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    Star Citizen 24 hours left to reserve your ship and alpha test status.

    Oh no! I missed my chance =( I hope somewhere down the line is the option to secure my spot alpha and beta tests stages again =/. At least a 24 hour window or something...
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    good keyboard

    I find that my DAS Keyboard solves any and all of my typing needs be it writing, gaming or simple everyday use.
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    NASA's new Mars picture

    Oh cool. Are these available in a bigger resolution so that we can use them as wallpaper?
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    In the mood for a new music player

    Foobar 2000 is amazing. Ever since discovering it I haven't used any other music player.
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    Distant Universe

    What I would do to be able to travel amongst the stars...
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    SSD Prices in Free-Fall: The Next DRAM?

    I have two 120SSD's but would like to buy a 256 sometime around July 4th when sales go on.
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    New MMO >The Secret world<

    I haven't played the game but after watching a 20 minute presentation on it I really didn't feel compelled to buy it and play the betas. I can see Guild Wars 2 taking up any all of my time dedicated to MMOs. At least until Elder Scrolls: Online comes out.
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    Giveaway: Deus Ex - Human Revolution

    Awesome, I've always wanted to play this game. Solaris (1972) - The original had to be one of my favorites movies. I stumbled upon it on netflix and loved it ever since. It does have a very slow start but once you get passed that things start to progress very nicely from there. I guess you...
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    The Golden PC [Untitled PC]

    I'm really interested in seeing how all of this turns out. Best of luck to you in this project =)
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    Gaming mouse skeptic tries a gaming mouse

    The difficulty in finding a mouse that feels right in your hand is the availability of being able to test them out. I haven't wondered into a CompUSA or OfficeMax/Depot in a long time but I don't remember them having mice available to test.
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    End of the year build

    Mostly gaming. I wouldn't mind taking advantage of the extra DIMM slots and adding more.
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    End of the year build

    I'm working building a computer having it ready by the end of the year(more than likely sooner, perhaps fall). I've been told that it's best to buy the least important things first and work your way up from there. So far I have the case: Corsair 600T(White) Das Keyboard 2x OCZ 120G Agility...