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    ASRock to Offer Better Browsing with New Google Options

    I am not sure if this was supposed to be news or a warning. I will take it as a warning.
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    Modbook Pro to Launch with All Solid-State Architecture

    We have a child in the thread that did not read. No lawsuit coming noob. They do not manufacture, they mod. Enough with the fail memes please.
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    Cooler Master Releases the CM Storm Skorpion Mouse Bungee

    If you buy a mouse with a very thin slick plastic coating you likely would laugh at this. A lot of the new mice have thick braided chords that drive me crazy as you can feel the extra weight and the covering catching on things. This might be nice for those manufactures that still think a...
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    Apple Unveils New iTunes

    iTunes for what it is is certianly bloatwear. It runs way to may proccess for what it is. There are many better programs.
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    Agawi Joins Microsoft to Bring Windows Azure-Based Cloud Gaming to Windows 8

    Does anyone want cloud gaming besides the game publishers? I don't know even one gamer that wants this crap even though someone must be using it yet we now at have at least 3 companies competing for 3 people that might use it. I predict that if they stick to games they will fail. If they move...
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    AMD Invests in CiiNOW to Usher in Next Era of Cloud-Based Gaming

    Onlive is barely alive. They have been sold 2 times now? I see many problems with a service like this from a consumer point of view that would however benefit publishers. Most of the gaming community does not want but they will keep trying to shove this down our throat as a way to stop piracy.
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    Apple Unveils New iTunes

    No mention of the 163 security vulnerabilities? I guess that news is not nearly as endearing.
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    EVGA Shows Off SuperNOVA PSU-Tweaking Software

    This is the key word. The output voltages can already be monitored by the motherboard. Gimmick collectors will love it.
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    Raptorfire Cronus Adapter Gives Your Gaming Platform Controller Flexibility

    Cheating controller. I have to wonder if Microsoft will ban your XBOX if you use them at some point.
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops II Reveal Trailer Posted

    Kill COD off for PC already. The ports are amazingly bad. Another prime example of how consoles are destroying any inovation for PC games. Please people, stop buying and playing consoles, it is just bad for your brain and bad for the PC industry. COD4 was the last of the COD series that...
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    EVGA Develops Sleeved PCI-E Cable Adapters for Select Graphics Cards

    This adapter made the news. It must be an extremly slow day.
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    ASUS Releases ROG Xonar Phoebus Gaming Soundcard Set

    A sound card with a gimmick attached. How much for the card without the gimmick? I have a box full of gimmick and do not need additional gimmick at this time.
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    ECS Z77 Black Extreme Series Boards Put Gold in the Desktop

    I have never gotten over the run of crappy boards ECS produced 7 to 8 years ago with their post problemms that they was unable to fix. I doubt I will eveer use an ECS board again the taste was so bad.
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    GeForce GTX 680 Up To 40% Faster Than Radeon HD 7970: NVIDIA

    Press releases faked to look like valid performance charts are nothing new. Seldom does the hype correlate with reality. Both AMD and Nvidia are guilty of this.
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    Thermaltake Showcases innovative eSports solutions at Taipei Game Show '12

    "5.25 driver bays into a six barrels machine gun" So they glued a distributor cap to the front and call it a six barrel machine gun? Well it looks more like a distributor cap then a gattling gun. Just all around bad.
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    Microsoft Launches Kinect for Windows Device and SDK

    So this device for a PC cost about as much as a entire XBOX with Kinect. When did Microsoft start hating PC users?
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    Evercool Develops New Performance Low-Profile CPU Cooler

    A "dense aluminum fin array" helps with cooling but at the same time when the fins are this close they have a tendency to plug up with dust that much quicker.
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    Antec Releases One-of-a-Kind Open-Air Chassis: The LanBoy Air

    I need a case, not a gimicky penis extension. How many bays are you going to use?
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    Gigabyte Sells HD 5670 512 MB HyperMemory Card as 1 GB

    People are defending this practice of misleading labels? Amazing.
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    Apple Releases Updated Mac Mini

    Barebone, Barebone Computers, Barebone Kits, Bareb... Close, but the savings make it worth it for a less power. The core 2 duo is what makes the mac nice. The price does not.
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    GIGABYTE Unleashes GA-X58A-UD9, Unlocks Monster Performance

    Some versions of Windows will still require you to load raid drivers from a floppy with no other options. I am blaming the addition of the floppy connector on Microsoft.
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    ASUS HD 5870 Overclocks to 1035/1290 MHz on Air, Aces 3DMark Vantage in CrossFireX

    Very nice. It is great having a contender in the VC market. Now if AMD can once again spank Intel we might see a reasonable price for a high end Intel CPU.