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  1. asb2106

    RAID vs ZFS, input appreciated!

    I have a pretty large chunk of data I have been building up the last 15 years or so. Im up to roughly 21TB of data that I really treasure and would prefer not loosing. In the pursuit to maintain it and access it, I always try and maintain it on two separate machines. Recently I moved one of...
  2. asb2106

    Remote desktop login issues, please help

    Ok, so I got remote desktop working, the only problem is, when I log off of the remote computer, the host does not log it self back in. Ive even tried disabling my the password on the account to login and hope when I logged off that it would just resume on the host, but no such luck...
  3. asb2106

    Microsoft Office Adding > > > to emails

    Please help, I am trying to figure this out.... One of my users are getting >'s added to their emails like this >Hello >How are you >Blah Blah Blah >ECt. Every line gets the > put before it, and I cannot find how to remove these, I cannot find it on google, nor can I find it by...
  4. asb2106

    q6700 questions

    So i just recieved my q6700 today, and I had some questions on it.... Its a SLACQ G0 - YEAH! Is it possible to find the VID from the box or the proc?? It is from batch L803B124 It is version E10664-003 1.35V max(it says) I would just like to know the VID?? Im taking a half day...
  5. asb2106

    160GB Raptor SATA2

    I found this 160GB Raptor HD on newegg. It says its a SATA 3.0gbs and 160Gb I have never heard of a SATA2 raptor, or 160Gig, I thought they were only 150??
  6. asb2106

    Volt Modification for 3870

    This is 2 hard-mods of the sapphire 3870 toxic. I got all my instructions and guidance from TPU Users(Thanks Dr. Spankenstein!) I just completed the mod, I have verified that the cards work, and I am bleeding the bubbles out of the water loop now. When that is complete I will post results...
  7. asb2106


    Im gonna post some screenies of my bios here, I was wondering if anyone with more experience could fill me in on what I can do to make it run more stable. Im not running the clocks there now, im running 425FSB with 1.6v on the proc and 2.3 on the ram 1.68on the NB Either way, i can hit...
  8. asb2106

    Programming for Blackberries

    Your Help would be SOOOOO APPRECIATED!!! I am trying to write a program for our blackberries at work. We have field supers that carry blackberries, and I am trying to write a program for their phones that will allow them to input data on the job site related to the days activities...
  9. asb2106


    I need a new proc, I want to run a 24/7 4ghz quad. I can get 4.0 to boot on my q6600 but the volts required are outragous, and the temps follow suit. I want to get a extreme edition quad, my only question is which one. I would prefer the 9650, the only issue is price, if I could find...
  10. asb2106

    XP Black

    Ok, so I have been seeing this version of XP called black. Im gonna install it tonight and try it out..... just had a few questions, and I was hoping I could get some input 1) From what I have read, it says it doesnt need a key, Is this true? 2) Is it legal? 3) What does it mean that...
  11. asb2106

    Temps too HIGH - Help

    Please - anyone, check out this screenie, I feel like my temps are way way to high! I know they seem normal-ish, but I have a really nice water system that normally gives me much much better temps.... Im gonna drop my voltage alittle more, hope it stays stable.... BTW - the core...
  12. asb2106

    F/S Moto Q

    New Moto Q for sale. Just replaced under warranty, 5 days old, no scratches, no blemishes, brand new battery cover, brand new battery, clear ESN. Selling for a friend. If interested 262-909-1618 I can take paypal, money order, or cash if local. $170 ~ Negotiable Phone owner is CJ, call...
  13. asb2106

    Crossfire !! Help !!

    Ok, I have my rig all set up, heres a pic I am trying to start the crossfire up, if I take off the bridges and boot I can see the crossfirex page, but it wont let me check the box. So I restarted with the bridges on and I dont even have the crossfire x page anymore!!!!!! Is it...
  14. asb2106

    ATI 3870 - Which brands will clock the highest???

    Im buying a 3870 right now, Im buying it to run comparison tests on the 9600 and the 3870. I want to find the model that will clock the highest. Right now, Im thinking either the Sapphire or the MSI OCed edition. Please chime in, and soon. I want to buy this card today!!!!!
  15. asb2106

    OC'ed 3870 vs 9600GT - which is better when OCed to the MAX

    REDONE AS OF 3/27/08 First an overview of the rig and tests to be run CASE - antec p180 MOBO - P5B deluxe PROC - e6600 @ 3.4ghz RAM - OCZ GOLD @ ~750mhz HD - WD 250GB HD PSU - ANTEC tru-power 550 OS - Windows XP Pro ALL TESTS WILL BE RUN DX9 (If I get time later I will update scores with...
  16. asb2106

    intel P45 chipset - 13 SATA ports!

    Sorry if someone has already posted this, but it was too good to pass up!!! http://www.tomshardware.com/2008/03/08/cebit_msi_p45_motherboards/ This is awesome! Looks like it might be my next home server board!
  17. asb2106

    Server Execution Failed

    Please Help, I am working on a laptop here at the office for a co worker, and I cannot load the network settings and the USB doesnt work. Other problems might be there but those are the only ones I have noticed at first glance When I rest on the Network icon in the taskbar (VISTA) it...
  18. asb2106

    Nvidia or ATI

    Ok, so a few may already know, I fried my 3870 today :(. I am already looking at a new mobo and new memory And since Im not stuck to a 3870 crossfire board(wanted to go crossfire at same time) Should I go to the Nvidia 780 chipset and a 8800gts G92? maybe add a second with tax refund, or...
  19. asb2106

    TEC - I need help

    Ok, I have a full water system now, and I want to try TEC. Would I be able to buy something like this.... and just sandwich it in between apogee GT water block and CPU? Reading around it seems like thats a very popular way of doing it.. Now i understand that Ill have to buy an...
  20. asb2106

    3dMark freezes during load

    Ok, I know I have seen fixes before about this, could someone please please give me a hand, I just got my new laptop (ASUS f7 1.8ghz x2, 2gigs ram, 2400pro) and for shits and giggles I wanted to run 3dmark to see how it does, it installed fine everything went great but when I attempt to load the...
  21. asb2106

    Intel 45nm Procs

    I have seen sites that listed the procs that intel is coming out with, with prices and speeds and general info.... But i cant find any links now, can someone help???
  22. asb2106

    Why Newegg Why?????

    Anyone else notice that Newegg has been chargin the "early adopters tax" lately, I had to pay it with the 3870 and now I see it on the e8400. I find it CRAZY that I can go to a local shop and find something for less than what the EGG has it for! I understand a little bump, but arent they...
  23. asb2106

    Windows XP SP3

    Ok, so I got the SP3 upgrade and installed it, is there any upgrades that Im supposed to see, and if so what might they be. I dont use the machine much, its my work desktop, but when i do I dont notice any difference. Are all the upgrades just security and stability?
  24. asb2106

    Presario C303NR HELP!!!!!!

    My mother has a Presario C303NR and I just did a re-install of windows because of how horribly slow it is running. As soon as she bought it we put 2 Gigs of memory to help out the Vista that came installed and to help out the crappy celeron in it. Well its just not keeping up any more and Ive...