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    Microsoft Moves to Permanently Close Physical Shops

    They used to have a McLaren Senna in that one, good tourist attraction.

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    Hi guys, so here's the deal: got a virgin media hub 3, Wi-Fi is terrible (signal dropping off, bad reception 2 rooms away). What I would like to do is make it better on a budget. Does anyone have any recommendations on the subject? House has 2 floors and is of medium size. If you require more...

    I turn off in-game music...do you?

    Mostly depends on the game. Doom (2016) I couldn't possibly play without the in-game soundtrack. Racing games - I usually play something else from other sources, however just finished the career in need for speed underground (2003) while listening to the in-game soundtrack - instant return back...

    Can Seagate's Barracuda be trusted for data now a days?

    I've been using a 4TB Seagate drive for the better part of 4 years now, and it wasn't new when I bought it. Zero performance or health issues. Second drive I use is a 2TB Hitachi, previously used in some kind of enterprise setting as it had high power-on hours but minimal power-on/off cycles...

    AMD Could Release Next Generation EPYC CPUs with Four-Way SMT

    7nm+ Extreme Ultra Violent lithography - : Doom intensifies:

    Obsidian game - The Outer Worlds Announced

    Is it just me or does it have a fallouty-borderlandsy-something else vibe to it? I'd play it.

    TPU Site Issues 2018

    +1 for the app, it's from where I lurk on the forums 99% of the time

    PSU fault?

    So, I got the PSU It didn't want to boot at all to start with, the mobo sat there with code 00 I reseated the CPU, inserted one ram stick and it started running post codes, I put in my GPU, connected the HDD, and it booted into windows at stock settings Ran linpack xtreme 64 bit and it said...

    PSU fault?

    Yep, cleared and reset it countless times, no progress. I guess that's what's left now, I'll post an update once I test it. Thanks for trying though.

    PSU fault?

    Yes, that was the first thing I tried, same behaviour.

    PSU fault?

    Socket is clean, all pins are ok. I have tried to boot it up with just one stick of ram, same behaviour. After these shutdowns it doesn't react to the power buttons (both the onboard ones and case ones) even if I hold them pressed. Now it doesn't even boot into Windows.

    PSU fault?

    I've ordered an EVGA 850 GQ to see if the PSU is the issue. Ran stress tests again, on the old system - no issues. This is not fun at all. In the meantime, will try the minimal hardware approach, as suggested. Edit: another way to get it to post is to press the clear cmos button and then reset

    PSU fault?

    Hello guys, usually I try to solve all my issues on my own and by searching the internet and the forum. This time though I need some advice from the best, hence my post. I used to run an i5 4590 on a h81 motherboard, with 16GB DDR3 RAM and a gtx 970 (+150 core and +250 mem) The PSU is a evga...

    What's on your hardware wish list ?

    - A GPU to replace my GTX 970 - A 60+ Hz monitor - A 256+ GB SSD - A canon 200d camera - A new phone to replace my Galaxy Note 3 It's a good thing I can control the impulse to buy stuff (most of the times anyway).

    Codemasters Announces Dirt Rally 2.0 for February 26 2019, Releases Trailer

    1. No winter stages? Would have loved some snow action. 2. Is it just me or does it look more like a blockbuster movie than a racing sim/game?

    Fallout 4 Performance driving me nuts

    Iirc, lowering the "ugridstoload" helps with performance in busy areas such as the city

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    Is it possible he dropped it off at someone else in the neighborhood? I had this issue a couple of times with Amazon in London, for some reason they were dropping off my packages to a house that had the same number as mine but on a different street (close by to the street I lived on). Another...

    Sapphire R9 280X vapor X no display

    Have you tried testing it in another pci-e slot in the intel system? I had working AMD cards not initialize in the first slot but working in the other one.

    Project h / k

    Building a water cooled pc in a stock case (I believe he meant stock, aka with no modifications)

    NVIDIA 940MX Fps Drop Problem

    I think what he means is the default thermal throttle temp target is 90 degrees but his is set to 61 and he is looking for some way to increase it.

    Extremely long exterior cell loading - Fallout 4 [Help pls!]

    I used to get that same behaviour from the game when I had 8 GB of ram and my old gtx 560 Ti with 1 GB vram, i also remember I changed the ugrids settings and the issue was resolved but my loading times were longer. Since I have doubled the amount of ram the system has and got a gtx 970...

    A4Tech Bloody RT7 Repair report (lazy sunday)

    I love repair logs! Keep them coming :)

    So, I was thinking of buying this chair...

    Jeez, and I still use an old wooden Soviet-made kitchen chair. The back is straight though

    Forum upgrade complete

    Looks nice overall, although the blue colour seems off, the old blue looked better. And +1 for the news section on top for latest posts