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  1. MoeDaKilla

    Budget Build ~$400

    I'll get straight to the point. I'm building a PC for a friend who doesnt game. He does not need any peripherals/monitor/speakers. Just the PC itself. I thought the E7200 was a good place to start, but you guys may have other suggestions. The PC will not be used for gaming or video encoding, but...
  2. MoeDaKilla

    Re-Overclocking My Q9450 with stock ASUS P5E BIOS

    I'm currently using the ASUS P5E 0702 BIOS, but have flashed my mobo to the Rampage BIOS from before but switched back because I was getting too many BSOD's and driver conflicts. With that BIOS I reached 445x8, but it wasn't prime stable, but I got a couple of runs of 3dMark06 and PCMark 05 out...
  3. MoeDaKilla

    Looking for a cheap, reliable 250 GB hard drive for my dad's PC

    Guys, I'm looking for a new hard drive from my dad's PC, because it seems to be corrupted. I have formatted the hard drive and reinstalled Windows. It worked fine for a week and started giving me problems again and I singled out the hard drive because it would get stuck when loading drivers for...
  4. MoeDaKilla

    Where do products go after they are reviewed?

    This may seem like a stupid question, but where do products go after they are reviewed? I've seen trivial things like heatsinks, thermal compound, and occasionally RAM and PSU's kept by the reviewers. Does the reviewing company actually buy them? What about much more expensive things like...
  5. MoeDaKilla

    Q9450 Overclocking Results

    I have had a Q9450 for about two months and I'm curious to see how others have fared. My cpu is not stable past 445 FSB even after flashing my ASUS P5E to Rampage BIOS. System specs are in profile. Post your results. I might be doing something wrong but I doubt it has something to do with voltages.
  6. MoeDaKilla

    [Case Gallery] First Build... Updated

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Intel Q9450@ 3.53 GHz ASUS P5E (X38) modded to Rampage Formula(X48) BIOS Corsair XM2 DHX@ 890 MHz@ 5-5-5-12 NVIDIA Geforce 9800 GTX@ 800-2000-1200 Zerotherm Nirvana NV120 Silverstone Strider 750 Watt PSU Antec 900 Mods: I removed the intake...
  7. MoeDaKilla

    How Do XFX and EVGA compete... if at all

    Other than the fact that they release identical products and rarely veer from NVIDIA's specifications, why do they take so long to introduce aftermarket coolers, etc. And given the fact that NVIDIA basically controls pricing of their products from any manufacturer, why should people buy from...