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    coolbits sli fun

    I was trying to get sli to work with a 9600gso 196 bit memory and a 9600gso with 128 bit memory,I got them to work in physx with no problem and seen that coolbits will enable sli.So i set coolbits in the registry and then changed the parameter to 16 and i was able to set sli up and physx...
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    [FF][US] acer or toshiba laptop keyboard

    Ill pay shipping,thanks
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    3850 agp running physics

    I have been wanting to do this for some time but it wasnt feasible with the stock cooler so i bought a accelero heatpipe and put my 8600 gt in the case ,installed the nvidia drivers and presto i am running physics with a agp card.I have a 4coredual-sata motherboard,powercolor hd3850 agp and a...
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    asrock dual-vsta motherboard

    has anybody tried to run a agp and pcie card on the asrock dual-vsta and have both cards working in windows for physics use .Thanks in advance