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    No criminal charges will be filed in "hold your wee for a wii" contest disaster

    It wasn't a UC Davis student that died, it was a Chico State student.
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    FS: Built by ATi X1900XT 512MB & Nintendo Wii + Zelda + Nintendo Component Cables

    Nintendo Wii:***SOLD*** The console has hardly been used at all. It will ship with the original box, Wii Sports, Zelda and Nintendo component cables. The selling price for the entire package is $315 shipped. Here's a picture of the Wii Package: ATi Radeon X1900 XT 512MB (XTX bios):**SOLD**...
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    Skype offering free PC to land-line calls in US and Canada

    So how much did you have to pay that girl to be your gf? I KID I KID! :laugh:
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    EA Battlefield 2 Patch

    There's still a lot of servers running v1.1.2 so you can still play that. That's what I was doing earlier although my fav. servers already switched over and I hate this new patch.
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    Weird Screen Garbling With ATi-Tool and X800

    Just to add my 2 bits, I've had the same problem as everyone else is describing and I know of 1 other user at Rage3D that is experiencing this issue as well. It first started happening when I had ATi Tool set to load with Windows startup. Ever since I removed it from starting with Windows, the...