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    Does Watercooling Suck?

    Ive always thought that watercooling was the next step in cooling, above air. The "enthusiest" solution if u will. Now, trying to pick the right coolers for my next ultimate-end PC, i see that watercooling is actually not much better than air-cooling at keeping down temperatures. This...
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    1GB Retail X2900XTX spotted

    Isnt that supposed to be the X2800XTX?
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    Pentium celebrates 14th birthday

    My parents bought me my first PC in 1994 when i was 5. Was a 486, and thats pretty much all i remmember about it, except that it cost 2,500$ at first and then was upgraded somewhat to a 1GB HDD in 1997. Got lost in the moving a few years ago. After that i got my second PC in late 2000, wich...
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    More Black Xbox 360 Claims

    Excellent deal, but what am i supposed to do with 120GB? Arent those small games restricted to 50MB each?
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    R600 is 80 nanometre

    Well, it appears that the R600 is going the way of the R500. Or the X2800 is going the way of the X1800. The X1800 comes in very late (X2800 comes in MUCH more late), and yet still isnt better than the competition - 7800 (8800) So then ATI have to make the X1900 (X2900) inorder to compete with...