motherboard so I safely thought it was the card. I just received a new R9 390 in the mail today and it is exhibiting the exact same symptoms as...
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    Ageia physx pppu

    I was cleaning out an old tote and came across an old ASUS branded Ageia Physx PPU. I decided to do a quick search before getting rid of it and found that people are still buying them used off ebay. Does anyone know if this thing has any real use anymore? Perhaps OpenCL programming or something...
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    HD7950 Died

    I had a Saphire Radeon 7950 in my machine that was working fine without any hiccups. Then yesterday I power on my machine after shutting down the night before and the card will not show video. First i tested with a different card and the machine completed post and attempted to boot into the...
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    HP HD7950 Original BIOS

    Hi All, I recently acquired a bricked HD7950 (from an HP system) from a friend and I need a BIOS for it as it shows the current BIOS size as 0 when i try to back it up using ATIFlash. I get no video, but i can see the card using atiflash if i have a primary card in. Unfortunately this card...