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  1. Raovac

    Who RGB's their Rigs?

    I have the lighting in the case, case fans, keyboard, memory, and mouse, but they are a solid white. No multi colors, blinking, of flashing. just a nice soft white. The downfall to my rig is my video card (which I skipped a mortgage payment to buy :kookoo:) which has the ugly Green logo which is...
  2. Raovac

    msi b350 tomahawk pcie running at 8x only

    In your GPU-Z beside the Bus Interface click on the ?. It gives some explanation. Then click on the Start render test button and see if it increases.
  3. Raovac

    AMD has released CRIMSON drivers 15.12

    Ya I was using the fix. I removed the fix when I installed the 15.12's but still had map issues so I just put the fix back in, and all is good again. :)
  4. Raovac

    AMD has released CRIMSON drivers 15.12

    Does it fix the map flicker in GTA5 and Fallout 4???
  5. Raovac

    Windows 10 blank screen after boot-up....

    This happened to me today because the all mighty windows 10 auto update decided it was time to update my graphics card drivers. :shadedshu: But my black screen only lasted 3 min, any longer and I think I would have thrown the laptop out the window :roll:
  6. Raovac

    AMD Radeon R9 Nano Review by TPU...Not

    I wish this card was going $650. Here in Canada at my local memory express store, they are asking $900 CDN. Computer gaming is becoming way too expensive these days. :(
  7. Raovac

    OFFICIAL GTA V (Discussion)

  8. Raovac

    OFFICIAL GTA V (Discussion)

    Does it have options for wheel and peddles???
  9. Raovac

    GIVEAWAY: GTA V, Skyrim & Tomb Raider GOTY

    Well I don't have the thank you requirement, I'll try my luck anyway :D April is a time for me to clear the winter dust from the motorcycle and go wreck havoc on the drivers that don't know how to share the road :laugh: GTAV only please, I have the others. :lovetpu:
  10. Raovac


    Welcome to TPU. Judging your rig and your knowledge of old, you will be giving advise rather than asking for it :toast: :lovetpu:
  11. Raovac

    What are you playing?

    Skyrim, Assetto Corsa, Skyrim, Nascar 2003, Skyrim, Dragon Age Inquisition, Skyrim, Resident Evil Revelations, Skyrim, Skyrim, Skyrim............. Dam can't stop playing this game :)
  12. Raovac

    Corsair 760t power button led

    I have the same case and my power button stays on solid because it's the PLED. My reset button is the one that flashes because it's the HDLED. I'm thinking you these connectors backwards. I have had mine for 3 months, awesome case I have to say. :pimp:
  13. Raovac

    Fan speed adjustment

    MSI Afterburner #1 No glitchy for me. :D
  14. Raovac

    Headphone stand- do you have one?

    Mine is simple and cheap. A 3 1/2 inch nail in the wall beside my desk. :rockout::lovetpu:
  15. Raovac

    Problem with pop-ups.

    Holy shit..... $300.00 bucks for a crash cymbal these days...... dam, gonna stick to my e-drums. :rockout: Sorry off topic :roll:
  16. Raovac

    PC wont boot up (No POST, No Video)

    Make sure the memory is in the proper slots A2 and B2 (blue).
  17. Raovac

    Win 8.1 will not install... rolls back every time

    Thanks for the link :) This will make upgrading more pleasant :)
  18. Raovac

    Catalyst 14.9 WHQL released.

    Nice system specs :)
  19. Raovac

    Catalyst 14.9 WHQL released.

    Free yes, but too much trouble for me :( 8.1 just don't like what I have installed on my computer and gives me a lot of errors. I spent a whole day trying to upgrade an as I eliminated one error, I'd get another. Not into a reinstall either. Thanks
  20. Raovac

    Catalyst 14.9 WHQL released.

    Defunct - Why is the question.
  21. Raovac

    Catalyst 14.9 WHQL released.

    Today AMD announced that with the release of its Catalyst 14.6 Beta that they would no longer be supporting Windows 8 :shadedshu: Is windows 8 that bad? I have no problems with it and I don't care about the dam start button. How can a driver support Vista, W7, W8.1 and yes W10, but not 8...
  22. Raovac

    low physics score fx 8350

    Yes any small fan will work, you just have to be creative on how to hang/ attach the fan. I used a pair of memory cooling fans on my setup. :)
  23. Raovac

    MSI Radeon R9 290(X) gaming/lightning card club

    Sorry misread your post by reading FF's post. I am a diehard user of AS5 and think it would work great after using Articlean. One day I will try :)
  24. Raovac

    MSI Radeon R9 290(X) gaming/lightning card club

    Did you try the AS5 after using the Articlean??????