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  1. OnBoard

    GTX 465 out Monday 24th?

    http://www.vortez.co.uk/contentteller/news_story/nvidia_gtx_465_pricing_and_availability_leaked.html edit 27th: not out as you can see and price should be $279 Price seems to be £30 more than cheapest HD 5850s available, if it holds. But it was supposed to be launched at Computex that starts...
  2. OnBoard

    INNO 3D GeForce GTX 470 £257.44

    UK only again :cry: This would be over €40 cheaper that cheapest here. I tried to do an order and at least didn't see VAT added, so should include it, but don't kill me if it doesn't...
  3. OnBoard

    Sapphire HD 5850 Vapor-X £212.50

    That's with VAT and it's in stock! http://www.pixmania.co.uk/uk/uk/5002990/art/sapphire-technology/radeon-hd-5850-vapor-x-1.html Only downside is it's UK only! :( *cries* Cheapest HD 5850 in Europe, as far as I know and I've been looking them for 2 weeks now :ohwell: (and none of the 220 pound...
  4. OnBoard

    Bioshock 2: Rapture Edition £29.95/34.93€ (PC/PS3/XBOX360)

    Bioshock 2: Rapture Edition is a UK exclusive only available at zavvi.com. The Rapture Edition includes the game and a hardcover book "Deco Devolution - The Art of Bioshock 2" Kinda awesome price, considering the regular version is more expensive. It's deal of the day so I'd hurry, no idea...
  5. OnBoard

    [Case Gallery] OnBoard's Xigmatek Midgard

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: C2D E8400@3200MHz 1.136V (c0) 24/7 Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3 -P45-, Noctua NC-U6 (bolt trough mod) Thermalright Ultima-90 lapped, 120mm PWM fan Transcend aXeRam 1066+ 4GB kit @ 1066MHz 1.9V ASUS GTX280 1GB (Accelero Xtreme GTX 280 + stock cooler VRM...
  6. OnBoard

    Accelero Xtreme GTX 280 mini review and support

    Decided to post it also here, as not all of you read the GTX 260/280 thread, but might be interested in the cooler. Card used in installation is same name as the cooler GTX 280 by ASUS, forgot to mention that. Cooler is compatible mainly with 65nm GTX 260 and 280. Can be used on 55nm GTX 260...
  7. OnBoard

    X-Fi with motherboard audio?

    So, I was browsing my motherboard drivers page and there seems to be some sort of Christmas present: 2008/12/24 Realtek Function driver for Realtek Azalia audio chip (This audio driver together with Creative Utility enableds X-Fi crystallizer, X-Fi CMSS-3D,EAX®ADVANCED HD4.0)...
  8. OnBoard

    NEW! icons keep popping up

    Those new icons in the review items come back from time to time. They go away if I reload the main page only to come back again later. 3rd time today every review is NEW! :) I'm using Firefox if it has nothing to do with it.
  9. OnBoard

    E7200 OCing on air + micro review

    Got my new toy today, too tired to do serious OCing today, but here's a teaser ;) Got loads of pictures and a bit of compare with my previous E4300. edit: Results added in post #3, but I'll add 3,6GHz and 4GHz pics here too. 1.1V CPU, 333FSB, 3166MHz! E7200@3600MHz, 1.1875V on bios...
  10. OnBoard

    8800GT red & green lines

    Got my Inno3D 8800GT 512MB on friday and I get red & green very thin lines on screen in 3D. Card looks like this http://www.lapstore.net/store/images/DSCN6191_small.jpg And before you ask about the temps, I can't tell, as the temperature reading doesn't work from this model with any program...
  11. OnBoard

    Reviews improvement idea

    This has bothered me quite some time and was wondering wouldit be possible to have the comments start on a totally different page? Like you read the review and then it say page 2 comments and you have to load the WHOLE review again. Same if you just want to read the new forum posts after the...
  12. OnBoard

    New Zalman GV1000 VGA cooler

    Was browsing Zalman's site and came across this. There wasn't any mention of it here, so might as well add info. Basicly it's "black" VF1000 with a faster spinning (noisier) fan. http://www.zalman.co.kr/eng/product/view.asp?idx=341&code=013 Here's more from another site...
  13. OnBoard

    XP 32bit only shows 3GB with 4GB installed

    I'll start by saying I know I won't get 4GB, but reading numerous other thread about this here and else were I though I'd get somewhere near 3.2-3.5GB. So Finding 2GB A-Data mems so cheap just had to try it out for my self. Bios shows 3008MB and Windows 2,93GB as you can see. Turning on /PAE...