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  1. dark2099

    [WTB][US] Good Clocking DDR2

    Hey everyone, stumbled upon an old school Intel s775 setup last summer that I just grabbed some CPUs to play with, and would like to find some good clocking DDR2, what came with the rig I found might be better than I know. Would appreciate something in the 1066MHz+ range, so if I get some wicked...
  2. dark2099

    [FS][US] dark2099's wares

    Hello everybody, have some spare parts to move on from, so here we are. To lead off with, I am not able to use Paypal or Venmo for payments. The payment systems I can use are Zelle/Chase Quick Pay, ca$happ, and good old fashioned money orders, checks, and heck even cashy monies. I realize this...
  3. dark2099

    DFI Lanparty X38 Software and Bios

    Hello all my wonderful TPU friends, I recently acquired an older PC with a DFI Lanparty x38, and as the company technically no longer exists, I was wondering if any one out there had a back up of any of their old software, drivers, or BIOS's? Thanks!
  4. dark2099

    HDD to SSD clone

    So I am trying to clone a 500GB HDD onto a 240GB SSD, only tried with Acronis 2018, but that whines that partition sizes are different can it can't be done. Is there away around this, should I try a different software, do I need to repartition the 500GB? Thanks!
  5. dark2099

    [FS][US] EVGA GTX 760, ASUS Z77, Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Mech Keyboard, HDD Storage

    So time to clean out some bits I have sitting around. Everything is shipped via USPS Priority. I'm pretty busy so turnaround from payment to shipping might be a couple days. I prefer paypal, but will take money orders (shipping will happen after money clears). USA only, and no trades. Thanks for...
  6. dark2099

    Multiple monitor setup

    A buddy of mine wants to run 4 displays simultaneously, extended/individual not clone, as he does sound editing, stock market stuff (love the technical terms here), and material science engineering work (bonding agents, epoxies, etc). He currently has 2 9600GSO's, but I am not sure if he can do...
  7. dark2099

    Odd error when trying to connect to TPU

    So just had this error pop up when trying to connect. Happened a few times then stopped. Figured I'd post here for any one else. Warning: require_once(__DIR/geoipregionvars.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/techpowerup/www/includes/geoip/geoipcity.inc on line 34...
  8. dark2099

    HDMI In for PC

    So I've been interested in replacing both my monitors, they're fairly old, want to upgrade to IPS LED monitors. Here is the catch though, my main monitor has built in speakers and 2 HDMI in ports. From some searching I've done, that seems a bit harder to find than it used to, or I just suck at...
  9. dark2099

    [FS][US] First Gen (2012) Nexus 7 8GB

    So grabbed one of the new Nexus 7's the other day, and thus have no need for my old one. Little beat up as the pictures will show, but runs perfectly, some of these were known to have some screen lift too, I believe mine did, but didn't bother me or make anything worse. Also, it dropped a bit...
  10. dark2099

    [FS][US] Spare parts

    Consolidated my storage, selling the old drives. Seagate 500GB SATA 3/6.0Gbps - $40 shipped Bought this for my 2nd rig OS last year. Seagate 500GB SATA 2/3.0Gbps Refurbished - $30 shipped Had this one for quite a while, ran into some issues while under warranty, got it fixed, been running...
  11. dark2099

    NVIDIA GeForce 320.14 Beta

    Found this on the web, thought some would like it, links for download and info! Release Notes XP 32bit XP 64bit Vista/7/8 32bit Vista/7/8 64bit
  12. dark2099

    AMD Catalyst 13.5 Beta 3 for Mobility/Laptop users

    FOR MOBILITY/LAPTOP USERS ONLY Spotted this on another of my forums. The only major change to the beta 3 is support for the 8000M series, this bring no updates for desktop based cards. Release notes/Change log Download
  13. dark2099

    NVIDIA GeForce 320.00 Beta

    Spotted these for the NVidia users here, enjoy. Release Notes XP 32bit XP 64bit Vista/7/8 32bit Vista/7/8 64bit
  14. dark2099

    AMD Catalyst 13.4 ( March 28)

    Spotted these on a couple other forums, thought I would share. Not much known about them other than they have full support for the 7990. Build Info: DriverVer=03/28/2013, 12.104-130328a-155864C-ATI Catalyst: 13.4 CCC: 2013.0328.2218.38225 D3D: OGL...
  15. dark2099

    Cable routing help

    So I love my 800D case save for one small part, along the back side where the MB tray and some bottom shelf meet, there is a half inch lip that sticks out and severely kills the ability to route cables cleanly, especially fat rounded ones like my PSU has. In trying to figure out what to do...
  16. dark2099

    Coollaboratory TIM question

    So last night I delidded my 3770k, and want to get some of this wonderful Coollaboratory TIM. When looking on frozenCPU, I noticed they have a PRO and Ultra spec of their TIM. Curious what TPU has used, and whether or not the Ultra is worth the extra $1.50 over the Pro. Thanks!
  17. dark2099

    [FS][US] a bit of spring cleaning

    Just moving out a couple things I have no use for any more. Usual rules, USA only, PP preferred, talk to me about other options, no trades, shipping via USPS Priority with Delivery Confirmation, heatware is in my sig. Alpine CDE-9846 Car Stereo - $35 shipped Used this in my old car, MP3 CD...
  18. dark2099

    Help choosing a new case

    So as much as I love my 800D, it's seen better days and I think it's time for something new. But, being me, I can be very picky about things, and would like some help from my wonderful friends here at TPU. Also, considering I'mt thinking of go from a full tower to a mid tower, need some input...
  19. dark2099

    [WTB][US] apple 85w magsafe charger

    My waitress at work is looking for a new charger for her 15 in macbook pro, needs the 85 w with the L shaped connector, would rather not spend the $80 Apple is asking, and too many sketchy reviews on Amazon, thanks!
  20. dark2099

    Helping a friend design/build his new PC

    So a friend/customer from work is in the market for a new PC and asked me to help him decide on parts since he is quite out of the loop on current tech. I can probably spec something out pretty well, but considering that he does a few things I don't a 2nd opinion would be great. The basic use...
  21. dark2099

    Router for wifi at a Restaurant

    So my dad owns his own small diner, and he wants to set up wifi there. I'll talk to him today to see if he knows the over all size in, but the total seating capacity is about 75 at tables with 25 more bar stools in 2 rooms. The building is a bit older, so my guess the wall are more...
  22. dark2099

    New Wireless Adapter

    So for quite a while now, I've been using a USB network adapter and would like to upgrade to a PCI/PCI-E based one, but am so out of the loop, was hoping to get some advice on what to look for. Thanks!
  23. dark2099

    Bus Interface question

    So I was currious W1zz, with the bus interface in GPU-Z, how is that read/calculated? As you can see, I am on a P67 with a 3770k, but GPU-Z is saying my 7950 is running PCI-E 3.0? Is there any way this is possible?
  24. dark2099

    [US] Newegg End of Year Clearance sale

    So just saw this on Newegg, got some decent deals IMO. Check em out. http://promotions.newegg.com/NEPro/12-5212/index.html
  25. dark2099

    [FS][US] 2x4 GB Samsung DDR3

    Selling my set of Samsung low voltage DDR3 (from this thread http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/showthread.php?t=159320&highlight=samsung+ddr3). I've been running it at 1866 9-9-9-27 2T 1.45v since I've had it, obviously YMMV. Usual rules, USA only, Paypal preferred, usps priority with delivery...