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    Am I the only one disappointed by 3070?

    Right now two of my 3 PCs are using a 5700xt and a 2070 super. I’m very satisfied by the 2070S but I had a lot of issues with the 5700XT mostly because of the awful drivers (now tbh the situation is much improved). To sum it up I’d like to upgrade both the cards with two 3070 , move the 2070...
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    Opinions on a "budget gaming rig" Ryzen based

    I'm building a gaming computer for my little son. It will be his 10 birthday's gift and it will be used mostly for gaming (Roblox and Fortnite the most played titles, but others will follow) and for school activities. I already have 2 gaming PCs at home (one is mine and the other is for my elder...
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    Asus ROG Strix B550-F bios 1002 pulled ????

    I've just noticed that BIOS 1002, released a week ago, is no longer available from Asus website :kookoo: Is there a reason for that ? The latest reported is the 0805 from July, but I still have the 1002 (and EZ Update doesnt finda any "newer" BIOS available...). Any idea ?
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    ThrottleStop on a multi account PC

    My notebook is shared between me and my son (a student). I'm using Throttlestop basically to undervolt and keep the PC cooler, and it is run on the "primary" account of the computer (my account). I'd like to know what happens when my son use his account ? Are Throttlestop settings in place, or...
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    Replace thermal paste on a notebook: is it necessary ?

    After a few months of different settings, thanks to the latest beta of ThrottleStop I found the best solution to keep my Dell G7 in an acceptable range of temperatures while preserving performance. With a Speed Shift EPP of 64 and setting the PROCHOT at 85° C, my CPU keep a frequency of 3.6/3.8...