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    You should add some information regarding the noise/performance ratio. Those fixed numbers for fan speed and noise tell us nothing about how noisy it is in actual use. From what I can see you test everything with fans at 100%... that doesn't paint a realistic picture of how they perform in real...
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    Raijintek Styx

    Raijintek just launched an improved version of the Metis. Maybe they'll do that to with Styx.
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    Raijintek Styx

    Good points made on both the negatives and the positives. I just got this case a few days ago, but it was on a good deal ( it had a bit lower price and a CPU cooler included, although I would have skipped the crappy window). I would add : + it seems that all the panels can be taken apart, they...
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    ASUS Intros GeForce GTX 1060 STRIX with Classic DirectCU II Cooler

    I don't know what took them so long. This cooler proved more than capable on the similar TDP GTX960, and they were already producing it for a while. It's not unnecessarily long(unlike their DCU III triple fan version) and it has the "0dB" feature (unlike their white dual-fan version, from what I...
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    In Win 503

    Can't have it another way, half a plug will not sit in the header. The problem is the single USB 3.0 connector on the front of the case.
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    Corsair Announces the RMx Series Power Supplies

    information taken from the Hexus review
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    Corsair Announces the RMx Series Power Supplies

    RMx are based on the RMi, while missing some features to make it slightly cheaper : - a 135mm rifle-bearing spinner instead of a 140mm fluid-bearing found in the RMi. - Corsair link - fan test button
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    ASUS GTX 980 Ti STRIX Gaming 6 GB

    5 Heatpipes, only 3 make contact with the GPU. That has an effect on cooling. EVGA got a lot of bad mouthing when they released their GTX970 this way. I can't believe that at this point in time ASUS can screw like that a cooler design on a high end card.
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    Seasonic X Series XM2 1050 W

    This PSU is not just noisy, it's incredibly noisy, even for low loads.
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    TP-LINK Introduces World's Smallest Travel Router, Smaller Than a Hockey Puck

    That is not a router. It's just a wireless adapter ( it gives wireless connection to a computer without it).
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    Gigabyte Outs Z97-HD3P Motherboard

    The board is narrower than ATX standard width. Also,there are no markings around the socket, and fewer components there also, which makes it look more barren. Having M2 + SATA express, 6 USB 3.0, 3 video outputs,it does not leave much out for an entry level product.
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    Raijintek Announces Metis Mini-ITX Cube Case

    Product page : http://www.raijintek.com/en/products_detail.php?ProductID=17 The PSU positioning puts the power connector from the PSU under the case, and the feet are quite small.How is that supposed to work? Also, the Power conector built into the case does not seem to have any use in this case.
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    Thermalright Debuts Revised TRUE Spirit 90M, 120M and Macho 120 Coolers

    They're mounting system does just fine. Coolers are not really that heavy.
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    AMD Radeon R9 290 Non-X 4096 MB

    That is not a VGA output.An adapter is an adapter. They say in the review that they received the cards as bulk, not as retail.
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    AMD Radeon R9 290 Non-X 4096 MB

    That is not what I mean. Which high end card in the last two years has had a VGA output?! None. Despite this, you only put it as a negative only on Radeon R9 290(X) series.
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    AMD Radeon R9 290 Non-X 4096 MB

    Why is this important in a 2013 highend GPU to be listed as a negative (not another card has this anyway)?
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    Gigabyte R9 280X OC 3072 MB

    from the conclusion I don't see it in the pictures.
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    Asus GTX 780 DC II OC 3072 MB

    The exterior heatpipes don't make contact with the GPU. Not a well thought cooling.
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    Cubitek Intros Mini Cube B004 Case

    That exaust grille is a joke in 2013.
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    HIS Radeon HD 7950 IceQ X² Boost 3072 MB

    Hello! I like your VGA reviews, especially the noise section. Could you make an effort and post in them also what manual software control of the cooling can do related to noise& temperature? Your review tells us that this card is very noisy, and I would never buy something like that. But if...
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    Colorful Announces Its First Mini-ITX Barebone for Gaming

    The 6850 pictured above seems longer than the 6750 Colorful made. That one fits exactly into the space available in that case. That's kinda of a barebone there, several pieces made to fit well with each other.
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    Spire Announces Sentor 6004 High-End Gamer Chassis

    A case obviously inspired by CoolerMaster models. Where's the originality? And it doesn't improve much from those. So few motherboard tray cutouts for WM. At least they made it really deep.
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    Enermax Releases T.B.Silence Series Fans

    It looks like Enermax vents from Magma and Cluster series.
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    HIS Radeon HD 6850 IceQ X Turbo 1 GB

    When are you going to give up 1024*768 for all cards? It's way outdated, and whoever has a monitor with such a resolution won't spend the money on most videocards you tested? It is utterly useless to see how a 6850 (or GTX580) scores in 1024*768 , and it also eats your testing time.