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    What is safe ryzen 5 3600 voltage?

    What is max safe voltage for Ryzen 5 3600? In long term use to not damage chip or motherboard.
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    Ryzen 2700 not boosting properly

    I've been having this issue where my 2700 doesn't boost to 4.1ghz in any games or benchmarks and I don't know why. I check my temperatures and they all look fine but why won't my r7 2700 boost :confused: My r20 score seems low too. Please help Specs: Ryzen 2700 w stock wrath spire...
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    New external hard drive running hot and slow

    I bought a new external harddrive for storage 8TB WD easystore and soon I noticed some strange things, like when I check it with HD sentinel or HD tune it shows it running close to 50c none of my other drives get this hot also another thing that really bothers me is that it takes a few seconds...
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    Need opinions on X-star DP2710

    I'm upgrading to 1440p gaming and I wanted to know how this monitor is since I couldn't find any reviews on it. It's is a off brand called X-star DP2710 27'' (ips?) My primary reason for buying this is because I found a guy selling two locally and for cheap and I was looking for a 1440p monitor...
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    Can a 980ti handle games at 1440p?

    I was wondering if the 980ti can run games at 1440p/60hz high settings, I know it can do 1080p handles it well even thought it's starting to show its age. I currently run most AAA on medium with shadows and effects and everything else turned up to ultra on my 1080p/144hz monitor which it...
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    980ti showing signs of early death?

    I had this for 3 years now in another build been working good for me, runs all my games at ultra settings with some over 100+ fps made me buy a 1080p 144hz refresh monitor. Like a dream come true. However, lately I've been playing games and noticing weird things in games for example, out of the...
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    Best air cooler for OC'ed 2600k?

    I'm debating between 3 coolers but I'm not too sure which is best for mild overclock 4.4-4.5ghz to be exact I am on a budget right now of $50 Coolermaster hyper 212 black edition- $40 Deepcool gammax 400- $20 Be quiet! Dark rock slim- $30 My case is NZXT S340 although this shouldn't be a...
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    RX 570 doesn't work right

    Hi all A while ago I bought a rx 570 8gb nitro + to replace my old and rusty gtx 960 2gb that I used in this system for a few years, when I got to installing the rx 570, the driver wasn't working rather strange and I ran DDU. Nothing still not recognizing it but the driver installed ok. I ran...